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Popular Catholic University of Risaralda
Pereira, Colombia


University description (as per official university website)


Being the one making the University are inspired and guided by principles, values and ethical criteria defined.
The University is committed to the common good and will always act in accordance with the values of justice, fairness, honesty, freedom, solidarity, truth and responsibility. As an academic institution is aware of scientific responsibility in both the transmission and the production and application of knowledge.
In developing its activities, the University aims for the ethical training of students, so that both in life and in the exercise of their profession are guided by clear criteria and to demonstrate honesty and commitment to the well.

The University will ensure that its faculty, staff and services are aware of their responsibility, have attitudes of honesty and uprightness and manifest in their behavior. We offer opportunities and issues for strengthening the ethical dimension, so that they can inform and enrich their consciousness and their evaluation criteria and action.
In reflection and definition of ethical values, the University, because of its nature and mission, is inspired by the Catholic faith.

Popular Catholic University of Risaralda is inspired by the pursuit and love of the truth. As educational and scientific institution, aims to preserve, transmit, produce and apply knowledge, but its purpose goes beyond this to reach the truth. Knowledge of reality is reached when, through experimentation and exercise of reason, critical phenomena are observed and induced the laws that govern them. To get to the truth requires, beyond scientific reason and wisdom, which allows deep to unravel the mystery of things and their meaning.
According to Christian belief, God is the source of truth and communication who is open to its revelation.

Human dignity is one special condition that is of all human beings by virtue of being, and characterized in a permanent and essential from conception to death. This condition raises human beings above all other beings of nature and what is the master of it. Dignity belongs inherently to human beings, however, while it is a condition that has, is a task that must commit itself permanently, must be alive in your consciousness and manifest in his words, so as to generate projects, behaviors and activities, so as to generate self-respect, to others and to all human work. In this sense, every human being must accept its existence as a process of increasing self-dignity of people and the world around him.

The university must provide an environment for members to live and grow in dignity, environment should encourage the classroom, the functional and emotional, political and civic exercise, social and cultural life. Similarly, the University must give all members the conditions and opportunities for exercise and development of their dignity.
In the Christian revelation is the manifestation of the dignity of the human being's status as the son of God, created in His image and likeness.

Popular Catholic University of Risaralda is conceived as an organization at the service of society, including their area of influence, and for the good of students and members. Therefore, The Catholic University of Risaralda People do not exist for itself, but to contribute to sustainable development of society, training of students and the project of life of its faculty and staff. Framed this concept in the Christian view, means that their interests are inspired by the pursuit of common good and his whole being and doing are animated by that spirit of service, the image of Jesus who "came not to be served but to serve."

Quality, understood as a quest for perfection, is the value being mobilized and work of the university community UCPR, both in the development process as well as obtaining the results, in order to achieve the welfare and the development of the individual and society.
The quality points to the consolidation of scenarios for integrated and sustainable development of the university community, in line with Christian values. The choice of the University for the quality creates a dynamic of continuous improvement throughout the institution and every one of its dependencies.

For each member of the Popular Catholic University of Risaralda, quality means taking one's life as a permanent route in which conversion with humility recognize one's limitations, so that it becomes an opportunity for growth. The quality is top of the human condition and each of the demonstrations.
The University will seek high levels of quality through continuous improvement of processes and activities, so as to achieve at all times to fully satisfy the needs of internal and external customers. Therefore, the quality is assumed to be a commitment and a goal for all members of the university community.


Popular Catholic University of Risaralda, rather than a physical place, is a joining of forces of all its members. The University we all are.
That's why people relate to it must be able to engage in achieving its mission through an attitude of ownership and appropriation of being and doing of the institution.
In this regard, members of the university community must be linked to the University of effective and affective. Effective because they interact, participate and make their purposes and objectives of the university. Emotional, because they have developed attitudes of sympathy and empathy, a deep communion of interests, projects and processes. In turn, the institution takes commitment to allow its members to achieve realize their personal life project.
In the spirit of the Gospel, the commitment is defined as an option for the Kingdom and its extension in the world



Popular Catholic University of Risaralda born thanks to the initiative, entrepreneurship and determination of a group of students who wanted a different academic alternative to the existing city of Pereira, for their training. In the midst of financial constraints and academic managed to create a study center called "People's Autonomous Risaralda Foundation", which offered programs and Industrial Law.
This group of students, using their own resources, managed to raise funds to meet the maintenance of the institution and faced great difficulties and challenges in teaching and academic aspects. In 1973 asked the then Bishop Coadjutor Archbishop Dario Castrillon Hoyos Pereira who was the Rector of the institution and he gladly accepted.

Later in the year 1974, students applied to priests and Francisco Salazar Francisco Arias Nel Jiménez Gómez who will provide services as teachers of the University and thus narrowed further links between the Diocese of Pereira and COPESA Foundation . That same year, the bishop and two priests linked to the Foundation as teachers conducted a critical review of the status of the institution concluded that the circumstances in which they developed and the external conditions faced not allowed to ensure future viability. However, they persisted in their desire to support this important project.
In the process of internal reflection and discussion with students members of the Foundation, it was unanimously agreed that the direction of the "People's Autonomous Risaralda Foundation" were in charge of the Diocese, a fact confirmed Catholic vocation would the institution under the premise of respect for freedom of conscience of those who went into it, giving life to new name of "Popular Catholic University of Risaralda.
On the initiative of then Bishop Castrillón, were invited to the Corporation for Economic and Social Progress of Risaralda - COPESA to appear as co-founder of the University, an invitation that was accepted. By consensus it was decided to continue Castrillón Monsignor Rector of the new Alma Mater, likewise, as Vice President with duties of Rector, the Bishop appointed Father Francis Arias Salazar, who with a qualified team of collaborators is given the task of design rules and regulations to give legal existence to the institution and that was how the February 14, 1975, by Decree N '. 865 issued by the Diocese of Pereira, created the Popular Catholic University of Risaralda.
The aim of the fledgling university was to contribute to education and training and human growing number of students in the Department of Risaralda and promote training of human talent, with leadership and creativity are essential for regional development.
The University started its activities with the programs of Business Administration and Industrial Economics, designed to study and understand key factors in regional development and training professionals with capacity to promote these processes and contribute to the development and welfare of the community.
The first UCPR headquarters was located in the premises of the former Minor Seminary, Circunvalar Avenue, where there are shared-time counter, the use of the building with the Official College for Women. It was here, amid great constraints which shaped the dreams, ideas and principles of a project that grows daily with the effort and dedication of its members.
In 1976, Father Francisco Arias left the Vice Presidency to assume the duties of Vicar General of the Diocese, and is appointed as Vice President to Acting Rector, Father Francisco Nel Jiménez Gómez, key player in the consolidation of the university today have. Later, in 1995 took over as Rector Father Alvaro Betancur Eduardo Jimenez, author of strengthening academic and educational positions at the university.


Since its birth as an Institution of Higher Education, Catholic University of Risaralda People have been very clear that their mission is focused on enabling the human, ethical and professional students, with a focus on Human Development, where the center of the learning process is the individual student.
After an intense process of internal reflection, vision and organizational culture was reflected in a mission statement "We support people to become, good people and professionally capable" and so presented to the society of Risaralda. Similarly, the University has always expressed its willingness to work under a commitment to "do things the best way", a commitment that today represents the challenge of working with quality.
The academic progress of our institution has been ongoing. Since 1979 with the creation of Business Administration programs and Industrial Economics and during the early focus was strengthening the university's academic.
Subsequently, in pursuance of its intention to support the processes of economic and social development of the region, the university created the program in 1986 with the Business Practices that have tightened the ties between the University and participation and the sector productive.
In the same year, through an agreement with St. Bonaventure University, began work the Faculty of Religious thereby responding to the need for ethical and moral propose solutions through the formation of our catechists and evangelists.


For its part, with its own headquarters building, we sought further strengthen this university project creating greater opportunities for institutional development in 1986 the University acquired a batch of 67.409.83 m2 on the river Consota with large green areas and a sector with high expectations of urban development, economic and transportation infrastructure.
After 19 years of dreams realized and new hopes, on 16 January 1994 UCPR successfully completed another stage of its growth by moving their facilities to the current headquarters in the Avenue of the Americas 21 N º 49-95 race.

The new venue, the University has been able to implement a new growth strategy based on the universality and diversity that has allowed to offer Industrial Design programs in 1994, Architecture in 1996, Social Communication and Journalism in 1997, Psychology 1998, Systems Engineering and Telecommunications in 2003 and International Business in 2005. On the occasion of the twenty-five years of the University, the Higher Council created the Professional Program in Theology.

Parallel to the training function and in intimate union with it, other areas have been consolidated and service centers in the region and the training of students, they are including Life Project, the Business Internship Program, Graduate Center, Center Research, Extension Center, Business Center, Center for Family Psychological Center, the Media Clinic and Clinic of industrial design, all of which aim to contribute to the knowledge of the regional situation and the training of human talent.
The University has paid special attention to building and consolidating the program Life Project, which is the great support in the process of human training. Are these services, along with teaching, which now allow our University to ensure a comprehensive and quality training to their students. This purpose has been extended to members of the university community seeking to contribute to social development and strengthening of our region.


Popular Today the Catholic University of Risaralda is located in a built area of 13,181 m2 and has a population of about 2,300 students, 180 teachers and 100 employees including directors, administrative and general services, all working to serve the same cause: BE SUPPORT TO BECOME FRIENDS, GOOD PEOPLE AND PROFESSIONALLY ABLE. "

Popular Catholic University of Risaralda is an institution of higher education based on the principles of the Catholic faith, with commitment and assumes its function as decision support for the human, ethical and professional members of the university community and through them , society in general.
The University exists for the service of society and the university community. Service to the needy, is a cornerstone of the institution, which fulfills a person committed to forming the company, researching the problems of the region and committing various institutions in their solution. This is how your character means People.

Guided by the principles of love and the pursuit of truth and goodness, promotes comprehensive and rigorous discussion of ideas and enables the meeting of different disciplines and views. In this context, encourages rigorous and constructive dialogue between faith and reason. As an educational institution operates in the fields of science, technology, art and culture through training, research and extension.
Inspired by the vision of the man Jesus of Nazareth, enables human formation of its members in all aspects of life, creating a dynamic of continuous self-improvement, taken with autonomy and freedom in an atmosphere of participation and exaltation of the dignity human.

The University intends to make teaching a more stimulating project aimed at developing and consolidating a relationship of communication and participation for the joint pursuit of knowledge and comprehensive training. Therefore, through research programs is to contribute to the development of knowledge and particular knowledge of the region.
Through outreach to the community is projected to contribute to the welfare and improving the quality of life. To achieve academic excellence and the fulfillment of its responsibilities to the community, the university encourages faculty development programs and administrative and fosters the conditions for its members to take ownership of the principles that inspired it, under the commitment to "be supported to become people, good people and professionally capable "

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