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Sunmoon University
Chungnam, Korea (south)


University description (as per official university website)

The founding ideal of Sun Moon University is ‘Love for God, People and Nation’.

This ideal is the basis for Sun Moon University to realize ‘Hongik Ingan’,
the humanitarian ideal for the Korean education and attain the ultimate goasl of the Korean education; build up one's character, cultivate one's capacity independently, raise quality of a democratic citizen, pursue a humane life, contribute to developing a democratic country, realize ideals of human prosperity. It also serves as the backbone of the educational goals and aims Sun Moon University pursues.

The founding ideals, ‘Love God, Love Humanity, Love Your Country’, are deeply rooted in ‘True Love’.
According to God, worshipped by all human beings and followed by religions, it is ‘True Love’ that is the most precious value. Truth, goodness and beauty constitute love. Love unshaken and unrivaled lasts forever. In addition, pure and sacrifying love is the care for each other unconditionally.

‘True Love’ serves as the driving force behind creation, growth and advancement. The more love is given, the more human beings are developed. People will become happier, more vibrant and more pleased when they feel and act upon ‘True Love’ in their daily life.
People born in the blessing of the ‘Genuine Love’ should be in pursuit of the ‘life of sacrifice’ by following the ‘True Love’, so that they can advance into the Heaven - the world of eternal happiness.
This is what God is meant to be - the highest goal of humanity.

1) Love God (愛天: Ae-Cheon)
Ae-Cheon in Korean means to love God. To better understand Him, the great creator of truth and personality, is to follow his nature and to live by pursuing His words. The people loving Him can balance wisdom, compassion and righteousness. Therefore, they can unite their minds and bodies, ultimately becoming men of character. Likewise, people desire to stay in the ‘Genuine Love’ of God forever by living with their conscience and hearts.

2) Love Humanity (愛人: Ae-In)

Ae-In in Korean means loving humanity. Love for Humanity aims to form mutual relationship among people, act on norms and morality and foster citizenship which helps coexistence despite differences. Love for People begins at home. Home is the shelter where the ‘True Love’ becomes a reality. It is the foundation which children, siblings, married couples and parents all start from. When a home extends further, a society, a nation and the world are formed.

3) Love Your Country (愛國: Ae-Guk)

Ae-Guk in Korean means patriotism. The Goal of Love for Nation is to create the flawless nation where people can unite with Him. Human beings are eager to contribute to human prosperity and world peace by building the world of welfare. To this end, people should be educated to develop God-endowed talents and creativity for knowledge, technology, art and athletics through which they can control nature.


▷ 2009. 10 : Student in number - Undergraduate School : 9,262/ Graduate School: 684

Undergraduate School: 8 Colleges, 8 Divisions, 38 Departments, 17 Majors, 49 Units for Admission
Graduate School: the General Graduate School, the Graduate School of Social Welfare,
the Graduate School of Education, the Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation,
the Graduate School of Theology / Annex-Institutes in number: 23
International Exchange: Partnered with 117 universities from 37 countries
▷ July 30, 2009 Newly-establishment of Department of Emergency Medical Technology under Medical and

Public Health in 2010 approved
▷ April 1, 2009 The Sport Science Hall completed

▷ Aug. 13, 2008 Newly-establishment of Department of Nursing Science/Department of Physical Therapy

Department of Dental Hygiene under Medical and Public Health in 2009 approved
▷ March 27, 2008 Newly establishment of the College of Law

▷ June 7, 2007. The construction of the football park with artificial grass was completed.
▷ June 5, 2007. The Ministry of Industry and Resource designated Sun Moon University as the Pilot Project
Developer for Innovation Center of Engineering Education.
▷ August 22, 2006. The construction of College of Humanities and Foreign Language (14,626.66㎡) was

▷ February 20, 2006. The 5th President Kim Bongtae took office.
▷ February 17, 2006. Sun Moon University was selected as the excellent university in the 2nd evaluation of

Korean Universities. OOO Department ranked first in Management and Financial Status.
▷ May 7, 2005. The construction of Central Library was completed (15940.56㎡)
▷ September 20, 2004. In 2004, the college evaluation headed by Joongang Daily, Sun Moon University won
the first place in the ratio of foreign students and exchange students as well as in capitalization led by the Foundation.
▷ June 16, 2004. The Ministry of Education and Human Resource designated Sun Moon University as a

developer for 3 projects in line with ‘NURI Project’
- Large-scale Projects: ‘Project for Nurturing Senior Professionals for Display Sector’ and ‘Project for Fostering Human Resources for Chongnam Auto Parts Industry’
- Small-scale Project: ‘Project for Cultivating Professionals of Manufacturing and Assessing Steel Materials for Automobiles’
▷ February 21, 2004. The construction of Cheonan International Dormitory was completed. (13,465.82㎡)
▷ August 20, 2003. Asan International Dormitory was built. (8,823.18㎡)
▷ April 14, 2002. The ceremony for the completion of the main building with 12 stories above ground on Asan

Campus (30,521㎡)
▷ February 20, 2002. The 4th President Lee Kyungjun commenced his 2nd-term in office.

▷ February 1, 2000. Sun Moon University was put on the top 3 in the college evaluation.
▷ February 20, 1998. The 3rd President Lee Kyungjun took office.
▷ March 11, 1997. The construction of College of Humanity and Social Science was completed.
▷ August 23, 1996. The 3rd Chairman, Kwak Jeonghwan of Board of Sun Moon Educational Foundation took

▷ August 12, 1995. The construction of College of Natural Sciences was completed. (14,287.66㎡)
▷ March 1, 1995. The headquarters of the university was relocated to Asan Campus.
▷ February 27, 1995. Dormitories were built on Asan Campus (12171.95㎡)
▷ October 21, 1994. Approval for the General Graduate School and the Graduate School of Theology
▷ June 15, 1994. The 2nd President Yoon Sewon took office.
▷ March 1, 1994. The school name was changed to Sun Moon University.
▷ March 8, 1993. The College of Science and Engineering was relocated to Asan Campus.
▷ March 6, 1993. The construction of Science of Engineering Building on Asan Campus was completed.

▷ April 1, 1992. Sung Hwa College was promoted to Sung Hwa University.
▷ March 4, 1991. Sung Hwa College opened and marked the first entrance ceremony (525 students enrolled

for 12 departments.)
▷ February 28, 1991. Dr. Yoon Sewon took office as the president resident of Sung Hwa College.

▷ January 9, 1991. As the 2nd president, Kim Yonghwee inaugurated the office of Sun Moon Educational

▷ November 28, 1990. Approval for the reorganization (School Name: Sung Hwa College / Department in

number: 12 / Student in number: 520)
▷ September 25,1989. The stone building of College of Theology was built on Cheonan Campus. (14,538.9㎡)

▷ June 5, 1989. The school was officially renamed to ‘Sun Moon Educational Foundation’

▷ September 1, 1988. Sung Hwa Theology School was merged with Unification Theology School.
▷ March 3, 1986. Sung Hwa Theology School opened and marked the first entry ceremony (40 students

enrolled for Theology).
▷ December 27, 1985. Sung Hwa Theology School was authorized as a 4-year college. (Address: 55~9

Samryong-dong Choenan, Korea / Students in number: 40)
▷ April 4, 1983. Approval for the establishment of Sung Hwa Educational Foundation (Soh Chinsok took office

as the 1st President of the Foundation)
▷ April 3, 1972. Unification Theology College officially opened. (Address: Sootaek-ri Guri, Gyeonggy Province,

Students in number: 114)

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