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Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar
Quito, Ecuador


University description (as per official university website)

A center of excellence

Simon Bolivar Andean University is an independent international academic institution created to meet the challenges of the XXI century. Is devoted to higher education, research and service delivery, especially for the transmission of scientific and technological knowledge. It is an academic center open to international cooperation, to promote the spirit of integration within the Andean Community, and to promote relations and cooperation with other countries in Latin America and the world.

The key objectives of the institution are:

Contribute to the Andean integration process from the perspective of scientific, academic and cultural.

Contribute to scientific training, technical and professional human resources in the Andean countries.

Promote and disseminate the cultural values that express the ideals and traditions and Andean peoples of the subregion.

Providing services to universities, institutions, governments, productive units and Andean community in general, through the transfer of scientific, technological and cultural.

The university was created by the Andean Parliament in 1985. Is an agency of the Andean Integration System. It has its headquarters in Sucre, Bolivia, national headquarters in Quito and Caracas, with offices in La Paz and Bogota.

Simon Bolivar Andean University was established in Ecuador in 1992. That year, signed with the government of the republic based agreement that recognizes their status as international academic organization. In 1997, fully incorporated into the system of higher education in Ecuador, which was ratified by the Constitution in force since 1998 and the Higher Education Act of 2000.

Headquarters Ecuador has been operating with national and international profile, led to the Andean Community, Latin America and other areas of the world, in the context of areas and programs of Adolescence, Communication, Law, Human Rights, Management, Economics and Finance, Education, Agrarian Studies, Cultural Studies, Intercultural Studies, and Afro-Ecuadorian Indigenous Studies, Latin American Studies, Studies on Democracy, Governance, History, Integration and Trade, Arts, Environment, International Relations, Health and Traditional Medicine.

Academic structure

Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar Ecuador activities conducted in international coverage and outreach programs nationally and locally.

The specific teaching field is the graduate college in its various forms and modalities. Unfolding at this level achieves high academic achievement, extensive international cooperation and exchange of teachers and students. The institution carries out a variety of courses that bring together teachers and students in the Andean region of Latin America, North America and Europe.

Headquarters in Ecuador are eight academic areas: Arts, Law, History, Health, Education, Social Studies and Global Communication and Management. Each has a director, professors of plant, full and part-time, visitors and guests. Each area runs-doctoral graduate programs, masters, postgraduate diploma and higher specialization, and other forms-open courses, lectures, seminars, workshops and study days "to complete their offer.

Graduate Programs

The programs focus on a specialty or multidisciplinary efforts emphasize their objective.

The doctorate is the highest rating awarded by the Universidad Andina. The title for the postgraduate academic level, designed within the international standards. Doctoral programs emphasize research work. They are open to students of the Andean Community and the rest of the world. Have a minimum of three years, in which the student must pass several courses, meet other academic requirements of the program and make his thesis.

Postgraduate students
Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Sede Ecuador

One of the fundamental tasks of the Andean University is to conduct master classes, prepared with the highest international academic standards for students from the subregion and other countries. Master's programs require their full-time students. Have an average of 15 to 18 months and combine teaching with research.

Higher Diploma
The organization of these programs have come together the concerns of the university to maintain rigorous standards and interest in providing an alternative post-graduate training who can devote part time to their studies. They organize their studies and gain a flexible academic and intellectual training that enables them to professional and scientific work. In general, diploma programs can be taken in one academic year, in some cases, together with the master students. If you wish to enroll in subsequent years for a masters qualification, courses are automatically approved validated.

Superior Expertise
These are advanced academic programs are designed to provide, to those who have passed the undergraduate level, an empowerment to enable them to practice their profession effectively. The university has created a space that allows graduates to update their knowledge, enhancing a segment of knowledge and acquire the skills necessary to practice in a solvent. Specialization programs seek to promote the renewal of the graduates to areas where they have obtained their university education.

Higher Certificate
The University welcomes students from other universities to approve courses that can be validated at their home institutions. For it offers the certificate, obtained after course one or two quarters in any of the master's programs.

Other modalities

Open Courses
One of the goals of the university is to provide alternate access to higher education. We sought new forms of academic organization to establish mechanisms for continuing education aimed at broad sectors of society. This objective is embedded open courses, aimed at people who can devote only part-time higher education, but who are interested in updated on the latest advances in knowledge. They have high standards and meet stringent academic requirements but at the same time are flexible. They may enroll in any person.

Are opportunities for reflection on a great topic of research and teaching university established to favor debate and education, particularly through academic exchange. Chairs promote regular teaching activities, research, special events, visiting professors and publications.

They are specialized academic activities designed to deepen the studies in a discipline or interdisciplinary field. Work based on a sequence of regular sessions of exposure and debate, which is accompanied by specialized research.

Academic initiatives are aimed at discussion of current issues or specific topics in comparative treated by various exhibitors. They last three to six days and its competitors are asked to support a mandatory minimum.

Short courses
Are academic programs for the deepening of a particular aspect of a discipline, the professional development or training in specific areas of knowledge. They last between two and nine weeks, depending on its scope and theme.

Summer Courses
These courses are one week, for groups interested in specific topics are offered during the July-September quarter, led by professors of plant and visiting international scholars.

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