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Universitas Jayabaya
Jakarta, Indonesia


University description (as per official university website)

Jayabaya University was founded in October 1958 by Prof.. DR. H. Moeslim Taher, SH. When establishing Jayabaya University, Prof. Dr. H. Moeslim 24-year-old Taher. This initiative seems a further development of the service in the field of education, with the start of his career since becoming a caregiver Elementary School, Head of Junior High School and then Head of Middle School Atas.Pengalaman dedication in the field of education in the private sector is then a push to establish University Jayabaya.

The motivation to establish the University Jayabaya not solely because of the experiences that accompanied a sense of devotion, but is due sense of responsibility to give answers to the challenges faced by the nation's future and Indonesia. The challenge of education is a matter left behind and underdevelopment in various fields, as a result of the Dutch colonial for about three and a half centuries, followed by Japanese fascist occupation for approximately three and a half years. Period of time was not given the possibility for college life in Indonesia as a means to promote community and nation. It is understandable, if when the founding of the Republic of Indonesia Jayabaya University at the age of 13 years, College Indonesia is still small, there are 7 new fruit and PTS were 112 units.

Established and growing since October 5, 1958, Universities, High Schools & Academies Jayabaya is one of the oldest universities in Jakarta, which was initiated by (the late) Prof.. Dr. HM Moeslim Taher, SH.

Universities, High Schools & Academies Jayabaya for more than 48 years developing and has experience working in the education industry and its success in educating and producing tens of thousands of alumni to date, has strengthened the credibility and contributions from the Universities, High Schools & Academies Jayabaya against world government and private industry sectors that impact on national and international scale.

Universities, High Schools & Academies Jayabaya until now has 7 Faculty, 1 and 2 Academy High School, and 19 programs of study consisting of 13 Bachelor of Education Program One (S1) and 6 Education Program Diploma (D3); and 18 concentration of old and 3 new concentration. Almost all education programs above have gained accredited status from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-DIKTI). This is what makes the University, Colleges & Academies Jayabaya as a top choice high school students from various regions in Indonesia in choosing higher education in Jakarta.

Development of Educational Facilities
At the beginning of its establishment, the University Jayabaya began with managing the two faculties, namely Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics with number of students 11 (eleven) persons. As the first rector was appointed Professor. Mr. AA Judge also serves as Dean of the Faculty of Law.
Later in the year 1961/1962 be transferred to the University Rector Prof. Jayabaya. Dr. H. Taher Moeslim, SH. the latter served as rector from 1962 to 1988. He was replaced by prof. Dr. H. Tb. Achjani Atmakusuma as Acting Rector in 1988, officially appointed rector from 1989 until 1996.

Then he was replaced by Ir. Syamsu Anwar, MS from 1996 to 2000. Then from 2000 he was replaced by prof. Dr. HR Taufik Sri Soemantri Martosoewignyo, SH, and in September 2008 led by Prof.. H. Amir Santoso, M. Soc., Sc., Ph.D.

To strengthen the efforts to explore and develop resources for the development of Jayabaya University has established the Foundation Jayabaya. As the founder is Moeslim Taher and Mrs. Yuyun Moeslim Taher. This foundation serves implement further guidance to the University Jayabaya with purpose (role):

Shaping human-human development Pancasila spirit, full of devotion and having a great sense of responsibility towards the future Indonesian state and nation.
Establishing a capable man and take responsibility, both to perform tasks that require high qualifications as well as to independent science.
Establish personnel researchers who are able to develop science, technology, arts, and community life. Foundations of business development is characterized by the formation of the next Jayabaya units within the University Jayabaya, namely;
In 1961 founded the Academy of Leadership Commerce Jayabaya (akn), and since the academic year 1985/1986 akn transformed into the Academy of Management Company (AMP) Jayabaya
In 1962 founded the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, which consists of two departments namely Department of State Administration and the Department of International Relations.
In 1962, founded the Academy of Accounting Adjunct Jayabaya, which is the first Private Academy of Accounting in Indonesia. Since 1985/1986 the Academy Academy Adjunct Accounting Jayabaya (AAJ) get equated status with Diploma Program Three (D III).
In 1971, founded the Faculty of Engineering who takes care of two majors, the Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Department. Since 1987 the faculty of Engineering developed into two faculties, namely:
Faculty of Industrial Technology, mentoring programs and D3 S1 majoring in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning to build two (2) departments, namely Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering Department. In 1985, founded Diploma Program Three (D III) technology which has 2 (two) departments, namely Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
In the same year (1985), held a new addition of the Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics Department of Management in addition to an existing company. Then in 1993, the University held a groundbreaking new Jayabaya with the formation of the Graduate with 3 (three) Program, the Master of Management, Master of Law and International Relations Studies Program. In 1996, founded the Academy of Information Management and Computer Jayabaya and in 2006 turned into a College of Computer Information Management. In 1999, the Faculty of Communication was established consisting of 2 (two) departments namely, Department of Journalism and Department of Public Relations. In addition, also beginning in 2003, the Faculty of Psychology and Doctor of Jurisprudence has also opened.
Universities, High Schools & Academies Jayabaya have programs courses / workshops held over the desires and needs of today's market against the application of science for the modern industrial world. Programs courses / workshops held are as follows:

Course program advocacy . This program is held in cooperation with the Graduate Jayabaya Advocacy Association of Indonesia.

Development of Educational Facilities
When established, educational and administrative activities conducted by the University Jayabaya riding place at Private School. Rooms in the morning and the afternoon is used by elementary, SLP and Private High School in Jalan Salemba Raya 12 Jakarta Pusat.Oleh new classes, because that activity can take place in the afternoon and evening, from 17:00 hours until 21:00 hours GMT. The flow of electricity at that time not yet reached the Private Education building, so the only tool used is the candle lighting. Some time later, a state of "increased" by lighting the lamp pumped. This emergency lasted for 4 (four) years.
Unique circumstances of the above must be completed again with information about the state secretariat namely that, for 3 years since its inception, the University Jayabaya provide education without having a special room for the secretariat. It was only in the academic year 1961/1962 Non SMP "MAIN" to be used for the secretariat that can be used in the late afternoon with the status of a ride. In 1962, in line with the development of Jayabaya University, a secretariat room was built at Jalan Salemba Raya 12 Central Jakarta, which became the center of the Executive Board Jayabaya for 15 years.


1. Establish a human - human development Pancasila spirit.
2. Forming a competent human beings and responsible.
3. Establish energy - energy researchers who are able to develop science, technology, art, and life

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