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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Cali, Colombia


University description (as per official university website)

The Mission of the Javeriana in Cali
We are a Catholic and Pontifical University, which, under the direction of the Society of Jesus and guided by its educational tradition, contributes with its research, teaching and services to:

• Integral formation of each student seeking human and academic excellence, professional competence and social responsibility.

• Sustainable development of the region and the country with a global perspective.

In order to achieve social justice, solidarity and peaceful coexistence

About the Region
Cali and the Cauca Valley
Santiago de Cali, with 2,5 million inhabitants, is located in the South-west of the country, a few kilometres from the Pacific Ocean, in the Cauca river valley, one of the richest land resources for food supplies in Latin America. Its privileged characteristics of soil and climate make the Cauca Valley one of the most efficient areas in the world for the production of sugar cane. In contrast to its agricultural traditions, it is a region that also enjoys a pronounced urban culture and life-style.

Cali is a city with a tropical climate, fanned by breezes from the Pacific coast and the mountains that surround it, with cheerful and friendly people. It is a prosperous city, with a rich cultural heritage and impressive industrial development. Its geographical location and its own rate of progress have made it the focal point for Colombia's links with the Pacific Ocean basin.


Strategically placed between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in the extreme north-west of South America, Colombia has a privileged biodiversity, and a multi-ethnic population of approximately 42,5 million inhabitants, bestowing it with an enormous cultural wealth. It is the fourth largest country in South America in terms of land area. Its economy is based on agriculture and the export of primary goods, raw materials, and light manufacturing and hydrocarbons.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Business Administration

Faculty of Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Electronic Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Political Science
Fine Arts
Visual Communication Design

Graduate Programs

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Health Administration
Social Management
Taxation Systems Management
Executive MBA Doble Degree: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali – Temple University: Fox School of Business
Master in Economics

Faculty of Engineering
Construction Management
Engineering Management Systems with area of concentration in Production and Project Management, and Informatics Management
Integral Logistics
Quality Engineering
Modeling and Simulation
Master in Engineering (Tracks in Electronics, Industrial Engineering and Systems Engineering)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Commercial Law
Conflict Mediation
The Culture of Peace and International Humanitarian Law

Continued Education Programs
(Diploma Courses, Open Courses and Courses tailored for Firms)

The Center for Continued Education of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali is i charge of non-formal academic activities and courses, offered in conjunction with the academic units and the support of highly qualified and experienced faculty.

In addition to its 60 diploma courses (over 100 credit hours) in all areas, the Javeriana Cali offers seminars, extension courses and workshops as part of its social and academic commitment.

Diploma Courses
• Administrative and Financial Management for Psychologists and Professionals in Related Areas
• Network Design and Administration CISCO
• Solution Development with .Net
• Basics of Safety in Networks
• Total Management in Occupational Health
• Commercial Management
• Tax Management
• Administrative Management
• Day-to-Day Treasury Management
• Transport Management
• Inventory and Highway Infrastructure and Building Rehabilitation
• Restorative Justice. A challenge for those who administer justice
• Strategic Marketing
• Organization of Events and Commercial Management
• The strategic diagnosis of training
• Evaluation and Certification of Suppliers
• Digital Photography
• Management Indicators
• Labor and Social Security Legislation
• Social Networks and Community Work
• Security and Occupational Health in the Construction Industry Security
• VoIP

Jaime Figueroa, Director,

Special Programs and Projects
Continental Course on Poverty in Latin American, with the Association of Jesuit Universities in Latin America – AUSJAL (Curso Continental AUSJAL sobre Pobreza en América Latina):
A course based on research and teaching supported by TICs, in which 19 universities of 11 Latin American countries work simultaneously. 600 hundred students and 50 scholars have participated. The School of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Javeriana Cali coordinates this experience aimed at the construction of interdisciplinary knowledge, internationalization, new technologies, creation of knowledge networks and capacity and abilities building. It has worked on 8 national case studies up to 2005, and recently received the support “Fundación Carolina” (an Iberoamerican Support Foundation for the development of quality university teaching and research).

Further information

Project Coordinator Prof. Alexei Arbona


Since 202 the Vice- Presidency for the University Medium of Javeriana Cali is developing with an interdisciplinary group the seminar-workshop on Leadership (STFL-Seminario Taller de Formación en Liderazgo)) in two versions: for young university persons and for university adults with the aim of building knowledge on the self and the development of abilities for leadership: team work, paradigmatic changes, coping with mistakes, speech, and corporal consciousness.

Under the auspices of AUSJAL, this program has been applied internationally in Central America with the Jesuit Universities of Jose Simeon Cañas of El Salvador, UCA of Nicaragua and Rafael Landívar of Guatemala. A program on Ignacian leadership for Latin American Universities is being developed with AUSJAL.

Both Seattle University and Gonzaga University offer programs on leadership: CLP at Gonzaga for undergrads, and Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership and The Doctorate in Leadership Studies, as well as The Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program offered at the undergraduate level, and at Seattle University: the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies and the Nonprofit Leadership Program with the aim at “the essential role the nonprofit sector plays in providing public services and working to achieve social justice”.

These Programs together with ours could create a scenario to work in partnership, and enhance the possibilities for impact in the different communities and explore collaborative aims and purposes.

From July 31st to August 5th we are conducting a STFL for different academic programs, will be interesting to have observers and/or participants from both universities and to exchange ideas and experiences in this area.

Contact Dean Prof. Claudia Mora

Restorative Justice Project at PUJ Cali:

The objective of this program is the development of restorative justice models that can interpret and at the same time take into account the proper social context (the community itself) and political, economic, and cultural conditions where conflict arises and nourishes: within the region and the country.

Two phases have now been concluded and with the third it is necessary to report on the conceptual framework of the relation among the community, the victim and the person that inflicts the damage.

There are three scenarios for the future work: Restorative Justice in schools (several public and private schools in the city and the region), in the community context (Cali´s Aguablanca District), and a virtual course.

Project “ConCierto Ciudadano” (Citizens’ in covenant): Voices that mature for peace (“Voces que Maduran para la Paz”)

The objective is to provide the city of Cali with a proper scenario for reflection, the recognition and construction of ethics and aesthetics of coexistence, starting with the different social agents day to day cultural production and to interpret for discussion the very same principles of HHRR and IHR.

Up to now, four versions of this event have taken place, which have allowed us to strengthen inter-institutional links with 42 governmental, non-governmental and community organizations, 52 schools, in pursuit of closing the gap between science, art, and society’s languages.

Young people are organized in common interest groups to develop projects such as urban landscaping and the recuperation of public space.

Center for Research in Economic and International Competitiveness CIECI: A Center for research and consultancy of the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, PUJ Cali, Colombia, created in 1995 in has focused its work on the study of productivity and competitiveness of local and regional businesses and in the design and application of programs for the support of small and medium size businesses (SME).
The areas of specific interest are: productivity, regional development, entrepreneurship development, collective and associative efficiency, and international trade.

Contact Prof Ana Milena Yoshioka,

International Issues Observatory, (Observatorio de Asuntos Internacionales de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali):

Is an institution whose purpose is to promote debate, analysis, and proposals in the area of international relations and international politics. It is the first one of its kind in south-west of Colombia.

Its work is interdisciplinary and it has two dimensions: a thematic aspect, where different problems like integration and development, geopolitics and security, poverty and exclusion, are studied, together with the geographical dimension, wich covers areas like Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, as well as the concern for individual countries like UU.EE, Venezuela and Ecuador, countries of concern and importance from the Colombian perspective.

Contact, Prof. Gustavo Morales,

Women’s Issues:

The group is interested in gender and development, violence and sexual and reproductive health. The work done has been focused on violence, and the use of time.

There is interest to contact RaGena de Aragón – Director of Women’s Studies Program at Gonzaga University.

Contact: Prof: Ana Milena Yoshioka

Spanish as a Foreign Language- EFE:

For those who want to explore new possibilities, the Functional Spanish for Foreigners Program gives the mastering of a fascinating language a new perspective on Colombian and Latin American Culture. The EFE program has Colombian culture as its central feature. (

Contact: Prof. José Vicente Arizmendi,

Scholarships section: Scholarships website section
Scholarships email:

   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

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