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Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
S„o Leopoldo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The University of the Sinos Valley (Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos) is one of the greatest private universities in the country.

Unisinos has always been innovative, and, at the same time, preserved its original values. Breathing in knowledge and living in a multicultural environment are just two of the many experiences the campus offers, along with a journey into exploring and acquiring wisdom.

In 2008, Unisinos was considered the best private university in the south region of Brazil and the third best private in the country by the Education Ministry , which released its first general national ranking of all undergraduate and graduate brazilian institutions. ďUnisinos is proud to be ranked in such a good position. The merit belongs to all academic community. Faculty and supporting teams are restless in the effort of offering the best education to our students", said the director of Unisinos Graduate Academic Unit, Ione Bentz.

Officially recognized in 1969, the University of the Sinos Valley (Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos) is one of the greatest private universities in the country. The University is maintained by the Antonio Vieira Association, which is the legal name of the Jesuit Province in Southern Brazil, a part of the Company of Jesus, the religious order founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Unisinos has always been innovative, and, at the same time, preserved its original values. Breathing in knowledge and living in a multicultural environment are just two of the many experiences the campus offers, along with a journey into exploring and acquiring wisdom.


In 1869, in S„o Leopoldo, in Rio Grande do Sul State, Jesuits found Colťgio Nossa Senhora da ConceiÁ„o, the first official school in Rio Grande do Sul. The Cristo Rei Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature becomes official in 1953. It is later named S„o Leopoldo Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature, and continues to expand. Precisely one century after the beginnings of Colťgio Nossa Senhora da ConceiÁ„o, on July 31st, 1969, Saint Ignatius of Loyolaís Day, Unisinos receives official recognition as a University.

Unisinos offers more than 50 undergraduate and college courses, in the fields of Human Sciences, Health Sciences, Communication Sciences, Legal Sciences, Economic Sciences, Administrative Sciences and Exact Sciences and Technology.

Undergraduate Courses

Audiovisual Production
Administration - International Business
Administration - Management for Innovation and Leadership
Architecture and Urban Planning
Biological Sciences - Environmental Health and Preservation
Biological Sciences
Civil Engineering
Computer Sciences
Digital Communication
Electrical Engineering
Food Engineering
Information Systems
Managerial Process
Mechanical Production Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Modern Languages (English)
Modern Languages (Portuguese)
Modern Languages (Portuguese and German)
Modern Languages (Portuguese and Spanish)
Modern Languages (Portuguese and English)
Nutrition Sciences
Physical Education
Public Relations
Social Sciences
Social Service
System Analysis and Development
Teacher Education

Undergraduate Technology Courses

Cultural Management
Digital Games
Environmental Management
Financial Management
Human Resources Management
Information Technology Security
System Analysis and Development

Specific Studies

Commercial Representatives Management
Professional Course for Writers and Literary Agents
Rock Music Producers and Musicians

Unisinos' graduate courses offer students the opportunity of giving continuity to their studies, and obtaining a new diploma from the University. Two modalities are proposed: lato Sensu (MBAs and specializations) and stricto sensu (Master's and Doctor's courses).

Through participation in a graduate course (Masterís or Doctorís), students may be part of research groups and make use of international collaboration grants. The results of the production of intellectual property by researchers are published in the scientific journals edited by the University Ė five of which have been given an A level by Capes (the Brazilian Ministry of Educationís Personnel Perfection Coordination). More than 200 researchers take part in these projects.

Master's and Doctor's courses offered by the University include:

Accounting - Masterís Course
Applied Computer Sciences - Masterís Course
Applied Linguistics - Masterís and Doctorís course
Biology - Masterís and Doctorís Course
Business Administration - Masterís and Doctorís Course
Civil Engineering - Masterís Course
Communication Studies - Masterís and Doctorís Course
Design - Masterís Course
Economics - Masterís Course
Education - Masterís and Doctorís course
Geology - Masterís and Doctorís Course
History - Masterís and Doctorís Course
Law - Masterís and Doctorís Course
Mechanical Engineering - Masterís Course
Philosophy - Masterís and Doctorís Course
Production and Systems Engineering - Masterís Course
Psychology - Masterís Course
Public Health - Masterís Course
Social Sciences - Masterís and Doctorís Course

Unisinosí specialization courses cover all areas and provide students with the possibility of finding a balance between professional and personal growth.

Specialization courses offered by the University include:

Philosophy and the Teaching of Philosophy
Commercial Architecture
Aspects of Chemical Dependence
Strategic Design
Graphic Design Ė Visual Identity of the Product System
Civil Law
Civil Liability and Contract Law
Family Law
Labor Law
Business Law
Legal Topics on Notaries and Registers
Contemporary Criminal Law
Special Education Ė the Challenge of the Inclusive School
Childrenís Education
Mathematical Education
Oncology Nursing
Intensive Therapy Nursing
Obstetric Nursing
Labor Safety and Engineering
Strategic Management of Urban Land
School Management: the Challenge of Collective Work in Guidance and Supervision
Tributary Management
History of Rio Grande do Sul State
Spatial Geo-referenced Information
Linguistics Ė The language and Diversity at School
Brazilian Literature
Hospital Nutrition
Nutrition and Exercise
Mother-, Children- and Youth-oriented Nutrition
Civil Procedure Law
PSF Ė Family and Community Health
Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapies
Family and Marital Psychotherapies
Software Processing Quality

Aiming at the education of enterprising, innovative professionals, MBA courses are a good option for those with strategic career goals.

MBA courses offered by the University include:

Information Technology Management
Corporative Finances and Organizational Values
Production and Logistics Management
Management of Technology-Based Companies
People Management
Cooperative Network Management
Entrepreneurial Management
Strategic Marketing
International Business

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