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Truong Dai hoc Thuy Loi
Ha Noi, Vietnam


University description (as per official university website)

Water Resources University (WRU) was established in 1959. Currently WRU is a premier university in VN, where to graduate human resources at under-graduate levels (Engineering, Bachelor) and postgraduate (Doctor, Master, and postgraduate training) in the field of Hydraulic- Hydro-power and Water Resources for industry, agriculture and socio-economics and rural development.

1. Name:
Water Resources University- WRU

2. Governing Body
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

3. Establishment:
-1959: Electricity Water Resources Institute
-1963: Water Resources University and College
-1964- to date: Water Resources University

Water Resources University (WRU) was established in 1959 with the precursor as Electricity Water Resources Institute. After 46 years of establishment and development, the University has educated enormous scientific and technical staff contributing actively of water resource development in Viet Nam.

To look back past 46 years since establishing, the University was undergoing development in the critical difficult conditions of national Anti- American War period. Thank to the special attention paid by Vietnam Communist Party, Government, along with the support of People and international community, the sustained effort of staff, .faculty and student generations, the University has affirmed that it is a premier university of Viet Nam, in educating and training the undergraduate and post-graduate human resources as well as it has been a scientific research and technological transferring center in the field of Hydraulic- Hydro-power and Water Resources.

In the aspect of International co-operation, the university has developed relationship with oversea through academic and technical collaborative and exchange universities, companies, institutes, international organizations.

Thank to the achievement the University achieved to date, the Government and Vietnam Communist Party has granted WRU noble rewards as Hero of Labor of “doi moi” period, Ho Chi Minh Medal in 2004.

Bearing “doi moi” spirit taken place through out the country, WRU is striving for new exploits to enter a new period - turning- point in the history of WRU’s establishment and development so that WRU will be a reliable counterpart for equal cooperating in the region and world-wide.

History and Milestones
After the restoration of peace, Vietnam Communist Party and Government were aware of the most importance of" water resources engineering", which primarily contributes to recreation and restoration of the country, that help bury the past and strengthen a transitional period to socialism as Le Nin said. In July 1959, Secretariat Committee of Vietnam Communist Party issued a resolution to establish Hydro - Power Institute, forerunner of existing Water Resources University. In 1964, Water Resources University, which was a component of Hydro- Power Institute, became the first professional university to provide hydraulic engineers for the country. In 1997, Center ĐH1, a 3 combination model, updated to 2nd base of WRU by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, marked a development step in training work and became a training center at Bachelor and postgraduate levels for staff in southern provinces in order to supply qualified scientific human resource in hydro-power and water resources fields.
Currently, the total of staff includes more 600; of which 362 lecturers, 9 professors, 41 associate professors, 211 doctors and masters. 2 staff with the title of People's Teacher and 58 staff with the title of Meritorious Teacher have been awarded by the State so far.

* Training:
- Doctoral and Master degrees in hydraulic works, hydro-power and water resources engineering.
- Engineers in hydraulic works, hydro-power and water resources engineering.
- Associate engineers in hydraulic and hydro-power engineering.
- Refresher postgraduate courses.
* Scientific Research and Technological Transfer:
- Cooperating with in-country and overseas organizations to research and implement scientific projects, technological transfer and field application.
- Transferring advanced technology in Water Resources Engineering.
- Consulting, designing and constructing hydraulic works, hydro-power projects with in-country and overseas investment.
- Reviewing hydraulic works and hydro- power design projects.
Noble prizes awarded:
- The Labour Medals, third class (1960; 1976)
- The Labour Medal, second class (1978)
- The Labour Medal, first class (1984)
- The Independent Medal, third class (1989)
- The Independent Medal, second class (1994)
- The Independent Medal, first class (1999)
- Hero of Labour in "Doi moi" period (2000)
- The Labour Medal, first class by People Democratic Republic of Laos (2000)
- Ho Chi Minh Labour Medal (2004).
45-year process of University's establishment and development have closely kept pace with country development. As entering innovation period in 1986, Vietnam Party and Government has paid much attention to education and considered human resource as objective and at the same time, driving force of socio-economic development. Resolution on orientation of Training – Education and Scientific Technology development policy in industrialization – modernization period assigned training – education sector in general and Water Resources University in particular a new opportunity as well as new challenges and higher requirements.
With the approval and support from Ministry of Training and Education and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Formally named Ministry of Water Resources), WRU Party Committee and Rector Board have been aware of water resources role at new height; As water resource regards construction engineering and management aspects, education must be renovated following multi-disciplinary trend based on sustainable, comprehensive, integrated and systematic viewpoint. Accordingly, From awareness to implementation, WRU has gained outstanding achievements in many fields .

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