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Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST)
Bamenda, Cameroon


University description (as per official university website)


The Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST) is a brain child of The Industrial and Educational Development Company Ltd (INDECO) incorporated on the 12th October 1995 with Headquarters in Bamenda, North West Province, Cameroon. (Certificate of Incorporation Nº 000037).

INDECO and the university were founded by the Late Rt. Hon. Dr. John Ngu Foncha with the encouragement of the Cameroon Government. The university went operational in January 1998. At the request of government, BUST participated and contributed extensively to the drafting of the Law on Private Higher Education in Cameroon.

BUST was subsequently authorized by Ministry of Higher Education Decision N0. 02/0232 of October 29, 2002. In 2005, a series of four Decisions / Arêtes N0s. 05/0088; 05/0089; 05/0092 and 05/0093/MINESUP of September 7, 2005 authorized the university to ‘open’ four Higher Institutes (Higher Institutes of Agriculture, Education, Health Sciences, and Management, Law and Economics).

Bamenda University of Science and Technology is a 4 year Arts, Science and Technology University founded 1995 and went operational in 1998. Degrees offered include B.A., B.Ed., B.Sc., HND.,SRN., AN., Lab. Tech., and Assist. Lab. Tech. Formalities for Post Graduate Studies are gradually being put in place and Distance Learning are gradually being put in place, to go operational by the next academc year 2010/2011.

Its main national affiliate is the University of Buéa, though other partnership arrangements are under way with the University of Dschang. Internationally, BUST is affiliated to the University of Osnabrueck (Germany) and the University of Wales at Bangor (UK).

Faculty: BUST has 90 lecturers. 56 Full time and 34part time and 28 with doctorates or terminal degrees. Graduates since 1998: 260. Enrolment as at the moment includes predominantly students from Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and other African countries.

Calendar: Semester system.

Library: 20.000 titles and a collection of periodicals, computer lab.
Special facilities: Dental Technology unit comprising modern equipment and X-ray is awaiting installation as soon as appropriate space can be allocated.

Majors: Human Development Counselling and Guidance, Arts and Science Subjects in Teacher Education, Philosophy, Community Development and Adult Education, Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Extension Education, Agronomy and Soil Science, Animal Science, Environmental Science, Human Nutrition and Catering, Nursing, Laboratory Science, Business Management, Accountancy, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Economics and Law.

Academic Programs: Comprises single or double majors chosen with assistance of counselling, independent studies and internships, teacher professional training, part –time studies, English and French language training with a special English Language Course for non-English speaking students to prepare them for learning capacity in English as a foreign language.
Admission Requirements: The general admission requirements are those enumerated below and include both general and specific requirements.
Graduation Requirements: Graduation requirements vary with faculties. A student registering as a Freshman in the faculties of Education and Management Sciences must complete at least 90 approved credits while students in the faculties of Health Sciences and Agriculture need to complete at least 120 Credits to graduate. The actual number of credits at graduation is higher when the university’s general education requirements are taken into consideration.
Application Fees and Dates: Applications are received throughout the year and students may start classes at the beginning of each Semester depending on the courses being offered. The application form must be completed and forwarded or deposited for evaluation with a non-refundable application fee of 5000 CFA (approx. $10.00 US)
Student Life: Housing: There are planned Residence Halls but for now students reside in numerous off-campus private accommodation facilities located within walking distance from the campus. Depending on what is offered, they cost 10.000 – 20.000 CFA per month.
Activities: Student government, alumni affairs, student newspaper project, choral and Youth Agric Business interested in farming and processing. Health service and Orientation.
Annual Expenses: Application Form 5000 FCFA ($10.0 US); Registration Fee payable on a semester basis: 30.000 FCFA ($60.0 US); Minimum Annual Tuition for Faculties of Education and Management 180.000 FCFA ($360.0 US) for National ,257.000 FCFA ($550.0 US) for foreign students. In the Faculties of Health Sciences and Agriculture 220.000 ($440.0 US) for Nationals and 317000FCFA ($634.0 US) for foreign students. The fee is calculated on the basis that an average student should take 30 semester credits per year. Students who carry a course load in excess of the average semester course load of 15 Credits should budget an additional 50.000FCFA ($100.0 US) per year for tuition expenses. The internship and fieldtrip fee varies from one faculty to the next depending on the requirements of the practical experience. Students are advised to budget at least 125.000 FCFA ($250.0 US) for this item.
Financial Aid: Limited financial aid will be available for specific cases through a grant being made by BUST Alumni and Cameroonians in the Diaspora. The university is exploring ways and means to raise funds for financial aid, research and development of the institution.
Addresses / Tel., Vice Chancellor
Deputy Vice Chancellor (1) 237 7765 9512
Deputy Vice Chancellor (2) 237 7750 0709
Registrar 2377 726 1789
Deputy Register Academics 237 7770 4612
Deputy Register Student Affairs 237 750 37457
General Administration 237 7726 1789
Student and Alumni Affairs:
Student and Alumni Affairs are addressed by the Deputy Registrar i/c of Student Affairs. The Deputy Registrar’s Office is located in the main lecture halls block next to the library. The Student Union and Alumni Affairs Office is located in the Chancellery. The Student Union Executive is freely elected by the students during a General Assembly of the students and under the supervision of the university administration to guarantee fairness and order.
The Student Union Executive (SUE) is sworn into Office by the Deputy Vice Chancellor i/c of Academic and Student Affairs.
Alumni Affairs: Alumni Affairs are coordinated through the Student Union. Many graduates are working in government, public, semi-public and private services. A good number are pursuing graduate studies in other universities.
Transfer Students:
Placement of transfer students is done on a case by case basis depending on the transcript presented. Transcripts are only considered when received directly under seal from the institution from which the candidate is transferring. Transcripts that appear to have been tampered with in any form will not be considered.

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