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Northern University
Barranquilla, Colombia


University description (as per official university website)

Historical Review
The University of North was born on January 24, 1966, when a group of business leaders, led by Mr. Karl C. Parrish, representing the National Association of Industrialists (ANDI), Barranquilla Foundation, today Fundación Mario Santo Domingo, and the Colombian Institute of Directors (Incolda) signed the act that established it as a center of higher education.

Subsequently, on July 11, 1966, under the guidance of engineer Julio Muvdi, the University started its academic activities in the neighborhood of El Prado. At that time had 58 students and ten teachers for the basic cycles of Management and Engineering.

On November 20, 1971, then president of the republic, Misael Pastrana Borrero (1970-1974) laid the foundation stone of the citadel university, located on the site which currently houses the facilities of the university. At that time as Rector Tcherassi economist Joseph Guzman and the institution had 1,027 students. In that same year, the programs approved ICFES Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, also granted licenses for the opening of Psychology.

In 1973 the citadel was officially inaugurated university at kilometer 5 on the road to Puerto Colombia, with the financial support of numerous companies that joined the effort, as well as the donation of six acres made by the company Cementos del Caribe. The construction of the first three buildings was made possible by the transfer of all assets by Andi Foundation to the University, these resources are further strengthened with donations from other companies.

On February 22, 1973, the Government made the official recognition of the University of the North and Centre of Higher Education, by Decree 263 of 1973, issued by the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Education.

In April the same year again and the engineer in July temporarily Mundi (adviser to the Council) took over the rectory. During her tenure were implemented the following actions:

The opening of the Industrial Relations Program at the intermediate level.
Linking the national government to implement the project of the Center for Educational Resources.
The presentation of diplomas to the first class of the Industrial Technology Program.
The opening of the Art Gallery, this particular work was made possible by the deposit of the Arts Center of Barranquilla.
In December 1973 he was inaugurated as president Boris Rosania Salive engineer who developed a major work until 1980. Its management are:

The creation of the Division of Health Sciences with the opening of the programs of Medicine and Nursing.
The program was initiated Preschool psychologist with the direction of Juan José Amar Amar.
Created the Center for Research of the University of North CIUN, unit coordinator of scientific research activities of professors and students to enrich the curriculum and the projection of the institution in the community.
The Ministry of Education approved the program in psychology, while ICFES granted license to operate the Early Childhood Education program at an expert level.
It built the third stage of the citadel university, which included a laboratory block from various disciplines, amphitheater, morphology facilities, classrooms and offices for teachers.
Was designed and developed a graduate program in University Teaching Methodology, pilot in the country, which has improved the performance of teachers and encourage research activity.
At this time, operating programs of Business and Technology Management, Industrial Relations and Cost Analysis, Medicine, and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. In 1974 he created a project with the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), today named Atlantic Coast Project, to provide care to children zero to seven years in the slums of Barranquilla, and extended to the township of La Playa.
In 1977 he started the Civil Engineering program and the construction of the second and third floors of Block E for classrooms, expanding and physical plant.
With the appointment in 1980, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona, philosopher and Doctor of Social Science, has begun a series of academic and institutional strengthening and reaffirming the presence of the University of North nationally and internationally.

In that year he inaugurated the Laboratory of Soil and Materials Testing "Joaquín Ruiseco", donated by Cementos del Caribe. With the donation of the first computer by IBM, is achieved technological renovation of the Computer Center, as well as with the donation made by Eagle Brewery of computers mainframes or mainframes.

Moreover, the approved Icfes Medicine program and the following year the Systems Engineering program, and gives license to operate the program in law. That same year, 1981, was launched in Traces, Journal of the Universidad del Norte, and starts the international student exchange agreement with the U.S. entity based in Washington, International Student Exchange Program, ISEP.

With the 113 Agreement in 1983 opened the Masters in Business Administration and Evaluation, the latter in the form of open university. These graduate programs begin early specialization on the Caribbean coast. Also that year, with the official seal of the first book Uninorte Editions, the University begins a new stage of dissemination of cultural and academic thinking.

In 1989, through an agreement with the Universidad del Valle, Uninorte start the Masters in Mathematics and Education, also in agreement with the Universidad Javeriana.

In 1993, when he had eleven undergraduate programs, six master's degrees and five majors, the University begins construction of Central Library.
For Northern University, 1994 constitutes a crucial year, as the Colciencias Icfes and approved as the regional node of the network in Barranquilla CETCOL (Science, Technology Education and Colombia) to access the World Wide Web. Additionally, we signed an agreement of academic and scientific cooperation with the University of Mainz, Germany. Also an agreement with the University of Paris XII Val-de-Marne, in order to strengthen expertise on Social Development and obtain simultaneous French state title in education and achieve international accreditation.

In this year the President of the Republic, Dr. Ernesto Samper Pizano, appoints the rector, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona, a member of the National Competitiveness Council, one of the organizations strategic national economic policy.

In October 1994, opens the Central Library, which by their size, technology and academic achievement constitutes a monumental uninorteña community. That year, directives signed an agreement with the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, through which crystallize academic activities in the area of health. Also signed an agreement with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, by which the two universities will offer, from 1995 in the engineering area, the first Ph.D. in Industrial Management in the Caribbean Coast.

In 1994, Cementos del Caribe donated 22 thousand square meters of land, thus ensuring the possibility of physical plant growth. Uninorte part, on this date in the Academic Training Program for Latin America, ALFA, established by the European Commission with the aim of promoting cooperation between institutions of higher education in Latin America and Europe. Under this program, Uninorte received the approval of five academic networks, the coordination of two networks and the adherence to four international networks.

That same year, the rector, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona, signed an agreement of academic and scientific cooperation with the University of Mainz. Several teachers Uninorte Germans had been as visiting faculty and a new group of professionals continue to come in the coming years.

On January 20, 1995, President of the Republic, Dr. Ernesto Samper Pizano, officially opened the new Central Library and the Audiovisual Resource Center.
North University hosts in 1995, along with another select group of national universities, the National Accreditation System, in order to assess the institution in order to obtain the relevant accreditation, and thus assure the society that meets with the highest quality requirements. As part of this process of self-accreditation and university Uninorte in February 1996 received a commission of ABET, the organization recognized by the Department of Education of the United States and the Council of Postsecondary Accreditation as the sole agency responsible for accreditation educational programs leading to the degree of engineering in this country.

Earlier this year, approved the program Colciencias Research in Immunology and Molecular Biology, University of North, while the activities of the Development Research Center of Immunology and Molecular Biology, CIDIBIM, were recognized by the National Council of Science and Technology through Resolution No. 003, as a National Program of Science and Technology on scientific research.

Moreover, the CIDHUM, Center for Research in Human Development, was established on March 26, 1996 by Resolution No. 15 of the rectory, but its activity as a research group was born in 1977, with the approval of the first draft Van Leer Foundation of Holland Uninorte in the field of childhood.
From the first half of 1996, started the program activities of Electronic Engineering. Northern universities and Francisco de Paula Santander, Cúcuta, signed a cooperation agreement for development of the Specialization in Health Services Management in the city of Cucuta.

Uninorte and the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards, ICONTEC, signed May 16, 1996 the Agreement on Academic Cooperation and Inter for the Design and Implementation of Graduate Programs or courses and / or continuing education in areas of common interest for both entities.

Continuing efforts to strengthen the form of advanced training, in the second half of 1996 started the activities of the MA in Philosophy and the specialization in the areas Nursing Maternal and Child Neurology and Neurosurgery, Public Management and economy.

In a special ceremony held on August 22, 1996, the Board of Directors and Dean celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the Alma Mater. As part of the event paid tribute to the founders and its first executive bodies. Several regional governmental entities Uninorte conferred on a number of notable distinctions.

The Rector was invited by the Ministry of Education to join the National Commission for Higher Education Development, established in Bogota on July 4 by the President of the Republic, Dr. Ernesto Samper, and Dr. María Emma Mejía , then head of the ministry.

On October 2, 1996, held the signing of a cooperation agreement with the University of Huelva, Spain, and Uninorte to develop bilateral activities.
In March 1997, Uninorte signed an agreement with the University of Lyon (France) to create a Specialization in Management and Cultural Development, with emphasis and projection in the Caribbean region.

Since 1997, he began to offer students a new way in exchange programs: the Multilateral ISEP (International Student Exchange Program), which includes universities in countries such as Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Holland, Korea , Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.
Since the second half of 1997, opened Uninorte specialization in Organizational Development and Human Processes, and Negotiation and Conflict Management, offered in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla. The University signed an agreement with the Educational Foundation Cerrejon Zona Norte, Fecen to provide specialization in Pedagogical Processes.

On 21 August 1997, conducted the official opening of the new headquarters of Uninorte Language, consisting of three blocks of two floors each, built in an area of 2914 m2. With the construction of this work, the University became the first educational institution in the country to implement the building system prefabricated PVC panels, relying on the elements pertaining to an intelligent building. The Institute fulfills the functions of teaching, research and services through internal programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and external programs for professionals, businesses and the community. Within the level of advanced training, the Institute offers, since 1995, the Specialization in Teaching English, with assistance from the Department of English at the University of Liverpool, England, through an agreement under the auspices of the British Council .

On the same date, was meant to serve the university community room of the Library General Electronics, centralized system with online consultation and cd-rom server in the form of multi-user. In addition, the stained glass window was opened "Eternity" by the architect Zulma Buendía, located on the left wing of the Library.

July 10 was held at the Headquarters of the Hydraulic Laboratory of the Flowers, the presentation and delivery of the study "Technical and economic feasibility for deepening the channel to the port terminals of Barranquilla", prepared by Uninorte with support of the Dutch company Haskoning, in development of research and diagnosis of the Magdalena River.
The mayor of Cartagena, Dr. Guillermo Paniza, and the rector, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona, signed the agreement Aug. 8 to conduct the Diploma in Psycho Development and the "skills for better living."

On October 23, 1997 took place the inauguration of the first stage of the North University Hospital, an institution Provider of Health Services, IPS, formed to provide assistance in health, with a focus on family medicine to the people of scarce resources of the municipality of Soledad and the District of Barranquilla, and to offer support, thanks to its faculty and clinical nature, the processes of academic and research the Alma Mater.

On February 4, 1998 North University celebrated 25 years of work on campus with an ecumenical ceremony. The event was attended by representatives of the Catholic, Jewish, Presbyterian and Evangelical.

Was successfully conducted in March 1998 the Third International Congress of Human Development: Perspectives s. XXI, organized by the Centre for Research in Human Development, CIDHUM, attended by prestigious teachers, public figures and intellectuals of Latin America and Europe.

In May, the community uninorteña appreciated the full extent of the various forms of European culture, through the Forum on Europe, held this year as guests to France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Britain, countries with that Uninorte close ties to the cultural and academic.

In August 1998, was inaugurated on Automation and Robotics Laboratory, the most modern in the country with Israeli and American technological equipment. Its infrastructure-oriented research, teaching and external services is an invaluable support in the process of training undergraduates and graduate students.

Colciencias highlighted the University of North as one of the country's private universities to do further research and invest more in this regard at the national level.
Uninorte won the contract for operation of the Research Center of Water Testing Laboratory in Las Flores, which was convened by Cormagdalena through competitive bidding.

On August 28, 1998 received the first class degree uninorteños communicators. 14 youths obtained the title of Social Communicators and Journalists to Focus on Production and Media Management.

Uninorte FM Stereo, alternative radio cultured Barranquilla ", arrived in September 1998 at 15 years of operation. To celebrate he gave a concert at the Teatro Amira de la Rosa, with the Cuban group "Camerata Romeu."

He arrived in September 1998 to 10 years of Culture Festival, organized by the Cultural Center Cayenne, sponsored by the Cultural Fund Promigás SA The festival has become a launching pad for emerging local talent, as well as a space where new and experienced show their art and express their thoughts, experiences and artistic evolution.

As a final contribution in strengthening relations between the Universidad del Norte with the countries of the European Union, signed a new agreement with the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany on November 20, 1998. The agreement includes exchanges with universities, and governmental and nongovernmental institutions in America and Europe, among others.

A group of teachers Uninorte, together with the company Superbrix, developed a new project called "oven burner rice husk TEO III", which allows significant improvements in the productivity of rice processors agribusiness entrepreneurs, while helping to preservation of natural resources.

The Water Testing Laboratory in Las Flores, technically and scientifically administered by the Universidad del Norte, presented to senior Cormagdalena, regional corporations, former ministers and officials from the departments of the Costa's "Plan of environmental restoration of degraded channel Dam, "which seeks to implement Resolution 260 of the Ministry of Environment, aimed at sediment control, maintenance of navigation in most of the channel and the restoration of the pipe El Estero.

In January 1999, opened the Multimedia Laboratory of the Institute of Languages, which helps to improve the quality of learning of foreign languages, international relations practice and broaden the students' culture. The Laboratory is equipped with the latest advances in computer and equipped with the newest and most recognized language training programs, further strengthens the virtual university project.

The National Council of Accreditation, CNA, accredited in 1999, the Industrial Engineering program, making it the first undergraduate program to be accredited on the coast, and the second level in this area

From April 12 to 16 held the second version of the Forum on Europe, which was attended by key political leaders who were released on cultural events, scientific and educational advancement of the invited countries: France, Greece and Russia.
In order to develop basic skills in research, the University of North opened in 1999, the Master of Education, becoming the first institution of higher education in the country to offer this type of program.

Cormagdalena Uninorte filed in May 1999, "Feasibility study of the plan of environmental restoration of degraded ecosystems in the area of influence of the Canal del Dique", performed by the Hydraulic Laboratory of Flowers from July 1998 to April 1999 .

Identities, citizenship, migration and displacement in the Caribbean, was the central theme of the Fourth Caribbean Studies Seminar, held in August 1999, which included prominent writers and essayists of Spain, Puerto Rico, USA, Cuba, Brazil, Germany, France, Venezuela and Colombia. The event was organized by the universities of the North Atlantic and the Regional Commission of Science and Technology.

It began the new program of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, with the participation of a group of diplomats, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and teachers from the Caribbean Basin. The program is sponsored by the International Cooperation Agency and the vice presidency.

Held in August awarded national accreditation by the Ministry of National Education Programs of Industrial Engineering and Systems Engineering. The Systems Engineering program becomes the first program in this area, to be accredited in the country. With these credentials, Uninorte leads the process of self-assessment and quality of academic programs of higher education in the Caribbean Coast.

With the participation of over a thousand people, was held in September 1999, the First Meeting Alliance for the Improvement of Education, organized by the Universidad del Norte, with the support of Uniatlántico, Telecaribe, Time Caribbean, Fenalco, Andi Commission Science and Technology Regional Chamber of Commerce, Cognac, UNDP and Fundesarrollo.

The national government granted in August 1999, Luis Lopez de Meza Medal and a certificate to the University of North, credited as one of the best universities. The recognition was made president of the republic, Andrés Pastrana Arango, the high levels of quality of education achieved.
Uninorte, was invited by the national government to represent the country at the Ninth Conference of Governments of the Americas, held in Ottawa, Canada in September. Dr. José Amar Amar, dean of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, traveled on behalf of the University in the company of the nation's first lady, Mrs. Nohora Puyana de Pastrana. Dr. Love presented the topic "A beginning means an investment in children 0 to 6 years of age", and the progress and programs developed by Project Coast.

In September 1999, the University of North began, through the Continuing Education Center, CEC, Colombia Chair program to provide spaces for reflection in the political, economic, social and national news. The first guest was Dr. Gustavo Bell Lemus, Vice President of the Republic, who spoke with the leaders and industrialists on "Colombia at the Crossroads."

The rector, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona, was elected Senior Member of the Board of Directors of the board of the Colombian Association of Universities, ASCUN.
On November 11, 1999, the University of North ended its participation in contracts interventoría to dredging, environmental supervision and monitoring of control in the access channel to the port of Barranquilla. This work, considered exceptional by engineers skilled in the art, were made and executed by a group of engineers Uninorte, pursuant to contracts with the Government of the Atlantic.

As a scapegoat of experiences to the citizens of our region closer to knowledge and culture of other nations to enrich their academic and cultural background with an international perspective, the University of North created the Fulbright Chair in August 1999. Its aim is to provide a place of academic reflection about the social, economic, political and cultural in our region and the United States.

In order to train more teachers in the region in the area of mathematics, North University, in partnership with the Universidad del Valle, initiated the Master of Mathematics, aimed at math, maths, statistical, engineers and professionals with strong background in this area.
The rector, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona, conducted a series of official visits to U.S. institutions as the Universities of Saint Thomas and Miami, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, to formalize a number of academic conventions. Dr. Ferro traveled with the Director of International Relations, Jeannie Caicedo engineer, and engineer Yesid Donoso, professor of Network Systems Engineering program.

More than 30 entrepreneurs from the Atlantic coast have benefited from collaboration with more than 50 students from the Universidad del Norte, which are linked to the Pilot Plan of Management Research Laboratory, undertaken by the Division of Administrative Sciences and Uninorte Department of Business Development, Dade, the Government of the Atlantic, in order to design support programs that generate greater business boom in the region.

The University held in April 2000 the third version of Forum on Europe organized by the Academic Secretariat. Were invited Germany, France and Portugal, who staged a cultural show, academic and artistic. As part of the event, he acknowledged the University of Mainz, which was received by Dr. Josef Reiter.
To expand and disseminate knowledge about the European Union, North University Seminar held in Europe in May 2000, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Commission Delegation to Colombia and Ecuador. The main issues were economic relations and trade, political, cultural and scientific exchange between the European Union and Colombia.

The Academic Council was delivered in May, the medal "Roble Amarillo" the education minister, Germain Bula Escobar, who was distinguished for his accomplishments and his desire to help improve education in Colombia.
The Embassy of France in Colombia, the Colombian-French Alliance and the North University signed an inter-institutional cooperation in order to provide French language instruction to students in undergraduate programs Uninorte. The signature was notarized by the ambassador, Dr. Guy Azais, and the rector, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona.

Was given community service uninorteña a new and modern computer lab with over 70 teams, located in Block B. The new room is connected to the corporate network "Yellow Oak, through fiber optics, which allows access to all information technology services to the inside and outside the campus. During the event, a plaque in recognition of the company Monomers Colombo Venezolano, SA, which donated the equipment of the new room.

In June, we launched the TV show "Growing Family", produced by the University of North for the Ministry of Education, psycho for the development of families affected by the earthquake in the coffee. This program was born as a result of the investigation initiated Uninorte in 1990, seeking psycho-education in a conciliatory response to prevent and promote health of the individual.

In August, national and departmental governments, as well as the Board of Directors, teachers, students and staff paid a heartfelt tribute to the rector, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona, for his 20 years of service to the University of the North and the community .

In September, opened the second phase of University Hospital North, a project of great social impact that has benefited over 100,000 people in strata 1, 2 and 3. This second stage includes the mother-child room, comprehensive care to pregnant women, and an area of neonatology.

Cayenne Cultural Center held in September, the XII Festival of Culture, under which took place the XII National Literature, which this year focused on "Wider Caribbean Literature."

In July, the community was visited uninorteña general director of the Bernard van Leer Foundation of Holland, Dr. Rien van Gendt, and the project officer from the same foundation, Dr. Marc Mataheru. The directors shared with the beneficiary community, and met with officials from the Atlantic Coast Project, who presented the programs that the University has been developing.

Education Minister, Dr. Germain Bula Escobar, and the rector, Dr Jesus Ferro Bayona, signed an agreement to support the Association Delphi Caribbean region: Ownership and Use of Educational Information Technology and Communication Process Teaching and Learning.

In July, the second version of the course of Spanish for Foreigners, which was attended by 30 students from the University of West Indies in Jamaica and a Swedish engineer. This exchange program, which is under the auspices of the International Cooperation Agency, the Icfes, and the support of the Regional Commission of Science and Technology, also aims to teach Spanish, members enrich the university community and exchange their experience other cultures in their daily lives.

In October, the inauguration took place inside the Cultural and Sports Coliseum. This modern building has capacity for three thousand people, has a court multiple fixed and retractable bleachers for sports such as basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer, as well as outside tennis courts, dance and aerobics rooms, fitness and weights room music and art and a student lounge. It has a collapsible stage, cabin lighting and sound systems radiotrasmisión and a press room. In the Colosseum with offices Welfare and Cultural Center University Cayenne.

It opened in October, I Expouninorte Fair 2000, in which, with all the specifications of the international science exhibitions, was shown the work of ten years of research by professors, researchers and students linked to science and technology. During the event, made a series of scientific conferences and held the First Meeting of Practice and Research, whose theme was "business practice and its contribution to research in business administration."

Cartagena hosted in December, I Latin American Meeting of Andrology, organized by Uninorte and the Spanish Association of Andrology. This event brought together for the first time internationally, prominent specialists in the field of andrology, urology, genetics, psychology and biology, among other specialties, scholars and sexual and reproductive health of men. Speakers participated in this edition of Spain, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Portugal and Colombia.

The Ministry of Education, through the National Board of Accreditation, CNA, granted accreditation to the programs of psychology, medicine and mechanical engineering. With these qualifications and are five programs that have been accredited Uninorte.

In 2000, there were several professional uniñorteños highlighted at the national level. The president of the republic, Andrés Pastrana, appointed in December to Dr. Jesús Ferro Bayona, representing private universities, senior member of the National Council for Science and Technology, the highest body of the Management and Coordination of National Science and Technology, whose policies run Colciencias. The National Council of Higher Education, an agency under the Ministry of Education appointed Dr. Alberto Roa Varela, vice president academic, member of the National Council of Accreditation, CNA, which is responsible for implementing the accreditation of institutions and academic programs in Colombia. The National Council for Science and Technology elected as a director of the Science and Technology Dr. José Amar Amar, dean of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences. The engineer Javier Paez, dean of the Engineering Division, was appointed Director of the National Technological Development, Industrial and Quality.

Nature and Purpose
North University Foundation is an institution of higher education with official recognition conferred by Resolution No. 263 of February 22, 1973 the Ministry of Education, and legal status granted by the Interior Department of the Atlantic, through Resolution No. 149 of February 14, 1966.

Its main objective is to promote, develop and enhance higher education in the Caribbean coast, through highly qualified educational institutions to maintain an excellent academic level. Select its teachers on a basis that values quality teaching to ensure not only appropriate but also training, within the most appropriate teaching methods.

Center aims to become a lead in research and analysis of regional problems, to achieve the goal of irradiated culture and science in all its glory, that is, become a source of influence in the Caribbean, Colombia.

The educational methods developed are:

Technology training through a system of cycles.
University education.
Advanced or graduate training.
Among the new methods, apart from the latest attempt to make possible the character-face teaching, educational uses in its manifestation cultural extension and continuing education.

NORTH UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION, according to the principles and objectives that guide since its inception, its mission is training the whole person in terms of higher education, and contribution, through its institutional presence in the community, development harmonious society and country, especially the Colombian Atlantic Coast.

The Foundation accomplishes this university work both in the form of undergraduate and advanced training, his work characterized by a broad social and humanistic content, and the emphasis on scientific reasoning and research to meet the requirements of the progress of science and social needs of the region and country.

Look for the institution to train their students as people thinking, analytical and sound ethical principles, devise innovative ideas to actively participate, enterprising, responsible, honest, critical and pragmatic in the process of social, economic, political and cultural community.

The University aims for the training of which it is taught with faculty is made suitable, qualified and deep commitment to academic. To support them in this task, is determined to have the methods of teaching, research and more technologically advanced and suitable extension of contemporary higher education. In this sense, information and technology tools in education will remain the distinctive academic support for student training.

Present in the life of the community through the exercise of its academic functions (teaching, research, extension and services to the external sector), the University of North ensures that its directors, teachers, students and alumni to stay in constant study, research and analysis concrete problems of the community in which they occur.

Our institution is committed from the outset, the present and the future, with all dimensions of social, economic, political and cultural, maintaining the proper place of insertion in society, which is academic.

In 2017, the University of North is distinguished by being one of the first universities in the country and the first in the Colombian Caribbean region, and also for its broad international scope and its clear commitment to regional development.

Furthermore, in the decade from 2017, strengthen its national accreditation and will have international certifications in recognition of academic excellence, the education of their students, the high scientific level of its teaching corps and its visibility and impact research.

Continue to grow in masters and doctoral programs, seeking to ensure generation of research results at international level with national and local relevance.

Increase and boost competitiveness of its graduates, who are strategic partners in implementing projects and in strengthening links with industry.

Respond to the demands of society from social responsibility practices, scientific and technological innovation to enable academic implement solutions in the economic, social, environmental, political and cultural.

Maintain the effective support of university management to ensure financial sustainability, technological leadership and modern physical infrastructure.

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