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Universidad de La Salle
Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia


University description (as per official university website)

La Salle University is an institution of higher education, private, common utility and non-profit. It is based on a Christian vision of man, the world, history and knowledge.
He began his academic work in the first half of 1965 with Programs of Economics, Philosophy, Civil Engineering and Bachelor in Chemistry and Biology and Mathematics and Physics. 42 years ago had a floor of 20 teachers and 98 students.
It is recognized by the Colombian state is governed by its own Organic Statute and as provided in the Constitution and by Act 30 of 1992 and its implementing regulations.

It was founded by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian (or Christian Brothers) on November 15, 1964.
The Legal Status was granted by Resolution No. 0597 of February 2, 1965, issued by the Ministry of Justice. Was recognized as a University by Decree No. 1583 of August 11, 1975, issued by the Government.
Today it offers 21 undergraduate academic programs in different areas of knowledge, of which 5 are for-Education, 16 Programs Specialization-of which 3 are education-and five Masters. It has 13,521 students enrolled in undergraduate and 462 graduate students who are served by 1,014 teachers, of whom 87% have postgraduate degrees, and 739 people in administration and services.

Since its foundation has sought to meet quality, efficiency and prestige.
The University has an Institutional Educational Project which is based on the educational model in the style Catholic and Lasallian education, thought to have consolidated the Christian Brothers over more than 320 years and is now in force in 80 countries: Africa , 22, Latin, 22; Asia, 15; Europe, 18, and Australia / Oceania, 3, and 84 Lasallian institutions of higher education, which are part of the International Association of Lasallian Universities (AIUL), established in 1998.

La Salle University is a member of the Colombian Association of Universities, ASCUN, the Colombian Association for the Advancement of Science, ACAC, the International Federation of Catholic Universities, FIUC, the Organization of Catholic Universities in Latin America, ODUCAL , the Inter-American Organization, OUI, the International Association of University Presidents, IAUP, the International Association of Lasallian Universities, IALU, COLUMBUS Programme, the Inter University Council for Economic and Social Development, City, Iberoamerican University Council , CUIB, among others.

In the process of internationalization, the University of La Salle has been participating in the Alpha Program of the European Union with Latin America, the IAESTE student exchange program at the global level, the Colombian Network of Cooperation Agency and International Education Superior, RCI, and Universia, the Internet portal's largest university in Latin America. Similarly, the University has signed agreements of cooperation and academic exchanges with universities and research centers in Australia, USA, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Panama, Ecuador and Cuba and processes to establish them ahead with Britain, Canada and France, among others.

To facilitate the implementation of the professional practices of their students and promoting university-business cooperation, the University of La Salle has been signing several agreements with government entities and private manufacturing and service sector.

For the development of their academic activities, the University of La Salle has three offices strategically located in the Center, and North Chapinero the city of Bogotá, with a total of 103,721 m2 of construction. In these three sites work 286 classrooms, 84 laboratories and workshops, a Museum of Natural Sciences, a Veterinary Clinic, an Optometric Research Institute, 3 theaters with a capacity to accommodate 2,000, 1,000 and 600 spectators, 15 auditoriums with seating 100 and 200, and three churches, five chapels, four cafes, sports and other areas for academic support services, academic and welfare areas of outreach and administration.

In addition, the University has a building of 3,119 m2 building its Center for Languages and five Research and Training Centers, for academic practices and agricultural production: La Floresta, located in Bogotá, San Miguel, in the Facatativá municipality, Santa Maria, in the town of Sopo, The Island, in the Municipality of Sasaima, and San Jose, Matadepantano in Yopal. Together, the Research and Training Centres added a total area of 13,135,000 m2.

Your library has 107,000 titles and 150,000 volumes of books, 1,500 journal titles in paper and 7,500 commercial online subscription. It also has to support servers with the latest technology to academic services (online courses, corporate information system services, academic and administrative management, etc.). Corporate data network is one of the largest in the country, with more than 5 km of fiber optic cable and 110 km of UTP. In addition, the University offers email and Internet; 2,000 computers, 41 servers, two multimedia rooms for the teaching of modern languages, 13 rooms specialized software, a computer room for teachers in each headquarters, Internet access channels involved, which together account for more than 20 Mbps, wireless with full coverage for Headquarters La Candelaria and Wi-Fi zones in other locations. Besides this, the seats are permanently interconnected and dedicated.

The university also has closed circuit television system, audiovisual equipment, 25 regular publications, 92 publications between academic and institutional conducted in 2007 and 562 developed in the last 11 years, and extensive welfare services for the entire education community college Lasallian.
"" Higher education, in higher and higher it "," a Christian vision of man and reality ""
On the other hand, it is noted that the University consistently performs self-assessment exercises academic programs as a compromise inherent in its activities. "Higher education, in higher and higher it", "a Christian vision of man and reality ',' education focuses on the promotion of the human person" and "a preferential option for the poor" as challenges to promote human dignity through a culture based on science and a commitment to society and students with fewer resources, for whom the institution for half a semester a significant investment, represented in grants and aid allocated as incentives to academic excellence and the Lasallian spirit.
The teachers are qualified permanently as part of a culture of continuous improvement, through membership programs, technology training and support tools in the process of engaging with the new trends in education, including virtual environments. Research is also a point of interest is supported and promoted heavily and one result has been to have 83 research groups registered with Colciencias. Of these groups, 48 registered, 1 recognized and categorized 34 (9 in category A, 12 in category B and 13 in Category C). It also highlighted the strengthening of the University's academic journals, nine indexed Latindex (Regional Information System for Scholarly Journals Online Latin America, Caribbean, Spain and Portugal), four in Class (Latin American Social Science Citation and Humanities) Summary of the Centre for Scientific and Humanistic (CICH), Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and four Publindex (National System for Indexing and Standardization of Colciencias).

This culture has enabled the University to launch in 1996 the process of accreditation of academic programs at the National Council of Accreditation, CNA, and the Ministry of National Education, a project that since 2004 until now guaranteed the high quality accreditation for 10 programs : Optometry, Veterinary Medicine, Architecture, Arts, Agricultural Business Management, Social Work, Animal, Environmental and Sanitary Engineering, Food Engineering and Economics. Five other education programs received prior approval, which automatically assigned the Rating Record. Other programs are making arrangements with the CNA on Accreditation for High Quality. La Universidad de La Salle began in mid-2005, the internal process of self-evaluation and, in September 2007, was the view of academic peers Institutional Accreditation purposes. All these stages to be culminated confirm surely the prestige gained by the institution in accordance with proper management that consolidates its projection into the future.

The University of La Salle go ahead, strengthened by the achievements, but also committed every day in her role leverage the efforts of those who contributed to this work and those who still do, consistent with the reality of the country, forming fully to the youth and building bridges between academia and strong society built upon a foundation of faith, commitment, brotherhood, justice and service

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