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Cairo University
Cairo, Egypt


University description (as per official university website)

The Historic Roots of Cairo University 1
Educational system was the talk of the most important developments in Egypt in the first half of the nineteenth century and was closely linked to the project's political renaissance, which laid the foundations of Muhammad Ali Pasha (1805 - 1848) and before the inauguration of the Muhammad Ali Pasha of Egypt did not know Egypt's educational system in the strict sense, which indicates by this term there was not only Al-Azhar and some of the schools attached to mosques and Koranic schools in cities and villages, but all were not of a system to them to make them educational unit as it was far from the State authority and control, although it could do to educate the people of the country's centuries-long

And derived educational system modern disciples of Koranic schools and Azhar at the beginning was there to Jean roam the country to visit Koranic schools and choose the Iraqi resistance elements of its students to attend school modern was selected as outstanding students from Al-Azhar to join the high-school when it was built it was out of luck some of them to join the mission sent by Muhammad Ali of the study in France

However, this organization did not last long In the 1841 settlement was the Egyptian Ottoman set limits to a political project, which teased the dreams of Muhammad Ali and put an end to the size of the army and tie the hands of the state in managing the economy, becoming a state in but need more staff, but the Ptsrbh large number of soldiers and officers and then Muhammad saw to reconsider in the education system in line with the new conditions, hence the new organization which was established in 1841 and which was the cancellation of most primary schools and lose the preparation of students private schools ((high)) in line with the State's need to alumni, and besides been reduced salaries of students and the organization ((Court school)) in a new way

This explains the link between modern education and the State's need to staff what happened to education during the era of Abbas I of Egypt (1848 - 1854) and Mohamed Said Pasha (1854 - 1863)

In Ghd Khedive Ismail (1863 - 1879) completed the manifestations of dependency to open the door to borrow from financial institutions, the European wide it looked Ismail to complete the infrastructure for the Egyptian economy, which began his grandfather Muhammad Ali through the expansion of irrigation projects, construction of railways and roads and the port of Alexandria and the cities of the new channel Suez (Port Said and Ismailia), and urbanization in Cairo and Alexandria by the desire to increase the power of Egypt's military for the expansion of the Egyptian presence in Sudan will demand that the whole lot of money Astdanha Ismail from the financial houses European and whatever it was it was a plan Ismail credit completed the process of integration of the Egyptian economy in the European economy decisively capacity Specialized production of the Egyptian Agricultural

However, the completion of infrastructure projects for the Egyptian economy and the goal of establishing an Egyptian military force to make the State during the reign of Khedive Ismail needed to prepare the administrative and technical cadres and military, which required the modern revival of the educational system, which eroded at the hands of Abbas I, Muhammad Said Pasha

During the reign of Ismail, education has a great deal of attention and government has set up schools and assumed the costs of study, including living expenses of students was re-((Court school)), annulled Said by the increased education budget and gradually returned the government to dispatch missions to Europe, walks, mostly to France and set up a number of primary schools across the country from Alexandria in the north to al-Minya south and was supervised by the government to Koranic schools (offices eligibility) was established as some schools processing (intermediate) and schools Al_khassusip (high) communities established ((School of Administration and tongues)) 1868 (which became known as the School rights since 1886) and School of Irrigation and Architecture (known as Alengkhanp) in 1866 and School House of Science (1872), which had to prepare teachers for primary schools and Alttaghirip School Area and Accounting (1868) and the School of Agriculture (1867) and the School of the tongue of ancient Egyptian (antiquities and Egyptian) in 1869 Add to that the specialized military schools

In conformity with the maintenance base for high schools where there is a demand Krejeha and indispensable whenever rarely demand they shut down the School of Agriculture in 1875 were canceled school tongue of ancient Egyptian in 1876 Bama went some specialists antiquities who was destined to one of them to be leaders in this field in Egypt (Ahmed Kamal Pasha), while School of Medicine received a great deal of attention

And when he took the Egyptian scholar Ali Pasha Mubarak Diwan schools in 1868 collected a number of private schools (high) Sarayat trail Gamamez allotting a reasonable each school area of the palace and established a laboratory equipped for chemistry, nature, public libraries (Library Kdioip) in 1870 and included a large received by the public lectures in various branches of knowledge were virtually so there was an opportunity for a university in Egypt, which saw a kind of spatial presence scientific communication between the professors and each other and between them and the students as if this experiment to continue for the nucleus for the establishment of the first university in Egypt

And continued education policy based on the link between the State's need to staff and the expansion of schools throughout the British colonial period (1882 - 1922) Fowlie English attention to Blackburn without the effort to develop them while they tied acceptance of elementary education is the need for secondary education and higher education Visa elementary education sufficiently need secondary schools and privacy (high) of the students while working to promote this education and raising their level and the need for those schools to pupils but rather to require the state to administrative staff, technical and limited admission to schools on children who can who can pay expenses is education for the private, public, and then became secondary and higher education - on in particular - limited to specific social class as opposed to personal efficiency and readiness are the criterion for selecting students in the schools before the era of British occupation, where he was a free house education in all schools in the era of Muhammad Ali and Ismail

It was natural that under the financial allocations to missions education gradually until almost stopped completely in the first ten years of occupation and if the missions were continued under the pressure of the national movement has said the preparation of the envoys, including not to exceed ten students, when it announced the policy of occupation education in 1893, which went to the government's failure to appoint graduates of different schools less the students to enroll in high schools, in particular as set out glasses of knowledge to prepare admitted to school under the pretext of fear of increasing the number of unemployed graduates and increased school fees for high schools starting in 1905 to reduce the demand for higher education, and restricted to the sons of the senate and only then make employment in the Egyptian administration limited to social elites cooperating with the occupation and the expulsion of middle-class people who are focused, including yeast National Action hostile to the occupation

If higher education has become a minor on its own must be cast dye English to link these social strata Culture British and therefore decided in 1898 to make education in the School of Medicine in English were canceled from the French department school teachers in 1900 and was established in Section eng Law School in 1899 studying the material in English is growing gradually at the expense of the French Department at the school and headed missions to Britain, after traveling to France, so became the Arabization of education as a fundamental demands of the national movement and the call for Arabization some success seemed since 1907 Arabization of education in the School of Arts and Trades and the School of Agriculture and appeared Arabization School of Law in 1910 and began teaching the trade by the Arabs and delayed Arabization of education in my school teachers until after the 1919 revolution, and failed to call for Arabization in schools Alengkhanp, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine

In the beginning of the twentieth century linked to the national struggle against occupation to oppose the policy of education and demand for a national education expanded to include interested in seeking knowledge from the Egyptians and in the context of that movement was calling for the creation ((Egyptian University)) after available to Egypt as a base of deep-rooted Higher Education

The most important Egyptian high school, which was the nucleus of the Egyptian University and later according to the date of its incorporation

School Alengkhanp

We have seen how it looked modern education in Egypt school المهند heater set up by Mohamed Ali Citadel in 1816 to train and equip specialists in space, and the school المهند heater Bulaq in 1834 to train technical specialists to work on projects for civilian and military alike, had continued to perform its mission until it was closed at the beginning of the era of Mohamed Said Pasha (1854) with other schools and then returned to study engineering in 1858 in two schools, one to separate Irrigation Kanater charity and the other for building the castle were closed and then again in 1861

In 1866 opened a school of Irrigation and Architecture Sarayat saffron Abbasia then moved to Galatasaray Mustafa Fadel Pasha Darb Gamamez in 1867, the study was for a period of five years, including years old junior high student, specializing in the last two years either in the Irrigation Engineering or Architecture

And in 1892 was canceled a year middle school is no longer only in 1930 were canceled disciplines in 1869 for the study is divided again into sections of Irrigation and Architecture in 1908 and became known as the ((School Alengkhanp Kdioip)) since 1950 and was named ((school of engineering, property)) in 1923

In 1916 a law school who spent divide the study into five sections, irrigation - and architecture - and municipalities - and mechanics - and electricity and then adjusted these disciplines in 1925 to be the Civil Division and the Department of Architecture, Department of Mechanical and fork of the civil department to irrigation and municipalities, bridges, ports and space, railways and branch section Mechanical the mechanical and electrical sub-

School of Medicine

Established School of Medicine, Abou Zaabal attached to a military hospital there in 1827 through the efforts of the French physician clots and your Fatwa issued by Sheikh Hassan Al-Attar, forgave the autopsies of the dead if the dead bodies if the purpose of payment of the disease Muslims

In 1837 transferred to Kasr El Aini hospital in Cairo, where she was nine to over one thousand patients were also nine hundred students and has had a rich library of French books obtained by the path of her gifts and graduates play a major role in basic references in the localization of Medicine

In 1854 arrested Mohammed Said Pasha study, School of Medicine, with retention of faculty members and as soon as the resumption of the study by the 1856 study was in Arabic and is divided into six teams with oral examinations, and its first graduates are sent on missions abroad to join after their return to the teaching staff and continued efforts Arabization of medical reference throughout the era of Ismail

Starting in 1898 made a study of four years (later increased three months) and agreed with the School of Medicine Royal College of Surgeons in London to accept the students first and second years in college and especially the study at the School of Medicine has become in English from the British occupation

In 1919 the duration of the study was amended to five years and three months beginning in October and end in June each year

School of Pharmacy

Nashat School of Pharmacy in 1829 associated with the School of Medicine Babi Zaabal and moved with her to the palace in-kind in 1837 and the duration of the study by five years

School of Pharmacy and have been all that he has a School of Medicine and the deterioration of the boom stopped to link schools with each other and when you put

Education system in the era of occupation in 1887, it became a study of four years and disrupted a few years at the beginning of the twentieth century does not need the government to pharmacists and resumed the study in 1910 again made the duration of the study for three years after the granting graduate Diploma in Pharmacy and Chemistry

After joining the School of Medicine to the Egyptian University in 1925 to become the School of Medicine School of Pharmacy was attached and made a four-year study pharmacy

School of Veterinary Medicine

Established School of Veterinary Medicine at the Rashid in 1827 and then transferred to the vicinity of a school of medicine Babi Za'bal in 1831 and held next to a hospital can 110 horsepower as a pharmacy and a hall for dissection and sections of the ration of students and faculty and in 1836 made a study of five years which may extend to six years and associated School of Medicine when she moves to limit the kind and the students spend their junior year, School of Medicine in a joint study of chemistry and biology students with the School of Medicine and the study Arabic Vttorgom lectures discarded French to Arabic

And closed the school of veterinary medicine with other schools during the reign of Abbas I, and then returned for a short period during the reign of Ismail, a teacher attached to the school Pompey and as soon as it shut down in 1881 due to financial crisis and remained closed until 1901 when the decision to establish a school veterinary Cairo, a health service glasses of the Interior and the duration of the study by

Three years were increased to four years in 1905 and in 1914 caused the school glasses agriculture and annexed to the Ministry of Education in 1923

School of Agriculture

Dates from the establishment of the first School of Agriculture to the 1823 in Shubra, where the school began to insert groves Basha and then to have them canceled after two years of its establishment In 1836, the school was set up for agriculture Nproh nine hundred students moved to the Shubra in 1839 and almost graduate the first batch of them even thought the government cancel and then changed it slashed the number of students from 200 students to 25 students only and has closed down in 1844

During the reign of Ismail re-established the School of Agriculture in 1876 but it disappeared before the end of his reign (1875) because of the financial crisis and re-established again in 1890 under the British occupation and was attended by obtaining a certificate Alaptda daughter to and from October 1911 became known as the School of Agriculture High

School of Law

Established in the era of Ismail in 1868 on behalf of ((School of Administration and tongues)) and then broke a school administration for school tongues in 1882 and remained so until July 1886 when it became known as Law School were divided into two elementary and high The primary section was included for the first and second purpose was to produce reflected and the staff of film writers in the courts and the study materials French language and translation, history, geography, Arabic calligraphy, French line and caught books

The judicial system and the principles of the pleadings and judicial proceedings in other part of higher was composed of three academic years and aims to produce the heads of writers and prosecutors and other staff who require their legal culture and the study materials in this section include Allgataat Arabic, French, Italian, translation, history, Islamic law and civil law, criminal law and the law pleadings and Commercial Law and Roman Law

The school, a special section in translation from one semester to graduate translators necessary functions of government have been canceled this section in 1887 and then edit the curriculum in the following year with the addition of Administrative Law to study materials

And in 1892 canceled the primary section and delete the curricula Aldraspkthir of illegal content and increased material legal study and become graduates granted a diploma degree in law in the same year set up the school department to train police officers join him Alhasleuen the primary where they study the Penal Code and the achievement of crimes and to broadcast this section canceled in 1901

The school was established in the English department in 1899 and seemed to grow gradually at the expense of the French department to become English language study in 1915, however, Egyptian professors who replaced the British during the war played an important role in the localization study Law School

In 1912 separated the pair of the Law School for knowledge to follow Haqqania glasses and returned as belonging to the Ministry of Education in 1932

Darul Uloom

Darul Uloom School was established in 1872 to train teachers required to teach Arabic language and literature in primary schools and processing in 1885, House Science Registry was set up for translation for the preparation of professional translators required to work with high schools to translate the lessons received in French and English into Arabic

In 1888 added a new task for the House of Science is preparing graduates to work functions of the courts and modified the curriculum in order to achieve this goal

Trade school

Dates the oldest systematic study of the science business in Egypt until 1837 when it was founded ((School of Accounting)) in the era of Muhammad Ali, it seems did not last for long Vnaltha by cancellation by early forties, and then hear about the school ((space and Accounting)), which was founded during the reign of Ismail in 1868 and disappeared with the end of his term

However, the first establishment of a business school courses in Egypt due to in 1911 after what was a business education in the era of British occupation limited to the middle stage alone and has been an evolution in the programs of study School of Commerce High in 1914 was the study materials are the languages English, French, history, philosophy, ethics, geography, business and farming system industry and commerce and political economy, commercial law, the duration of the study for three years became four years from October 1921 and made some modifications to the curriculum by 1923 to combine the science of economic and trade without the allocation of

Thus was the high school eight are deep-rooted for higher education in Egypt since its renaissance in the first half of the nineteenth century and form the basis upon which the university education at the end of the first quarter of the twentieth century and joined these roots and deep Faculty of Arts, which Anepttha Ahlia University, which was created in 1908

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