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Universidad Tecnica de Ambato
Ambato, Ecuador


University description (as per official university website)


The Technical University of Ambato, is created by Law No. 69-05 of April 18, 1969, as a community of teachers, students and workers.

The Technical University of Ambato, created the first state university in central Ecuador, is active in his house located in the citadel Ingahurco, city of Ambato, Tungurahua Province


The mission of the Technical University of Ambato: meeting the demands of scientific - technological Ecuadorian society in dynamic interaction with their stakeholders, preparing leaders with critical thinking, reflective, creative, socially conscious to contribute to the scientific, technical, cultural and axiological of country to develop scientific and technological research as a contribution in solving problems, producing goods and services to help improve the quality of life for Ecuadorians and boost the country's sustainable development.


The Technical University of Ambato, by their standards of excellence will become an academic referral center of the country scientific and humanistic. The institution that promotes the generation of projects and proposals in support for provincial development, regional, national. In their environment and taking into account the forms of thought of it creates knowledge, will be competent professionals, scientific research and technology, disseminate art and culture, promote the sport and provide services, proposing alternative solutions to problems in various productive sectors and social. These actions will take place in an area of freedom, respect for human rights and intellectual participation and gender equity integrative environmental protection, with criteria of sustainability and sustainability.


Taken from the book Creating the Technical University of Ambato (Dr. Peter Kingdom)

Ambato is the capital of Tungurahua province, is located virtually in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes.

The Technical University of Ambato was created on April 14, 1969 as approved by Congress. He was born with the motto "Education is learning to be free" under the aegis of thought and Dr. Carlos Toro Navas who presided over the formation of the first University Council, after completion of the first Assembly Univer May 10, 1969. Vice Chancellor was appointed the economist Victor Cabrera Guzmán.

The Technical University of Ambato has his academic background in an Institute founded by professionals in the accounting industry that created a 13 September 1959 (Emphasis Newspaper, Utah, November 1985, p3) This Institute is official a July 5 1963 with its schools of Accounting, Management and Industrial Technique.

Among the reasons for cultural motivation for the creation of a university in Ambato, should not be allowed to disregard the reference to be the land of those characters Nobleman nineteenth century who excelled in literature and politics in Ecuador and Juan Montalvo, Juan León Mera, Pedro Fermin Cevallos, Juan Benigno Vela, Luis Alfredo Martínez, José María Urbina, Celiano Monge and others associated with the same surname because they belong to prominent families and prominent side.

Viewed from another angle, the need for a strong people, projecting their children to the intellectual formation outside economies surnames and solvents, should be taken as a reason for the emergence of a high-level educational space. For idiosyncrasies must be noted that provincial universities did not come from the ideology of the kinds of economic power.

Their children usually always go to private universities and abroad. It was the middle class that has struggled to make their children do not go without the training they saw from afar the children of more affluent society. This is the case with the Technical Ambato, that even today, does not retain the upper class students villager.


Current Law # 5
Published: Official Gazette # 161 Date: 04/18/1969



The Institute of Accounting, Industrial Management and Technology, the city of Ambato, has been functioning normally and right since 1959, continuously;
That the June 28, 1963, the Constitutional Government of the Republic Dr. Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy, was issued the decree promulgated in Official Gazette No. 499 of July 5, 1963, which was formalized by the Center Higher Education, recognizing legal personality, autonomy, and thus establishing the fact that legal act and shall be protected by the Higher Education Act, ie considered as an Institute at the College;

That, in order that no doubt arises, the Standing Legislative Committee H. National Constituent Assembly prior knowledge of the National Council of Higher Education, issued a resolution that definitely clarified the legal status of the Superior National Institute May 14, 1968;

Later, after a thorough study and careful analysis of the accompanying documentation by the Institute of the city of Ambato, in November 1968, the National Higher Education Council accepted the request of the Institute in sense of achieving its transformation into a technical university;

That, pursuant to what is established by the respective Education Act, the National Council of Higher Education, once the Institute has demonstrated its financial capacity, the adequacy of their teachers, which has its own building for its operation and has Laboratories, Libraries, etc., which will undoubtedly improve in the course of time, sufficient land available for new construction and, especially, has proven organization, discipline and proper operation in the training of his youth scholar has issued a favorable report ;

That the city of Ambato constant progress and development, and the high school population, namely that he graduated from year to year, the College of Education Media City and the Province, students who by a number of circumstances can not or are unable to attend the Universities and Polytechnics in the country, has the full right and fair that has a technical university, and

Corresponding to the functions of the State to respond enthusiastically to the progress and well wishes and aspirations of peoples to achieve their acculturation and economic development, and this will be achieved in the country by the only means of Education and Technical Improvements his youth.


1 .- Create the "Technical University of Ambato", based on the current Institute, to operate in the same city, at the moment with the powers of Advanced Accounting and Auditing, Management and Administration and Technical Industrial the latter with Schools: a) Leather and Rubber Technology, and b) Food Technology, Technical University can with their autonomy in the future create new faculties, according to the needs of the province and the economy to continue counting and ordering, so much that no other university of this kind in the country.

2 .- The Technical University of Ambato operate and be governed in accordance with the Higher Education Act, acquiring all rights and obligations under the Statute Law and the Constitution of the Republic in accordance with the requirements, especially in the Article 43 of the Constitution of the Ecuadorian State.

3 .- For the full organization and functions entrusted to the management and teaching staff currently works with the Higher Institute of Ambato, until delivery of the statute at issue in Article 17 of the Higher Education Act and teachers prove their qualifications required by the Act, within a period not exceeding six months from the promulgation in the Official Gazette, which will look after the smooth running of the Establishment of Higher Education, serving the purpose of creating this University with all material resources, training, etc., which currently belong to the Institute and shall become the property of it.

4 .- This Act shall take effect from the date of its promulgation in the Official Gazette.

The Technical University of Ambato is located in the capital city of Ambato Tungurahua province, country, Ecuador. It is the largest university in the Midwest, has 10 faculties and 38 courses on-campus and blended learning.

16,000 students have formed a curriculum by competencies and offers a wide variety of services such as Internet, libraries, medical, dental, transportation, student insurance, high college scholarships.

To enroll in a university degree from the Technical University of Ambato, must register and pay the Scholastic Aptitude Test (PAA) according to the Academic Calendar.

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