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University of Guyana
Turkeyen, Guyana


University description (as per official university website)

All Programmes offered for the 2010/2011 Academic Year - Turkeyen Campus

Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry

Diploma in:
Bachelor's Degree in:
Agriculture (Majors - General Agriculture, Animal Science, Crop Science, Soil Sciences)
School of Education & Humanities

Certificate / Diploma / Associate Degree:
Undergraduate Certificate (Certificate of Competence in French, Spanish)
Undergraduate Diplomas (Music, Tourism)
Certificate in Education
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Bachelor & Certificate Programmes in Education (CERT. ED.)
Bachelor of Education (B.ED.)
Post-Graduate Diploma in Education
Master of Arts (History)
Faculty of Health Sciences

Associate of Science Degree in:
Environmental Health

Bachelor's Degree in:
Rehabilitation Sciences
Medical Technology
Medicine & Srugery (MBBS)
Dental Surgery
Institute of Distance & Continuing Education

Diploma in:
Occupational Health & Safety
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Diploma in:
Computer Science

Associate of Science Degree in:

Bachelor's Degree in:
Applicants to the Bachelor of Science Programmes (4 years) in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics are required to achieve the following admission requirements:
View Admission Requirements

Computer Science

Master's Degree in:
Forest Biology
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Bachelor's Degree in:
Environmental Sciences
BA in Geography; Geography/Economics etc.
Faculty of Social Sciences

Diploma in:

View Diploma Admission Requirements

Social Work
Communication Studies
Public Management
Banking & Finance

Bachelor's Degree in:

View Degree Admission Requirements

Communicaton Studies
International Studies
Law (LLB)
Public Management
Social Work

Post-Graduate Diploma in:
Applicants to the Post-graduate Diploma must obtain an undergraduate Degree from the University of Guyana or Equivalent qualifications from approved Universities.
Applicants to the Post Graduate programmes in the Faculty of Social Sciences are required to submit a statement of (300 words) 2 quarto pages describing the area of research they intend to pursue and its relevance to their career and national development.

Development Studies
International Relations
Masters Degree in:
Commonwealth Executive Masters in Business Administration
Faculty of Technology

View the Diploma Admission Requirements

Diploma in:
Aeronautical Engineering
Geological Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

View the Degree Admission Requirements

Bachelor's Degree in:
Geological Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering

Anyone desirous of obtaining clarification or further information may contact the Admissions Division. Tel (592)-222-6006, Ext. 2233 or Fax (592) 222-3596

All Programmes offered for the 2010/2011 Academic Year - Berbice Campus
Division of Science

Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture
Associate Degree in General Science
Diploma in Computer Science
Division of Education & Humanities

Certificate in Education
Division of Social Sciences

Diploma in Accountancy
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Public Management
Diploma in Social Work
B.Soc.Sc Degree in Public Management (for Diplomas in Public Management, UGBC)

General Requirements
Applicants must be at least sixteen (16) years of age in the calendar year of admission to the University i.e. they must have been born on or before January 1, 1994.
For the 2010/2011 academic year only applicants from regions 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 and the Rupununi will be given the option to submit their applications 'On Line' or 'On Paper'.
You can only use one method of application. Do not apply on-line and submit a paper application as well.

On Line
Apply directly by going to the
Prospective Student Login (Turkeyen)
Prospective Student Login (Tain) .

Applicants using the on-line application option are exempted from paying the application fee. However, they will be required to pay the non-refundable processing fee of G$500 per programme choice for local applicants, US$5 per programme choice for the foreign applicants or non-resident Guyanese applicants.

On Paper - Only for applicants residing in areas indicated below
Applications must be submitted on the prescribed forms which may be obtained from the IDCE Centres in Regions 2 and 10; the Regional Administration Office in Regions 1, 7, & 8. When requesting application forms candidates must state the programme they wish to pursue in order to obtain the appropriate form.
A late fee of G$2000 for local applicants and US$20 for the foreign and non-resident Guyanese applicants will be charged for each set of paper application forms received after May 29, 2010.

General Entry Requirements for Degree Programmes
Three (3) subjects at the GCE Advanced Level plus two (2) subjects at CSEC General Proficiency/GCE Ordinary Level not obtained at Advanced Level. English Language and in some cases Mathematics must be among the subjects obtained.
Two (2) subjects at the GCE Advanced Level plus three (3) subjects at CSEC General Proficiency/GCE Ordinary Level not obtained at Advanced Level. English Language and in some cases Mathematics must be among the subjects passed.
A minimum of five (5) CSEC General Proficiency (Grades I, II or III) or five (5) passes at GCE ‘O’ Level at ONE SITTING, including English Language, the subject(s) required for the pursuit of the major, where applicable, and Mathematics for designated programmes.


A minimum of six (6) CSEC General Proficiency (Grades I, II or III/ six (6) passes at GCE ‘O’ Level AT NOT MORE THAN TWO SITTINGS, including English Language, the subject(s) required for the pursuit of the major, where applicable, and Mathematics for designated programmes.
General Entry Requirements for Diploma / Associate Degree Programmes

A minimum of five (5) CSEC General Proficiency (Grades I, II or III) or five (5) GCE’O’ Level (Grade A – C) at no more than two sittings including English Language and Mathematics for designated programmes.

Where there is a variation of the above, it would be shown under the respective Faculty’s admission requirements.


The acceptance of CSEC Grade III applies only to the results for examinations taken in June 1998 and thereafter.
Applicants with five or six subjects, as stipulated above, without the requisite English or Mathematics or any other prescribed subject, at the acceptable grade, may be permitted to write a Qualifying Examination in the respective subject area or do the foundation course done by IDCE in the respective subject area.
Applicants who possess either of the basic entry requirements mentioned above but still do not satisfy the requirements of a particular Department may be required to pass the prescribed foundation course (s) where offered.
Applicants of mature age (i.e. a minimum of 26 years in the calendar year in which entry is being sought) who do not meet any of the admission requirements will be required to write the University of Guyana Entrance Examination (see later).
University of Guyana Entrance Examination

Those applicants who are already qualified for admission by virtue of relevant passes at the CSEC General Proficiency/GCE ‘O’ Level and other approved qualification WILL NOT be required to write the UGEE.
Those applicants who expect to qualify for admission by virtue of relevant passes at the May/June GCE/CSEC examination may opt to write the UGEE.
Persons Eligible for the University of Guyana Entrance Examination(UGEE)

Those applicants who fall into one of the following categories WILL BE REQUIRED to write the UGEE:

Those who have the required subjects at more than the stipulated number of sittings.
Those applying for admission under the Mature Student category.
Those applying for admission with Certificates or from the following institutions:
Burrowes School of Art.
Critchlow Labour College..
Kuru Kuru Cooperative College.
Ministry of health – Pharmacy Assistant Programme
GAHEF – Multi-Technician Course.
Davis Memorial Hospital Foundation Health Care Programme.
Any other qualification not approved by the academic Board.
Special Students

Persons desirous of registering as special students must complete and return the prescribed application forms. The courses applied for must be listed on the application forms. Applicants must satisfy the admission requirements for entry into the various programmes in which the courses are conducted.

Grade Point Average

All students beginning their Degree or Diploma or Certificate Programmes from academic year 2010/2011 are asked to note that they would need a grade point average of not less than 2.0 in order to graduate.

Tuition Fees

All University of Guyana students are required to pay tuition fees. Students who are Guyanese can choose either to pay by cash or through the Ministry of Finance Student Loan Scheme. Students wishing to obtain a student loan must contact the Student Loan Agency, located on the University Campus, as soon as they have received their place-offer letter. Payments must be made at the time of registration. Read more details here


Contact: Assistant Registrar, Students’ Welfare, telephone # 592-222-6006 ext 2236/2235. Limited accommodation is available, and first preference will be given to first year students coming from riverain, interior locations and distant coastal areas. A rental is charged for these accommodations.

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