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Untag Surabaya University
Surabaya, Indonesia


University description (as per official university website)

Becoming Leading Universities in Indonesia who can adapt the development of science and technology, to produce a quality undergraduate, professional, critical, creative, innovative, Pancasila and global perspective.
Provide education and teaching, research and community service quality, sustainable, responsive and proactive to science and technology, in order to anticipate the needs of the community.

Education Foundation August 17, 1945 Surabaya, applying the concept of "lifelong learning" by organizing the Play Group, Junior High, SMU, SMK (SMIP), Akpar, Diploma Program 3, Program Strata 1 (S1), Master Program (S2) to the doctoral program (S3 .) For alumni S1 UNTAG obtain fee waivers further studies into the S2 and S3 UNTAG. The pattern is intended to meet the needs of society and the world of work / industry is increasingly complex.

UNTAG Surabaya was established on August 17, 1958 is the oldest private universities in East Java. Organized by an experienced manager in the field of education. With comprehensive facilities include: building a magnificent nine-storey, six and three; areas are spacious, safe and comfortable; lecture hall (partly air-conditioned) equipped with sound system, white board, Over Head Projector (OHP) and audio visual for the process effective learning; equipped with 80 types of laboratory and studio that continuously improved the quality and quantity; and supported by the dedication and competence of the highest quality of 383 permanent lecturers (317 YPTA time lecturers, 66 lecturers PNS) with 59 lecturers education degree S1, S2 holds 296 lecturers, 28 lecturers and 12 lecturers S3 holds a shake academic professors.

To produce quality graduates, admissions are strictly selected, a maximum of 2500 students divided into 23 courses. Discipline in the presence kehadian lectures and student / faculty strict (attendance less than 70% of students are not allowed to take the test, the presence of faculty is less than 80% loss of incentives), is partly a form of commitment that are executed consistently by UNTAG Surabaya.

Various breakthroughs made in order to create an efficient system and effective lectures. Through short-term programs, local curriculum enrichment, compaction credits to 110 for D3 programs and 144 for S1 program, open the Extension Class, Class Intensive / Class Employees with due regard to quality, makes the study period shorter pursued (Class Intensive = 2.4 years, D3 = 2.5 years; S1 = 3.5 years), and use of information technology (computers) to support the lecture thus saving time, effort and cost for students.

Besides the regular lectures orderly and disciplined, the activities of reasoning in the form of discussions, seminars, field practices, independent research / groups into scientific atmosphere for students. Cooperation with agencies and industry to give opportunities to students UNTAG to obtain certification / recognition from the world of industry and business.
Double degree program in collaboration with foreign universities is the country a global vision that is applied UNTAG Surabaya higher education according to a new paradigm: "quality-link & match", in addition to TOEFL certificate, which must be owned, so that graduates UNTAG Surabaya highly competitive in the world of work.

Scholarships are available / distributed by UNTAG Surabaya include: Line Achievement Scholarship (Japres) Academic, Extracurricular Danem and Education Foundation August 17, 1945 (YPTA) ​​Surabaya. Improving Academic Achievement Scholarship (PPA) from YPTA, PPA from the Higher Education Scholarship, Achievement Scholarship Interests Talent, Scholarships Eastern Indonesia (IBT), Supersemar Scholarship, Student Scholarship Employment (BKM), JPS Scholarships, Scholarships End Task, Learning Assistance Scholarship, Scholarships Practicum, Field Work Practice Scholarship (PKL), Monbu Kagabusho Scholarship from the Japanese government in the form of tuition fees in Japan for 1 year, Monbu Kagabusho Scholarship Kochi University of Japan, Exemplary Student Scholarship from the Japan Foundation for the tour program, Scholarship "Japan Club" from East Java Japan Club, Nouryoko shinken Scholarship, Student Scholarship Grant Batch (for students of engineering faculty), and fellowships from the business / industry that cares about education.

There are about 67 student organizations (Orkem) who are members of the Faculty Student Representative Council (BPMF), Student Senate Faculty (SMF), Association of Student Programs (HMJ) and Student Activity Unit (SMEs) that channel the interest and talent in the field of arts, sports , martial arts, spirituality and reasoning, equipped with adequate facilities. Among them: Music, Choir, Wind Orchestra, Football, Basketball, Soft Ball, Tennis, Badminton, Nature Lovers, Karate, Kempo, etc that has a proven record of national to international.

New students get free training on the internet, use of internet facilities free of charge as much .... times and obtain a free e-mail. For the son of retired Armed Forces / Police / Retired PNS / PNS Group I / Family YPTA / Siblings active student or alumni, families can not afford (the local village chief's certificate) to obtain relief from community donations (money building) by 25% of the contribution of people who should paid based on the wave and results of entrance test ratings. Physical facilities and other services available include: Polyclinic (General and Dental) who serve free of charge to the academic community by providing 4 Surabaya UNTAG general practitioners and 4 dentists and a number of medical personnel. Student Cooperative (Kopma) provides stationery, food / soft drinks, fhotocopy and savings and loan student. Employees Cooperative (Kopkar) provides a variety of household needs, fhotocopy and savings and loans to employees / faculty. Post Office and the Public Telecommunications (Wartel) with 200 channels campus phones and pay phones. Warung Internet (Warnet), ATM, Bank Campus, 8 local cafeteria, ample parking space (free of charge), two-storey mosque with a capacity of 1000 pilgrims, electric generators (genzet) that turn on automatically when there is blackout, tenes field, court basketball, volleyball court, climbing wall, studio band, the gamelan / musicians, student center, guest house for guests, lecturers outside the city, and foreign lecturers. Housing faculty / staff, multipurpose room (Graha Widya accommodate up to 1,500 people; lecture theater Graha Wiyata accommodate 600 people, in addition to medium-sized room that is often used for seminars / discussion / workshop either by the student / lecturer and the outside community.

Having a strong alumni ties. Until now has graduated 34,193 scholars who are scattered throughout Indonesia and occupy strategic positions in government agencies, SOEs and private


Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Administration / Public Accredited

Business Administration / Business Accredited

Communication Studies Registered

Faculty of Economics

Management Accredited

Accounting Accredited

Economic Development Accredited

Faculty of Law

Legal Studies Accredited

Faculty of Engineering

Industrial Engineering & Management Accredited

Mechanical Engineering Accredited

Civil Engineering Accredited

Architectural Engineering Accredited

Electrical Engineering Accredited

Computer Science-Computer Accredited

Psychology Faculty

Psychology Accredited

Psychologist Professional Program

Faculty of Letters

English Accredited

Japanese Accredited

Graduate Program
Master Program (S2)

Master of Management (MM) Accredited

Master of Administration (MA) Accredited

Master of Law (MH) Accredited

Master of Psychology (MPsi) Accredited

Master of Engineering in Civil

Doctoral Program (S3)

Administrative Science Program Accredited

Economic Science Program Accredited

Legal Science Program Accredited

High School (SMU)
Science Program, Social Science and Language equated
Tourism Industry High School (SMK / SMIP)
Hospitality (the equivalent)
Services Business Tourism
Junior Secondary School (Junior High) (the equivalent)
Playground (Play Group) "Shoot Cheers" August 17, 1945 Surabaya

Laboratory & Studio

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Lab.Pusat Assessment & Development Administration
Business & Cooperative Study Lab.Pusat

Faculty of Economics
Lab.Ekonomi Development
Lab.Mini Bank
Faculty of Law
Lab.Praktek Justice
Lab.Praktek & Legal Documentation
Legal Consultation & Assistance Unit

Faculty of Engineering
Lab.Proses Production / Mechanical Technology
Lab.Material Engineering / Metals
Lab.Sistem Production
Lab.Ergonomi Procedures & Techniques
Lab.Komputer Technique
Casting Lab.Teknik
Lab.Facture Mechanics
Mechanical Lab.Getaran
Lab.Dinamika & Kinematics
Fuel Lab.Motor
Lab.Mekanika Land
Concrete Lab.Konstruksi
Lab.Jalan Kingdom
Lab.Perumahan and Settlements
Building Lab.Sains
Electricity Lab.Rangkaian
Electricity Lab.Pengukuran
Lab.Analisa Power Systems
Lab.Mesin-Electrical machinery
High Lab.Tegangan
Lab.Mikro Electronics
Lab.Rangkaian Electronic Processing
Lab.Komputasi & Networking
Lab.Mikroprosessor & Logic circuit
Studio Pictures
Studio Computer Program
Studio Stats
Studio Operational Investigation
Studio Industrial Simulation System
Design Studio
Studio Drawing Machine
Architecture Planning & Design Studio
Studio Final

Psychology Faculty
Lab.Perilaku Son (in-door)
Lab.Perilaku Children (out-door)
Visual Lab.Studio Psychology
Bureau of Psychological Consultation

Faculty of Letters
Home / Japan Room

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