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Icesi University
Cali, Colombia


University description (as per official university website)

History of the University Icesi 1979 - 2010

- 1979 -

In 1979, he met a group of 45 students in a classroom provided in Incolda headquarters in Cali Center to begin their professional education in Business Administration at the Instituto Colombiano de Estudios Superiores de Incolda, Icesi .

Years ago a group of businessmen led by Germain Holguín Zamorano, within the same Incolda, had begun to take shape the project of a School of Management, concerned about the education of future leaders in the region.

The experience of that first group of students was very different from living today. They did not enjoy a campus like we have today, or other facilities, but they always had coffee in the classroom.

Icesi grew rapidly in its early years. In early 1980, opened the evening program of Business Administration. And now that summer is sought a wider seat, a nice rented house on Avenue Belalcázar. In 1981 they launched an alliance for graduate study in Medellin EAFIT that lasted nearly a decade and set the stage for rapid development of our academic institution.

A year later, with over 300 students, Icesi moved to its first venue of its own: a house on Avenida Guadalupe. There, gradually expanding to neighboring properties, he remained for six years.

- 1993 -

In 1983 came the untimely death of Alberto Leon Betancourt, founding Rector. Distinguished scholar who succeeded in blending the Management and Systems, axes on which this institution continues to make progress.

With the arrival of Dr. Alfonso Ocampo Londono at the Rectory, continued institutional progress. 15 years ago, in 1984, began the program of Systems Engineering and opened its first computer lab. In that year also created the Center for Entrepreneurship Development , CDEE first academic unit in the field established in Latin America. Around the same time he bought the first batch for the Pance headquarters.

During the following years began the first programs of graduate themselves organized with teachers in the region. Thus began the formal consolidation of the Icesi .

But what occupied the attention of Ocampo Londoño Rector at that time was the design, financing and construction of the new headquarters. The development project is a powerful symbol of leadership, vision and solidarity in the Valle del Cauca. At the invitation of members of the Board and the Board of Icesi , led by Germain Holguin and Adolfo Carvajal, the 65 companies that best represent the region contributed money for the construction of the first stage of our beautiful building.

Architectural design work of Raul H. Ortiz, with the experienced and valuable influence of Dr. Ocampo, met in the words of Fernando Correa Muñoz, Director of the magazine "Living" with the specification accurately reflect the city and the hosting site, the community which identity and should be cherished traditions and an atmosphere that spaces and materials translated into democracy, freedom and social responsibility that inspired its founders and generous sponsors.

When Icesi came to occupy the new facilities in 1988 and had about 1,500 students.

- 1997 -

In 1997 he sought and obtained from the Ministry of Education, our recognition as a University . Started in that year a series of curricular settings for content, intentions and learning strategies position us as a leading national institution in that dimension. Complement in the first half of 1998, a building extension which meant an increase in built area of over 60% and allowed us to significantly improve the capacity and the environment of the institution.

- 2008 -
CIDEIM reaches Icesi . The University Icesi thinking about the welfare of their students and with the main goal of its programs projection of Natural Sciences and of Medicine , made official on 20 November an agreement with the International Training Center and medical research CIDEIM .

The CIDEIM is a center for research and technological development in infectious diseases, non-profit organization that aims to find ways to decrease the negative impact of these on the population.

This alliance, in addition to making the University Icesi on a machine of innovation and home to top professionals in the areas of health, promotes economic growth in the region and helps the welfare of the people of Valle del Cauca and the country.

- 2009 -
In the month of April 2009 establishing the Faculty of Health and the program officially approved medicine in exclusive agreement with Fundación Valle del Lili. The first class of students from the Faculty of Health Sciences began classes on July 21 this year.

- Today -
Today we offer nineteen undergraduate programs , seven master's in international institutions and agreements with six specialized programs . And thanks to the close link between the University and companies , graduates and programs are designed to fit each organization to meet your needs updating, also offering advice and consultancy .

All programs of undergraduate and graduate with the approval of the Ministry of National Education, with institutional support and reliability and with the support of the companies they founded and continue to support the University .

On the other hand, the group of teachers Icesi is characterized by its advanced academic training, his knack for teaching and professional experience. 41% of full-time faculty have doctoral degrees, or is in progress, 34% have title to the Masters , Specialist 19% and 8% professional.

Since its inception the University supports and encourages research on teachers and students. Today there are 14 research groups registered in Colciencias.

The mission and vision

The Mission of the University Icesi is expressed in four elements: The purpose, core values, vision 2014 and the corporate strategic objectives.

Central purpose:

Learn to know and act to build a better world.

Core Values:

- Recognition of the dignity of every person.
- A passion for learning.
- Commitment to the welfare of society.

Vision - 2014:

"The University Icesi, in 2014, will be recognized by the Colombian, national organizations and academic peers internationally recognized as a model of excellence in learning, research and social intervention in the various areas of knowledge."

Corporate Objectives:

1. Achieve recognition of graduates by the organizations and society in general, human values, skills and knowledge.

2. Contribute to social equity by increasing the number of students from lower socioeconomic strata of income.

3. To be recognized by the academic community by the results of the research groups and the quality of learning and skills development and values in students.

4. Expanding the University's presence in different areas of knowledge, with new programs of undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees.

5. Increase our contribution in improving businesses, social organizations, public policy communities.

6. Maintain a group of employees with professional and personal skills required, including a growing number of professors of plant with a high educational background, in an environment that fosters personal and institutional development.

7. To improve the quality of the teaching and learning, research, extension and management.

8. Ensure timely availability of physical facilities as demanded by the development of the university.

9. Ensuring the economic sustainability of the university.

10. Ensuring effective communication of our achievements and accomplishments.

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   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Icesi University

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