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Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná
Curitiba, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR) is the first so named in Brazil and, therefore, has a history somewhat different from other universities. The institution was not created and, yes, transformed from the Federal Center for Technological Education of Paraná (PR-Cefet). As the origin of this center is the School for Artisans, founded in 1909, UTFPR inherited a long and impressive career in professional education.
Currently, its main focus UTFPR graduation, graduate and extension. It offers 63 undergraduate courses of Technology, bachelors (including Engineering) and undergraduate degrees. The consolidation of teaching encourages the growth of graduate school, offering dozens of specialized courses, seven masters and two doctorates, and research groups.
The University of Technology also meets the need of people who want vocational high school, through the provision of technical courses in various areas of the market. In the area of corporate and community relations, acts strongly with the corporate sector and community through the development of applied research, entrepreneurial culture, social and extracurricular activities, among others.

With extensive coverage in Parana, UTFPR has eleven campuses in the state and intends to expand this activity. Each campus has courses designed according to the needs of the region where is located. Most of them offer technical courses, Engineering and Technology, most of those recognized by the Ministry of Education with grade A. On Campus Curitiba, are still offered and Design Physical Education in Two Neighbors, oo Animal Science course, and Campus Pato Branco, Management, Mathematics, Accounting, Agriculture and Chemistry.

The history of the Federal Technological University of Parana - UTFPR began in the last century. His career began with the creation of Schools Apprentice Craftsmen in various capitals of the country by the then president, Nilo Pecanha on September 23, 1909. In Parana, the school was inaugurated on January 16, 1910, in a building on Plaza Carlos Gomes.

The teaching was aimed at kids from disadvantaged sections of society, called "lack of luck." In the morning, these boys received basic knowledge (primary) and in the afternoon, they learned trades in the fields of tailoring, shoemaking, carpentry and metalwork. Initially, there were 45 students enrolled in the school, who, soon after, installed sections of Decorative Painting and Sculpture Ornamental.

Gradually the school grew and the number of students increased, causing them to seek a higher headquarters. Then in 1936 the institution was transferred to the Avenida Sete de Setembro with Judge Westphalen Street, where it remains today. The teaching has become increasingly professional until the following year (1937), the school began to teach the teaching of a degree, being called Liceu Industrial Paraná .

Five years later (1942), the organization of industrial training was conducted throughout the country. From this, education has to be given in two cycles. At first there was the basic industrial training, and mastery of the craft. In the second, the technical and pedagogical. The reform was instituted the federal network of educational institutions and industrial high school was renamed to Technical School of Curitiba . In 1943 he started the first technical courses: Construction Machinery and Engines, Buildings, Technical Drawing and Interior Design.

Before divided into different branches, in 1959 the technical education in Brazil was unified by the legislation. The school has won thus greater autonomy and renamed it the Federal Technical School of Parana . In 1974, we deployed the first courses of short duration operation of Engineering (Building and Electrical).

Four years later (1978), the institution was transformed into the Federal Center for Technological Education of Paraná (Cefet-PR) , from the full degree courses. After the implementation of higher education, has begun the process of "majority" of the institution that would go in the 80's and 90's with the creation of the Graduate Programs.

In 1990, Expansion and Improvement of Technical Education has made the PR-Cefet expanding to the hinterland, where deployed units. With the Law of Directives and Bases of Education (LDBE), 1996, which did not allow the offering of integrated technical courses, the institution, the traditional offering of these courses, the school decided to deploy and Technology courses. In 1998, under the laws LDBE complementary to, the direction of then-PR Cefet took an even bolder decision: he created a project to transform the institution into the University of Technology.

After seven years of preparation and endorsement of the federal government, the bill became law on October 7, 2005. Cefet-PR, then became the Federal Technological University of Parana (UTFPR) - the first specialized in Brazil . Currently, the Technological University has eleven campuses, distributed in the cities of Apucarana Campo Mourao, Cornelio Procopio Curitiba, Two Neighbors, Francisco Beltran, Londrina, Mediatrix, Pato Branco, Ponta Grossa and Toledo.

Of different denominations at first Technological University in Brazil:

- 1909 - School for Craftsmen in Paraná
- 1937 - High School Industrial Paraná
- 1942 - Technical School of Curitiba
- 1959 - Escola Técnica Federal do Paraná
- 1978 - Federal Center of Technological Education of Paraná - PR-Cefet
- 2005 - Federal Technological University of Parana - UTFPR


Courses offered
· Graduate: 2 degrees - Masters 7 - 60 specialties
· Graduation: 28 Technology courses - 22 courses in Engineering - 4 and 7 bachelor degrees and two bachelor degrees / degrees.
· Average Level: 17 Integrated Technical courses (three in the form of Youth and Adults - Proeja) and a technical course Subsequent
C ommunity internal:

1,393 teachers (602 masters and 340 doctors) - 647 technical and administrative - 16,019 students enrolled

Apucarana, Campo Mourão, Cornelio Procopio Curitiba, Two Neighbors, Francisco Beltran, Londrina, Mediatrix, Pato Branco, Ponta Grossa and Toledo
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