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Galillee College
Tivon, Israel


University description (as per official university website)

Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) - Israel, is a public, international management-training institution. GIMI gives advanced leadership, management and capacity building seminars to professionals coming from all over the globe. Our International Department offers a core curriculum of over a dozen programmes. Courses are assigned to one of ten academic departments: Agriculture; Business Administration; Education; Environment; Health; Human Resources; National Security; NGOs; Ports and Maritime Transport; and Tourism.

To complement these, our Programme Development Division designs and implements special training projects, tailor-made for the requirements of sponsoring governments and international agencies, such as: The World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, USAID, World Health Organisation, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Development Programme, International Air Traffic Association.

Study facilities and accommodations are provided by the Galilee International Management Institute Study Centre at Kibbutz Mizra, located seven kilometres outside the city of Nazareth, in the pastoral northern region of Israel. The Study Centre includes modern classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual aids and a computer laboratory with free Internet and e-mail access.

GIMI also has the facility to conduct on-site training programmes (“In-Country Training”) in Africa, Asia, central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and elsewhere throughout the transitional world. Additionally, GIMI recruits interns from Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea in order to promote cooperation - for more details of available internships, please follow this link: Internship Details

Galilee International Management Institute has over twenty years’ experience designing and implementing advanced leadership and management training programmers and capacity building seminars for senior-level planners, managers and decision makers from transitional countries around the globe. Tailored and off-the-shelf courses are offered for individuals and groups of all sizes. Courses can be delivered in the following languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Since its establishment as Galillee College in 1987, Galilee International Management Institute has trained over 10,000 planners, senior managers and decision makers from more than 152 transitional and industrialised countries around the globe: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and North America, the Middle East and the Pacific. They are from the public, private and non-governmental institutions that send their senior personnel to us for training in leadership, management and capacity building.

All training includes both theoretical and practical aspects. Our goal is to provide senior administrators with the specialised knowledge, advanced managerial and leadership techniques, and innovative capabilities they need in order to reform and renew their organisations. Participants are encouraged to develop their strategic-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Our 500-member faculty comprises internationally recognised academic experts and expert practitioners in their fields. They develop the curriculum, deliver the lectures, conduct the workshops, develop small group activities and supervise participants’ final projects.

Galilee International Management Institute core curriculum trains senior administrators and decision-makers responsible for the planning, development, management and reform of the following:
• Higher Education Institutions
• National Security
• Human Resources
• Public Administration and Civil Service
• International Banking
• Agriculture
• Health Systems
• High-tech Industries
• Small Businesses and Industries
• Tourism Infrastructures and Enterprises
• Environmental Agencies and Organisations
• Community Based Prevention, Management and Treatment of HIV/AIDS
• Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
• Community Oriented Education
• Port and Maritime Transport Systems
• Public Transportation Systems
• Judicial Systems
• Rural Communities
• Urban Economies

With appropriate funding by sponsoring organisations, Galilee International Management Institute can include a supervised follow-up assignment to be carried out by participants in their home institutions, during which they communicate with GIMI advisors by e-mail. Faculty members also have experience doing on-site evaluation of outcomes, which can include intensive workshops held for graduates at a central regional location or, alternatively, at each participating institution.

In addition, GIMI has played a major role in the MedCampus Programme of the European Community, an inter-university training and research programme. International university networks have been established between Galilee International Management Institute and institutions in Italy, United Kingdom, Holland, France, Finland, Turkey, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan.

In an effort to build bridges of peace in the Middle East, Galilee International Management Institute has, since its inception, cooperated with Palestinian organisations and conducted numerous management and training programmes for Palestinian officials and institutions. Close to 1,200 participants from more than 90 Palestinian governmental and non-governmental offices have participated in the programmes at GIMI.

Galilee International Management Institute today enjoys an international reputation as a leading management institute, which specialises in providing customised training to unique groups. To date over 10,000 senior managers, administrators and planners have graduated from the International Programmes at GIMI. Funding for GIMI's programmes comes from a variety of sources that include private foundations, international development agencies (governmental and non- governmental), the European Union, and private contributions.


Centre for Strategic Studies
National Security
Advanced National Security
Maritime and Port Security
Advanced Air Force Studies
Global Implications of Terrorism
Airport and Aviation Security
Crisis and Mass Disaster Management
Applications of Intelligence
New Approaches to Prison Management and Rehabilitation

International Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies

Political Sciences and Middle East Studies
Joint Jewish-Christian-Muslim Programme: A Religious Mosaic in the Holy Land
Israeli and Jewish Art, A Study Tour
Arabic Language Studies
Hebrew Language Studies
Two Nations and Three Religions, in Israel and Palestine
Political Science and Middle East Studies Japanese/日本語

International Centre of Excellence for Health Management (ICEHM)

Health Systems Management
Management of Human Resources in the Health Sector
HIV/AIDS: Innovative Management and Care
Community Management and Prevention of Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation of
Hospital Management in the 21st Century Управление Больницами в 21 веке

International Agricultural Training Centre (IATC)

Water and Crop Production Management
The Role of Agro-technology in Poverty Alleviation and Food Security
Agribusiness, Post Harvesting and Marketing Management
Application of Climatic Data in Agriculture and Environmental Protection
Aquaculture: Intensive Fish Cultivation Management
Livestock: Advanced Dairy Technology and Farming Management
Management of Floricultural Production - Tailor Made for the Indian Market

Capacity Building

Public Administration and Civil Service Management
Human Resources Management
Advanced Human Resources Management
Management and Development of NGO's
Project Management

International Centre for Educational Excellence (ICEE)

Management of Higher Education Institutions
Management of Educational Systems and Institutions

Economic Development

SMEs Management & Development
Strategic Urban Economic Planning
Management of Banks and Financial Institutes
Managing Human Resources in Banks - The Key to Excellence
SustainableTourism: Management, Development and Marketing

Ports and Transport - Management and Security

International Seminar on Maritime and Port Security
Development of Land Transport Systems
Port Senior Management
Advanced Port Management in the Era of Globalisation
International Seminar on Airport and Aviation Security

Energy and Environment

Environmental Management
Strategic Planning & Management of Energy

Special Seminars

Management and Strategy Seminar for Senior Executives
Israeli and Jewish Art

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