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Catholic University of Graben
Butembo, Congo


University description (as per official university website)

The Catholic University of Graben (UCG) was founded in the Diocese of Beni-Butembo by Archbishop Emmanuel Kataliko August 22, 1989, at the explicit request of the population. This is one of the new universities were established in various parts of the country, after the liberalization measure of Higher and University Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) by the State decision No. 75/CC / 89 April 29, 1989.

The government of our country has allowed the operation of the UCG by Ministerial Order No. ESU/CABMIN/0297/91 of September 26, 1991 and granted an interim approval (with recognition of qualifications) by the Ministerial Decree No ESU/CABMIN/0280/93 13 September 1993. Moreover, the UGC is recognized as an institution of public utility and social advancement by the Ministerial Decree No. 120/CABMIN/AFFSO/96 30 July 1996. Catholic University of Graben has received the approval of programs and equivalence of educational attainment by the Ministerial Decree No. MINEDUC/CABMIN/0063/2003 5 / May / 2003 . All successive governments have always encouraged its development.

The UCG is a member of the Federation of Institutes of Higher Catholic Universities and Kivu (FISUCK), the Association of Universities and Institutes Catholics from Africa and Madagascar (ACUHIAM), the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) . She is a founding member of WIMA (actor network development and peacemaker in the territories of Lubero and Beni in North Kivu). And the Consortium of Urban Agriculture Butembo (Cauble).


The student community of the UCG is growing: 850 students during 2003-2004. This increase is due to the diversification of the proposed training. Indeed, the UCG holds seven faculties:

1. Faculty of Agronomy (AGRO) since 1990

2. Faculty of Economics (CEE) since 1990

3. Faculty of Human Medicine (MED) since 1990

4. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (VET) since 1990

5. Faculty of Law since 1995

6. Faculty SPA

7. Faculty of Pharmacy

Number of academic and scientific staff: 54 full-time, 20 part-time, 32 visitors.

Breakdown of staff / Student


The Church's commitment in building the UCG is not based on a simple role of substitute for the family of the state. It aims to provide a form of Church's presence in the world, with the main objective of preparing "men and women who, inspired by Christian principles and prepared to live their Christian vocation in a mature and responsible manner will be able to occupy positions of responsibility in the Church and in society (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, no.31). As recalled by the Second Vatican Council, we must share "the joys and hopes, the griefs and anxieties of men of that time, especially the poor and those suffering (...).
The community realizes that it is truly and intimately linked with mankind and its history "(Gaudium et Spes, No. 1).

And in the situation of deep crisis our country's commitment to youth education and training of managers of tomorrow is a sign of hope, a form of resistance to the destructive power of conscience and immorality public.

For this, the UGC wants to combine a taste for excellence in training human solid. His motto "Ascende superius" constant reminder that anyone can and should grow in humanity,
worth more, be more (Populorum Progressio, No. 5). Hence the insistence on the linkage between knowledge, know-how and skills. And we note with relief that the young educated UCG are well appreciated in the workplace. Remains to be seen how the church can continue to support them and how they will design their own contribution to development.


Actor effective in promoting development

The UCG is responsible for essential form of development actors who should be in direct contact with their future workplace and also pay special attention to rural areas while working actively to its structure, its transformation and development. To contribute to the stabilization of populations on their lands, production of appropriate technologies and better management of conflict. It seeks to engage in action research and facilitation of grassroots organizations. It has the vocation to be a hotbed of development, in the words of its founder: a University in the village for the village, the village by village.

In this perspective, the education it offers is based on four principles:

Learning to learn (acquisition and permanent control of knowledge);

act on its environment through its know-how;

learn to live in society to promote the common good and the integral development of man;

learn to be a new man, fond of Rights and Duties of Man, of social justice for a new land, prosperous and democratic

This option is mainly driven by specialized centers established within the Catholic University of Graben (See Centres and services).

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   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Catholic University of Graben

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