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Universidad Antonio Narino
Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia


University description (as per official university website)

Antonio Nariño University as an institution of higher education in the country clear commitment to the mission has been proposed:

Form suitable and competitive citizens, ethical and humanist, independent and critical thinker, and highly qualified and committed to positive change processes in the country, based on the integration, dissemination, knowledge generation and innovation universal.

To provide leadership education and research, science, arts and technology, consistent with the processes of globalization and scientific advances that respond to the challenges arising from changes in local, regional, national and international

Contribute to quality and excellence of human talent through rigorous academic training and research that facilitates the creation and consolidation of research groups that guide scientific, technological, and artistic.
Contribute to the democratization of knowledge and promote equal opportunities not only in access but in the possibility of concluding the training courses through decentralization, the expansion of educational opportunities, diversification of programs, the generation of funding mechanisms and the establishment of information systems.

Establish channels of communication with communities and their leaders and rulers for joint work to enable the resolution of problems, improving quality of life and the generation of projects that seek to satisfy the needs and desires for change.
Identify new scenarios, goals and perspectives that will provide a glimpse of a future project locality, region and country and work for its realization.

Position as one of the best universities in the country with critical thinking, independent and global, national and internationally accredited, that being at the forefront of knowledge, contributes to national competitiveness in science, arts and technology, is the challenge of the University Antonio Nariño.

Corporate Objectives
1. accredit the undergraduate and graduate programs in accordance with national and international government regulations to a minimum term.

2. Expanding access opportunities for those in pursuit of equal opportunity, they can demonstrate the required capabilities and meet the academic conditions required. Equal opportunities is reflected not only in access but in the possibility of concluding the training courses in higher education.

3. Promote conditions, academic and wellness for each member of the educational community and qualify complete their life plan so as to enable their full realization.

4. To promote means and processes of comprehensive training of citizens with independent and critical thinking, to enable the development of creativity and seek to establish commitments in the service of building the future of society.

5. Structure of technical training programs, technological, professional and graduate courses in line with scientific advances and the current globalization process to allow for greater projection of the regions.

6. Promote within a democratic spirit, respect and high quality, academic freedom and scientific training and research.

7. Encouraging talent for innovation, production and generation of knowledge in the educational community members.

8. To encourage, strengthen and further develop the work of research with a sound knowledge of the background and recent advances in the sciences, arts and technology.

9. Incorporate research as a source and enrichment component of the management and planning of the university.

10. Streamlining the organizational structure and management processes, management and evaluation, according to the size, nature and complexity of the institution.

11. Identify and proactively respond to the challenges and social, cultural, economic and technological developments at local, regional and global.

12. Identify new trends and development prospects and propose elements for contributing to the construction of new scenarios that characterize the country's future.

13. Generate alternatives for continuing education and continuing to respond to the dynamic evolution and growth of knowledge belonging to the disciplines, professions, practices and skills.

14. Making agreements or alliances with governmental, non governmental and civil society for planning and implementing projects, joint advisory and consulting services that contribute to the welfare of the citizens and communities that comprise them.

15. Strengthen the relationship between the university and surrounding area and influence the decision-making locally, regionally and nationally.

16. Fotalecer culture and further develop the self-assessment and evaluation processes that lead to school consolidation as a self-regulating and constant growth and consolidation.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 7:45
Being part of a university community requires not only empathy for his philosophy and academic, but also to incorporate the distinctive professional profile of the institution. Thus, we invite you to know what are the advantages of joining the community UAN.

Complete list of training

Antonio Nariño University has a full range of programs (over 160) in the areas of Health, Engineering, Economics, Humanities, Arts, Communication and Education on the modalities, distance learning and propaedeutic cycles.

Projection to the student office

In the promotion and development of academic and personal projection at all locations nationwide. Is focused on establishing strategic alliances academic, research and financing, as well as encourage immersion and promotion of foreign languages.


UAN currently has 117 research groups in most areas of knowledge, backed by the internal organ DNI (National Bureau of Investigation), of which 21 have already been categorized by Colciencias.

Worth mentioning the participation of the High Energy Group of the UAN, the most ambitious project of CERN, the Large Hadron Collider.

The ability to generate new research is possible, through the creation of "Research Seed" in any of the existing faculties.

Student mobility

In addition, student mobility in the UAN, is achieved through national presence in over 30 offices located in all areas of the country. In the north from La Guajira to the south in Leticia. From the west to east in Pasto in Villavicencio.

This possibility has been exploited by many students by changing workplace, for example, have started their training in a particular city and end in another.

University Welfare

The national presence of the UAN, also allows the offer in cultural, entertainment and recreation is adjusted to regional characteristics, thus, a live programming semester.

Continuing Education

UAN aware of the need to update specific areas of training design and supports the creation of Graduates, free courses, extension and renovation, specialized seminars, conferences, symposia and workshops for those interested in the issues, as well as for graduates and staff members who benefit from a special discount.


The UAN is interested in the pursuit of excellence and quality, for it highlights the academic performance of students nationally and regionally with the Founders Scholarship and UAN.

Scholarship System

Scholarship Name: Founders Scholarship .
Description: It provides the student with the best average at the Country School.
Coverage: Consists of 70% of the tuition.
Grant Name: Grant UAN .
Description: It provides the student with the best average of the Faculty at the regional level.
Coverage: Consists of 30% of the tuition.
Financing system

The UAN provides a scale from very competitive fees compared to other private HEIs, with this, has developed a solid and advantageous financing system for their students, through agreements with external entities (Davivienda, Banco de Bogota Fincomercio, Bank Credit, Financing and Covinet) and directly with the University.

Advantages of agreements with external entities:

"Designed just for college students.

-Funding of up to 90% of the tuition.

"Contributions deferred up to six months.

"The security documents are checks or promissory notes.

"The interest rate ranges from 1.6 to 1.8 (varies with the institution).

Agreement benefits directly to the University

Are designed for students interested in financing the tuition (with security documents such as promissory notes and letters of instructions), by the turn of money by:

· Pension and Severance Funds.

· Credits to financial institutions.

· Loans to cooperatives.

· Aid cooperative.

· Fund employees.

Scholarships section: Scholarships website section
Scholarships email:

   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Universidad Antonio Narino

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