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Universidade Regional de Blumenau
Blumenau, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Requests for deployment of units of higher education in the region of Vale appeared in Blumenau, through movements of public opinion from 1953.
With pronouncements of Aldermen, the Union of Students Blumenau - UBE, and Service Clubs, began to idealize the event of a University which, besides contributing to the development of the region, would break with the monopoly exercised by the higher education Capital state.
This movement that it has no political support, technical or capital, which was in some way, privileged with the creation of the Federal University of Santa Catarina.
Not much was put aside the idea, and aid were sought from universities outside of our state, as the Universities of São Paulo and Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul
For ten years, the debates and claims aimed to raise awareness among State and Federal government, aiming at the internalization of higher education in Santa Catarina. The various attempts initiated in the political arena led to extensive debates in the Legislative Assembly of the State, resulting in the adoption of a law in 1957, which has also created a Faculty of Engineering of Joinville, whose deployment is integrated into the University for Development of the State Santa Catarina, only occurred in 1965.

1964 - United We will build the University: an ideal!
This process of awareness of a Higher Education in the Vale do Itajai aroused the community movement that decided to establish, in Blumenau, the first unit of Higher Education of the State of Santa Catarina, School of Economics of Blumenau.

The project that gave rise to factual Our University was taken for consideration of the City Council and Mayor Hercílio Deeke by Martinho da Veiga Cardoso in 1963, which was also a member of the Board. It was the early realization of an ideal for others struggling with.
Thus, mainly as the result of a community movement, passed up on March 5, 1964, the Municipal Law No. 1233, which created the School of Economics of Blumenau, devoting an aspiration Cultural staged on May 2 the same year with the inaugural class of the first College in the state, made by the then Professor Alcides Abreu.
The Aula Magna of the Faculty of Economics of Blumenau was held in the Auditorium of the College of St. Anthony.
For the progress of the classes were used dependencies Elementary School Baron of Rio Branco, throughout 1964. Students relied on a team of six teachers, and adding to the picture, an administrative assistant.
In 1965, the School moved to the Basic School Júlia Lopes de Almeida, where even settled the Foundation itself was created on Christmas Eve 1967.
On December 20, 1967, through the Municipal Law No. 1458, establishing itself to FUB - Blumenau University Foundation. On the same occasion, the Municipal Law No. 1459, the schools are created: Philosophy, Sciences and Letters and Legal Sciences Blumenau in Blumenau, and these units have appointed members of the Foundation.
Walking to the end of the 60s, the community is sensitive to collaborate again for the completion of another step: the construction of a headquarters for FUB - Blumenau University Foundation in 1968.

The Letter of Morrow, a symbol of integration in the Vale do Itajai
The Letter of Morrow symbolizes the result of the first meeting Intermunicipal Pro-Higher Education in the Vale do Itajai, held in the City of Morrow, on October 5, 1968.
The meeting had as main objective the permanent settlement of the foundations for the emergence of the Regional University. They were part of this meeting Mayors, Councilors and University Teachers of Vale. At that meeting was the enthusiasm of the industry consolidated around the political ideal university as well as the primary goals of the upcoming University, aimed at the integration of all Municipalities in the region, which, fortunately, was achieved very successfully.

The movement Pro-Own Headquarters
Shortly after the School of Economics of Blumenau was deployed in 1964, its leaders tried to structure it properly and make it a reality in community services. This intention was achieved with the completion of the First Class Degree in Economics in 1967.

After being passed the Municipal Law No. 1557 of 24 December 1968 establishing the Foundation Regional University of Blumenau, it was agreed that for the full and satisfactory operation of the three colleges would be required to transfer these to its own headquarters.
The integration movement and created public awareness and led to the term "Our University," and that fact reveals the closeness between the Community and University.
The foundation alone was unable to allocate funds for their own buildings. It was necessary to support achieved, firstly, with the Lion's Club of Blumenau center that, through the Pro-University Education Committee, felt the problem and a structured campaign. Lions to put their campaign objectives and thus raise the necessary funds, called for a meeting of presidents of clubs and service organizations of employers and employees classes.

The Campaign
The objective was, through a raffle to raise money to build the first three blocks of the Foundation, which already had land expropriated and service earthmoving well advanced. Contributed to the financial success achieved, responsible men and women who, united in a common ideal, led a desire to transform the dream into reality.
1969 - are inaugurated first blocks of FURB
Constructed, the first three blocks are opened on August 02, 1969. Already established itself, the assets of the Foundation Regional University of Blumenau was made at the time, the following entities:
- Blumenau University Foundation;
- Faculty of Economics of Blumenau;
- Faculty of Legal Sciences of Blumenau;
- Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Blumenau;
- St. Anthony Hospital;
- Children's Hospital, under construction.
- Dr. Fritz Müller Museum - the last three returned to the heritage of the city years later.

Continuing its expansion plans and diversification of courses, December 11, 1972, with Law No. 1894 is created the Engineering Faculty of Blumenau.
Soon, in May 1974, through Law No. 2001 was instituted the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.
On July 22, 1974, through Law No. 2016, will change the name of the Regional University of Blumenau Foundation for Educational Foundation of the region of Blumenau. The said Law, in its Article 3 provides that, after recognition as a university, will be restored in full the provisions of Law No. 1557, which called it the University.

To the extent that they were created and implemented new courses such as Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Data Processing, Administration, Accounting, Physical Education and Art Education, also broadened the Foundation's premises.

On October 19, 1982, the Municipality of Blumenau decreed and sanctioned the Law No. 2876, which consolidated the legislation relating to the Educational Foundation of the region of Blumenau - the Unified Rules and begin the process of transformation into the University.
However, it remained over the years, the "name-fantasy" FURB, built into the regional language.

Finally, on February 13, 1986, by Ministerial Decree No. 117, Higher Education, maintained by FURB, is recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education as a university, passing again the Maintainer to be called: Fundação Universidade Regional de Blumenau our FURB known, as envisaged in Law No. 2016 of 22/7/1974, in its Article 3.
As of March 21, 1995, Supplementary Law No. 80 Hall, the Regional University of Blumenau figure as an Institution of Higher Education created and maintained by the Fundação Universidade Regional de Blumenau.

Fundação Universidade Regional de Blumenau - FURB is included as an autonomous body within the administrative structure of the Municipal Executive, an official institution of public law. The autonomy has FURB didactic, scientific, administrative, financial and asset management, according to the statutes and the General Rules.

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