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Universidad Nacional
Heredia, Costa Rica


University description (as per official university website)

History of the National University
Under the slogan "The truth makes us free," and thanks to the perseverance of his predecessor Uladislao (Lalo) Gámez Solano, Minister of Education in the government of President José Figueres Ferrer, was endorsed the creation of the Universidad Nacional (UNA) , February 15, 1973, through Act 5182.

UNA opens its doors to the national community on March 14, 1973, gathering the heritage of the Normal School in Costa Rica and the Normal Superior, which crystallized a dream and ideals of men and women of vision.

In the context of the germination phase, gathers the best of Latin American thought at the time, and is defined as "University Required", which marks the course as an institution serving the less privileged sectors of Costa Rican society by offering equal opportunities for access to higher education.

Academic quality and humane treatment
Consistent with its vocation of "Necessary University," as it was conceived from its inception, "the A warrants and study opportunities offered by integrated development reach all sectors of Costa Rican society, through the grant system.

50% of the university population has some form of exemption in the payment of claims. In the case of grants for economic status, the exemption is from 10% to 100% depending on the student's situation, it provides regular assistance in deserving cases.

The institution also offers other scholarships based on academic performance, as well as athletic or artistic when the student is integrated into teams or groups representing the UNA. Belonging to the student movement also entitles students to have this benefit.

This opportunity to access the study without exclusions humanistic joins the seal of the UNA. The humanistic orientation and comprehensive development vision that characterizes this institution is reflected in how they relate horizontal pupils, teachers and administrators, as well as in extracurricular activities that make the student may feel " home.

Humanism is complemented by the diversity of academic offerings and the rigor of the curriculum. UNA offers over 65 degree options and graduate degrees in various fields of human knowledge, such as natural sciences, earth sciences and the sea, education, social sciences, health sciences, philosophy and literature, and arts .

Moreover, in response to the challenges of the 21st century, new options in both grade level and in graduate school. In the first case, emerge again Diploma in English and create careers Libraries and Industrial Arts Education, in response to needs of the education system. In graduate school, highlight the new Masters in Remote Sensing Systems and Bioethics, and more are in the process.

The Mission in the new context
National University is a public institution of higher education and socialization skills generates scientific and cultural importance for the strategic national and international development, without distinction of gender, ethnicity, creed or social status. With its integral action, the University contributes to directing the company to higher levels of welfare, equity, sustainability and democratic freedom through new paradigms, that translate and revalue human development. Is committed to the development of society and in particular the integration, enhancement and expansion of opportunities for less advantaged social groups or excluded from the benefits of development.

Its task is the formation of professional excellence in various fields of knowledge and scientific and artistic, humanistic principles and knowledge with environmental awareness and respect for life, critical, propositional, and can generate substantial contributions to society. Facilitating conditions for integrating gifted students who, for reasons economic, ethnic, geographical or physical have the least access to higher education.

National University provides research, teaching, outreach and artistic production as a basis for their actions and as an articulating from which to analyze comprehensively and systematically, the strategic issues and propose alternative solutions to the needs of society . For this renewal and continuous improvement and creative academic processes and management to make them more agile and efficient while strengthening the international dimension of academic life from the objectives and priorities.

National University is a major academic center in Latin America in addressing strategic issues for sustainable human development and contributes to their contributions to knowledge development and improve quality of life in the national and international level.

National University is professional excellence, depth of knowledge with a holistic, proactive, innovative, able to contribute significantly to an equitable and sustainable human development.

The academic institution is updated, flexible, rigorous and relevant. The teaching uses an innovative teaching model and incorporates the use of new technologies to respond to advances in knowledge. Is organized, from a strong disciplinary action, racing, strategic programs and projects, primarily multi-character, inter-and transdisciplinary, in which academic areas (teaching, research, extension and production) are fed, transform, enrich and energize each other.

Institutional management is flexible, devolved and decentralized. Facilitates decision-making, evaluation and accountability, through a flexible and simple institutional structure, is based on human talent strategically in the appropriate use of information and support new technologies

Strategic Programs
A Virtual: incorporation of ICT in academic work
The changes in the knowledge society require the use of new technological tools, which help to stimulate research and extension, and to make more attractive the working sessions with the students.

Since the creation of a Virtual , in 2006, the University has experienced a systematic incorporation of information technologies and communication technologies (ICTs) in different academic activities. Currently, there are over 160 online courses that use technology platforms and operating systems based on freeware, and have enhanced the academic staff seeking relevant and meaningful learning.

In this sense, it also exceeds the more traditional paradigm that uses the lecture as the basis of education, and recognizes the existence of technological applications that open new dimensions to the teaching-learning process.

Institutional Strategic Plan 2007-2011
The Institutional Strategic Plan 2007-2011 is based on a philosophical framework that is shaped by the values and purposes that inspire and dominate the university management model at the National University. Is the future image of the university we want and also represents the future scenario in which members of the university community are identified, because that has been built under a process of participation and integration.

Academic succession plan
Academic Relief Plan is a strategy that promotes the National University since 2007, as a tool for institutional academic renewal, which complements the Strategic Plan. Part of a serious critical analysis of the current situation and proposes the strategy to follow, aimed at strengthening academic human talent as key aspect for institutional development in order to contribute to the generation and knowledge management.

University production
Editorial Universidad Nacional, founded in 1976, both published and disseminated the results of the best academic work of this institution, as significant works of cultural value, science, philosophy and the arts. To project the work involved in the International Book Fair in Costa Rica, organized by the University of the Book Fair at the National University, and maintains its catalog of publications available online (http:// / Euna / catalog / title / index.html).

In terms of artistic production, one of the most interesting challenges was the creation of the National University Orchestra. This is a cutting edge musical group composed of artists linked to the AN, including teachers, advanced students and alumni, which is solely symphonic repertoire to works by American composers, ie classical artistic heritage of the region.

A Sustainable Campus
A Program - Sustainable Campus works and moves toward the attainment of the Environmental Policy, National University, developing key actions to strengthen the environmental culture and the sustainability of university campuses and areas of impact, with the participation of colleges and schools.

Two of his major projects include the participatory management plan for the integrated management of solid waste regular National University, and the action plan for minimizing and handling of hazardous materials and waste from the campus and Benjamin Dengo Omar Nunez.

A Entrepreneurs
Through its three main components: education, extension and business incubator, the A-Entrepreneur Program encourages the development of entrepreneurial skills in students, and the national community, to encourage the creation of small and medium enterprises.

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