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Hangzhou University of Commerce
Hangzhou, China


University description (as per official university website)

Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJSU) is a public university located in Hangzhou, which is the capital city of Zhejiang Province and borders Shanghai in the east of China. The University has a student population of over 25,000 and offers forty-seven undergraduate programs, thirty-seven master programs and three doctoral programs in the fields of administration, economics, engineering, literature, law, science, history and philosophy.

ZJSU is earnestly seeking more links with institutions of higher learning overseas in the area of education and scientific research, including faculty and student exchange programs.

Facts and Figures

Zhejiang is the name of the province and "Gongshang" is the Chinese pronunciation of two Chinese words meaning "business and technology," signifying that Zhejiang Gongshang University is a public higher educational institution administrated by Zhejiang Province and focuses on the fields of business and technology.

Established in 1911, named "Hangzhou Business School"
Renamed "Hangzhou University of Commerce" in 1980
Renamed "Zhejiang Gongshang University" in 2004
Awarded "Grade A" in the evaluation of Bachelor Degree Programs by China's Ministry of Education in 2007

Domestic students: 25,000+
Foreign Students: 500+
Faculty and staff: 1,955
Campus Size: 140 hectares or 350 acres
Library with a collection of over 2.89 million volumes of books, 13,000 kinds of magazines and journals and with online services.

Colleges and Schools
School of Business Administration
School of Tourism and City Administration
School of Accounting
School of Statistics and Mathematics
School of Economics
School of Finance School of Food Science and Biotechnology
School of Environmental Science and Engineering
School of Information and Electronic Engineering
School of Computer Science and Information Engineering
School of Law
School of Humanities
School of Public Administration
School of Foreign Languages
School of Japanese Language and Culture
School of Art and Design
School of Marxism Studies
Zhang Naiqi Honors College
School of International Education
College of Further Education
Hangzhou College of Commerce
School of Business Administration (SBA)
Dean: Prof. Hao Yunhong.
UnderGraduate Programs:
Business Administration, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, and Project Management
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Enterprise Management, Technological Economy and Management, Doctoral Programs: Enterprise Management
Post-doctoral Station: Business Administration
Research Centers: Zhejiang Businessman Research Institute, Enterprise Organization and Strategic Management Research Institute, Technology and Service Management Research Institute, Marketing Research Institute and Hangzhou Commerce Industry Development Strategy Research Center.
Phone: 86-571-28008008 28008001

School of Tourism and City Administration (STCA)
Dean: Prof. Tang Daijian
UnderGraduate Programs:
Tourism Management, Resources-Environment and Urban and Rural Planning, City Management
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Tourism Management, Special History
Research Centers:
Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Science Research Institute, Chinese Cuisine Culture Research Institute, Chinese Tourism Literature Research Institute, etc.
Phone: 86-571- 28008168 28008151

School of Accounting (SA)
Dean: Prof. Xu Yongbin
UnderGraduate Programs:
Accounting, Financial Management, and Auditing
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Research Centers:
Modern Accounting Study, Accounting Management Study, Internal Controls Research Institute
Phone: 86-571- 28004250 28008101

School of Statistics and Mathematics (SSM)
Dean: Prof. Qian Xueya
UnderGraduate Programs:
Statistics, Information and Computing Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Statistics, Quantity Economics, National Economics.
Doctoral Programs:
Research Centers:
Statistic Science, Quantity Economics, Systematic Science and Applied Mathematics
Phone: 86-571- 28008085 28008080

School of Economics (SE)
Dean: Prof. He Da'an
UnderGraduate Programs:
Economics, International Economics and Trade, Social Security and Welfare
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs: Industrial Economics, International Trade, Regional Economics, Western Economics, Labor Economics, Public Finance, National Defense Economics
Research Centers:
Industrial Economics Research Institute, Modern Economics Research Institute, International Trade Research Institute, Zhejiang Economic and Social Development Research Center (Private Economics Research Institute and Regional Economics Research Institute).
Phone: 86-571- 28008041 28008031

School of Finance (SF)
Dean: Prof. Chen Zhi'ang
UnderGraduate Programs:
Finance, Insurance
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Research Centers:
Finance Research Institute, Securities and Financial Engineering Research Institute
Phone: 86-571- 28877718 28877701

School of Food Science and Biotechnology (SFSB)
Dean: Prof. Li Jianrong
UnderGraduate Programs:
Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Biological Engineering, and Applied Chemistry
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Food Science; Cereals, Oils and Vegetable Protein Engineering,Processing of Agriculture Products and Storage,Processing of Aquatic Products and Storage,Biological Chemistry,Master of Engineering
Doctoral Programs:
Food Science
Post-doctoral Station:
Food Science & Biotechnology
Research Centers:
Food Science and Biological Engineering Research Institute, Aquatic Products Processing Research Institute, Bioactivity of Food Products Research Center
Phone: 86-571- 88071024-8571

School of Environmental Science and Engineering (SESE)
Dean: Prof. Sun Peide
UnderGraduate Programs:
Environmental Engineering,Environmental Science, Water Supply and Sewerage Project
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Environmental Engineering
Research Centers:
Recourses and Environment Research Institute
Phone: 86-571- 88071024 ext.7009 88071024 ext.7001

School of Information and Electronic Engineering (SIEE)
Dean: Prof. Wang Weiming
UnderGraduate Programs:
Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering, Measurement Control and Instrumentation,Network Engineering
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Communication and Information Processing , Signal and Information Processing,
Research Centers:
Network and Communication Engineering Research Institute, Signal and Information Technology Research Institute
Phone: 86-571- 28877732 28877721

School of Computer Science and Information Engineering (SCIE)
Dean: Prof. Ling Yun
UnderGraduate Programs:
Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information Management and System, Electronic Business, and Logistics Management
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Computer Application Technology, Computer Software and Theory, Management Science and Engineering, and Logistic Engineering Master
Research Centers:
Information Engineering and Electronic Business Research Institute, Computer Technology and Software Engineering Research Institute, and Management Science and Engineering Research Institute.
Phone: 86-571- 28008317 28008301

School of Law (SL)
Dean: Prof. Kong Qingjiang
UnderGraduate Programs: Law
Graduate Programs:
Master Degree programs:
Civil Commercial Law, Procedural Law, Doctoral Programs: International Law, Economic Law,Juris Master
Research Centers:
WTO and Chinese Legal System History Research Institute, Intellectual Property Right Research Institute, and Procedural Law Research Institute
Phone: 86-571- 28008181

School of Humanities (SH)
Dean: Prof. Xu Bin
UnderGraduate Programs:
Advertising, Editing and Publishing, Chinese Language and Literature,Cultural Industry Management, Journalism, and Philosophy.
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Special History
Research Centers:
Chinese Religious Culture Research Institute
Phone: 86-571- 28008351 28008369

School of Public Administration (SPA)
Dean: Prof. Chen Shengyong
UnderGraduate Programs:
Public Services Administration, Executive Administration, Land Resources Administration and Social Work
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Executive Administration
Research Centers:
Public Policy Research Institute, Land Management Research Institute, Contemporary Zhejiang Research Institute, and Literature Center of Contemporary Zhejiang Research.
Phone: 86-571- 28008333 28008321

School of Marxism Studies (SMS)
Dean: Prof. Wang Laifa
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Principles of Marxism
Research Centers:
Marxism Research Center,Zhejiang Religions Research Center
Phone: 86-571- 28008774 28008770

School of Foreign Languages (SFL)
Dean: Prof. Liu Fagong
UnderGraduate Programs:
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature
Research Centers:
Applied Linguistics Research Institute, Translation and Culture Research Institute,Research Institute of English and American Literature
Phone: 86-571- 28008512 28008501

School of Japanese Language and Culture (SJLC)
Dean: Prof. Wang Baoping
UnderGraduate Programs:
Japanese Language
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Japanese Language and Literature
Research Centers:
Japanese Culture Research Institute, Japanese Language and Literature Research Institue.
Phone: 86-571- 28008376 28008371

School of Art and Design (SAD)
Dean: Prof. Zhang Jianchun
UnderGraduate Programs:
Art Design, Animation
Graduate Programs:
Master Programs:
Designing Art
Research Centers:
Brand Image Design Research Institute, Animation and Art Design Research Center.
Phone: 86-571- 28008582 28008571

Zhang Naiqi Honors College (ZHC)
Dean: Prof. Shi Jianxiang
Zhang Naiqi Honors College initiated a pilot project in 2004¡ªMixed Class, which "mixes" freshmen from different schools and colleges into an elite class, where the strength of ZJSU's Economics and Business Administration courses can be combined with.
Phone: 86-571- 28008705 28008701

School of International Education (SIE)
Dean: Prof. Song Xingwu
Executive Vice Dean:Ying Yaping
Courses for exchange students: Chinese Language for International Students, Business Chinese, Chinese Society and Culture, Chinese Business.
Courses for long-term students: Chinese Language I¡¢II¡¢III, Business Chinese, Chinese History and Culture
Courses for short-term students: Chinese Language for International Students, Contemporary China, Lectures on Chinese Culture
Phone: 86-571-28008686 28008682

College of Further Education (CFE)
Dean: Prof. Wang Yamin
UnderGraduate Programs:
International Business,English Language and Culture,Business Administration, Accounting, Logistics Management, Executive Administration, Marketing, Electronic Business
Phone: 86-571- 88071024 ext. 7302 88071024 ext. 7301

Hangzhou College of Commerce (HCC)
Dean: Prof. Wu Hang
UnderGraduate Programs:
Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Economics, International Trade and Economy, Finance, Statistics, Accounting, Financial Management, Tourism Management, Resources-Environment and the Management of Urban and Rural Planning, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Business, Information Management System, Computer Science and Technology, Logistics, Advertising, Editing and Publishing, Executive Administration, Land Resource Management, Public Services Management, Law, English, Japanese, Art Design and Engineering Management.
Phone: 86-571- 88905729 88071024 ext.5601

Scholarships section: Scholarships website section
Scholarships email:

   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Hangzhou University of Commerce

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