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Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University
Telavi, Georgia


University description (as per official university website)

Kakheti is one of the most beautiful regions in Eastern Georgia which is divided by the Tsiv-Gombori range. The snowy Caucasian mountains connect Kakheti with the North Caucasian people. Chechens, Ingushetians, Dagestanians. It borders Azerbaijan from the East. Kakhetians are famous for their culture and courage. They are also reserved and are against hypocrisy. The famous Georgian writer and figure Iakob Gogebashvili (whose name Telavi State University is given) wrote ‘Kakhetians’ loyalty in friendship is the example. Let God give us their support in sorrow and their cheerfulness in feast.’

Consequently none of the guests leave Georgia without visiting Kakheti and introducing with its rich cultural and historical heritage next to its hospitality.

Here you can come across with Easter mountainous regions, Tushetian villages scattered in the very heart of the Caucasus like wild alpine flowers, Lagodekhi Natural reserve, and stunning beauty of the Alazani Valley. One can meet the samples of Christian culture and ancient educational centers on every step.

A lot of famous compatriots, who highly contributed to Georgia, are proud of Kakheti. Among them are Ilia Chavchavadze, a great writer and leader of Georgian nation who was canonized by Georgian Church; Kote Marjanishvili, a famous theater director; Pirosmani, a world-known painter; Nato Vachnadze, a Georgian movie-star; Vano Sarajishvili, a famous Goergian singer; Gogla Leonidze and Ioseb Noneshvili prominent Georgian poets and other.

Visitors are fascinated by Tsinandali decorative park, located near Telavi. Historically it belonged to Alexander Chavchavadze the founder of Georgian Romantism.

Telavi is the cultural, educational and administrative centre of this site. It is an ancient royal town. Regional administration is centered in Telavi along with regional institutions, state universities, gymnasiums, colleges, state academic theater, well-known wineries “GWS”, “Teliani Valley”, “”Telavi Wine Cellar”, “Tsinandali” etc.

There is the palace of Erekle II “Batonis Tsikhe”, historical-ethnographic museum, art gallery, museum and ancient architectural constructions.

I.Gogebashvili Telavi State Univerity is one of the ancient educational hearth and Kakhei scientific centre.

In 1924 pedagogical technical college was established in Telavi which was the basis of the institute for teachers. It was placed in” Kakhetian Royal Residence” where the first bell for schooling was heard on September 1, 1939. In 1951 it was changed into Telavi Pedagodical Institute and the first director was Dimitri Shapakidz, later Tite Sarishvili, Shota Sikharulidz and Nikoloz Chakhvashvili. From 1951 up to present the pedagogical institute was headed by the rectors: Ioseb Nanobashvili, Vakhtang Tsikhistavi, Nikoloz Kortua, Koba Ivanidze, Nikoloz Maludze, Roin Tchikadze. Since 2004 prof. Giorgi Gotsiridze has been the rector of the university. The residence of the king Erekle II hosted Telavi Pedagogical Institute till 1973. In 1973 it moved into well-designed blocks which were built specially for the Pedagogical Institute.

In 2001 according to the decree of the President of Georgia I.Gogebashvili Telavi Pedagogical Institute Telavi State University. In spring 2006 by the decision of Georgian government Agricultural Univeristy Telavi branch was joined to Telavi State Univerity. The result of this reorganization was the formation of six faculties:

the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences,
the Faculty of Humanities,
the Faculty of Social sciences, Business and Law,
the Faculty of Agriculture and food Processing,
the Faculty of Pedagogy
the Faculty of Healthcare.
The study programs of these faculties cover three levels of education: Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate. The total number of these programs is about 50. The study programs constantly undergo renovation and perfection. The first dissertation thesis defense in Georgia according to the contemporary requirements was held in Telavi State University in 2007. Nowadays the dissertation council functions on each faculty.

Approximately 2000 students master different professions at Telavi State University.

Telavi state University has successfully passed institutional accreditation twice and it is undertaking the second basic stage of program accreditation of educational reform in near future. The Department of International relations, the Scientific Research Department, the University and Faculty Quality Assurance Service, Tourism Center, Career Center, Students’ Self-Governance, modern library work productively. The medical-diagnostic centre “Salbuni” represents the perfect platform for the study and practice of the medical students of the university. LTD “Georgia XXI Century” with its newspaper, licensed TV and radio broadcast is an excellent educational base for the students of journalism. The university newspaper, which is completely prepared by the future journalists, is the best means of getting experience in journalism. The wine cellars and other agricultural organizations give great opportunity for practice of the students at the faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing. The university owns vineyards where the students can work and practice. The students of the faculty of Humanities often participate in archeological expeditions and the activities organized to assist the cultural heritage. The students of the faculty of exact and Natural sciences actively practice on the territories of Protected Areas of Georgia.

I. Gogebashvili Telavi State University has various international relations with the world leading universities. Numerous students’ and academicians’ exchange programs are frequent in the frameworks this relation which gives them chances of sharing their knowledge and professional growth. More than 30 international projects are successfully fulfilled at Telavi State University. Tempus project “The development of Inner Systems of Quality Assurance Service” financed by EU Commission aims the improvement of quality at every level of the university. Erasmus Mundus Project “Open window of Cooperation Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan” aims the implementation of a new bachelor joint program of Telavi State University and Biberach Applied science University. Two High Educational Professional University programs developed by Telavi state University and Hilbron University of Germany function here. Academic staff of Telavi and Hilbrone Universities gives lectures under these programs. The students of the Faculty of Agriculture and food Processing are sent to study in Germany for a semester every year. The medical students take short-term study courses in Germany universities.

On the basis of memorandum Telavi State University cooperates with the European universities as well as south-Caucasian universities. This cooperation implies sharing of scientific research papers, publications in academic journals, participation in international conferences, implementation of joint researches and educational courses.

As it was mentioned the university has numerous partners. Therefore the Centre of German Language and Culture “Biberach Corner”, American Study Centre, Francophone study room equipped by Ion Department of France, Foreign Language Study Centre of IBSU (International Black Sea University), Informational corner of Teacher’s Professional Development Centre operate at the university. For this reason diplomats and ambassadors accredited in Georgia often visit Telavi State University.

Telavi State University precedes the ancient educational centre traditions with honor as it as it is proved by the past years. At the same time the university tries to meet the demands of modern time which serves to the noble mission of upbringing the educated and motivated youth.

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