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Londrina, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The State University of London offers a service structure that ensures calmness, comfort and safety in their day-to-day studies. Check out:

The UEL has a Central Library located nno boardwalk campus, three Libraries Sector (in HU, Office of Enforcement and COU) and a Special Library (in ClCH). Every academic can use the loan and collection available. The loan is made, upon presentation of the "student ID". To consições everyone to know the products and services of the Central Library, students can join a guided visit to the Library. This visit, generally scheduled by the Collegiate Course during the week of integration, can also be scheduled through the headphones (43) 3371-4610 and 3371-4336, or at the Central Library - e-mail: - / bc.

The Bookstore EDUEL works with books of their own publishing - EDUEL - as well as books from other publishers - academic and commercial, accepting, including orders - if you register you will receive by e-mail, information on new releases and promotions. Today, the bookstore, completely remodeled, ready for delivery has about 5000 titles. The bookstore is open EDUEL 2 nd to 6 Mondays from 8:00 to 21:00. Their prices are more affordable now that all books are sold at discounts ranging between 15 and 20% for cash payment or credit card. The Bookstore EDUEL is near the Central Library, on campus. Phone / Fax: 3371-4691 and email:

The EDUEL has published over three hundred titles, some in partnership with other major publishers. Its editorial line is geared for college students, publishing books by teachers at UEL and other universities too. The EDUEL also works as a training field for various courses of Instituição.Fone / Fax: 3371-4656 and 3371-4674 - e-mail: - / publisher.

House of Culture
The House of Culture is one of the agencies responsible for cultural promotion at the University. Its headquarters is an Integrated Cultural Centre which is located in central London. The Culture House has four divisions: the Division of Music, who also participate in completion of the Music Festival of Londrina, conducts musicalization intantil and adult, manages an orchestra, six choirs (Children, Youth, Adult, Senior Citizens , and UH Campus), two early music groups (the Neum University Early Music Ensemble and mensurabilis ARS). The Symphony Orchestra and the UEL UEL choirs, performing concerts and teaching officers and has recorded several CD's. At the beginning of each semester community volunteers UEL's external and internal, can register for the selective process of corals. You do not need prior knowledge of music. The Division of Performing Arts arranges FILO - International Festival of Theatre London, who advises groups of theaters. The Division of Fine Arts Art Week promotes, develops and maintains courses and workshops exhibition spaces. The Division of Film and Video Arts prioritizing the display of works that are outside the traditional commercial channels. The Culture House still maintains the CINE THEATRE GOLDEN GREEN, the largest city with nearly a thousand places that are located in central London. The building is part of the Historic Heritage of Parana. In this space are also presented music shows, theatrical and dance performances. Phone: 3323-8562 - e-mail: - / ccultura.

Museum Father Charles Weiss
The History Museum of London Father Carlos Weiss aims to support research and extension, and has it a valuable historical collection consists of objects, photographs and text documents that restore and preserve the memory of the city of London since the beginning of colonization. Part of this collection lies in eposição rooms open to the public Monday through Friday, from 9:00 to 11:30 and 14:30 to 17:30 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 11:30 and from 13:00 to 17:00. Phone: 3323-0082 - e-mail: - / museum.

Located in the center of Arts and Sciences, the Institute of Social Sciences in reference (IRCH), second floor, the Language Laboratory will support the teaching activities of Bachelor's and graduate programs of ClCH. It also offers language courses in languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, English and Japanese (at different levels) related to the extension program of the Department of Modern Foreign Literature. Courses are offered in semester modules. Admission is done by passing placement test for those who already have knowledge of the language. Information by phone: 3371-4296, fax: 3371-4438 - e-mail: labling @ uel. br - www.uel.cch / lablinguas.

Monitoring Program for students with special educational needs - PROENE
The student with special educational needs is one difficulty with problems arising from physical disability, motor, visual and auditory disorder or learning disability, chronic illness and emotional.
In this University, since October 1991, the student is supported by procedural rules and provisions. UEL takes action relating to the removal of physical barriers / architectural, communication and educational, aiming at full manifestation of the potential ~ acad Emico student with special educational needs in times of learning and assessment, ensuring their stay and succeed in Higher Education Institution .
The student may request up next to the PROENE PROGRAD through the application itself, or by request from the Course Coordinator of the match. Contacts by tefefone 3371-4148 - email

FM Radio University
Tune into 107.9 MHZ! You listen to Radio Universidade FM, Universidade Estadual de Londrina. The only radio-cultural education in Northern Paraná contributing to education, culture, art, ecology, ethics and citizenship constução. Radio has proposed a general and non-thematic. This means a plurality of programs produced by the staff of radio and volunteer employees that highlight the most diverse genres of music. There are over 30 programs with music from Brazil (ancient and modern, popular and classical), ethnic music, classical European music, tango, rap, reggae, rock, blues, jazz, Latin American music, children music, among others.
The University FM is not just music. Pesia chronic and ensuring space programming. And also bulletins, interviews, newspaper, cultural tips and programs to support students at UEL and those who have contributed columns on science and technology, environment, bioethics , entrepreneurship, reading, music. A program of international news is presented in the two daily editions of The World Today program, the BBC in London at 8.00 and 17.00. FM Radio Universidad can also be heard on the site / radio / radiouel.htm. Contact email: and or by telephone: 3348-5027 or fax: 3348 -5025.

Educational Technology Laboratory - LABTED
Located in ClCH, the NTE has a video library of 1,800 tapes and 5,000 titles, including documentaries and educational programs and blocks of slides, you must register in a video library of the NTE, with proof of enrollment, RG and rate. Moreover, there is a team of teachers who advises, guides and supports students to study, research and seminars, training ministers for presentations, training guides for the manufacture and use of multisensory materials. A section of Visual Arts, Photography and Video Production, which assists in the development and production of resources audivisuais.Contatos by telephone: 3371-4518 or 3371-4133, email: - / nt.

Core of Afro-Asian studies - NEAA
Develops schedule of activities for the promotion of Afro-Asian culture. Conducts national and international events. Promotes Symposium on Communication and Culture in the Third World in the 1st half and one cycle Afro-Asia in the second semester with lectures, photo exhibitions, presentation of dances and music of countries african Asians. Keep your collection of books and exhibits on African and Asian countries for consultation and loan. The headquarters of the NEAA is next to the Banco Itaú, in the parking lot of the Central Library, on campus. Phone: 3371-4599.

Implementation Office of Legal Affairs
The Body is a EAAJ Supplemental CESA, provides legal assistance to the needy population from Londrina, allowing you to access to justice and therefore exécicio citizenship, and at the same time is an internship site for students of the Law, Social Service and Psychology at UEL. Located on "Brazil, 742 - center, legal services are performed by 474 students, and given to cases such as: separation, maintenance, inventory, evictions, criminal, labor and others. Information telephone: 3324-6352 or by e-mail: or site: / eaaj.

Core Physical Activity - NAFI
You can participate in physical activities offered by the Center for Sports and Physical Education through the Physical Activity Program - NAFI, for a fee. The EFC has two indoor pools (heated), sports outside, internal gymnasium, fitness equipment and weight training, football fields and gyms and dance. To stay in shape, please contact the staff of NAFI, choose the method that suits you and enjoy your energy! Phone: 3371-4143 or by e-mail:

Support services that may be used by students

Bus route
The Public Transport Company of Greater London has four bus routes serving the campus. The lines 304, 305 and 307, exit the Terminal Urbano, connecting the downtown to the campus. The line 904 which makes the trip are set lourenço / Garden Sabara (Interbairros South Zone), passes through the campus. There is also the line Camberley / Shopping Catuaí leaving the center of Camberley, passes through the campus with the end point in Shopping Catuaí.

There is a duty station of Banco Itau in the center of campus, parking in the Central Library and another at HU and an ATM at the Royal Bank of Apuel Secretariat.

At the post office at UEL, located next to the NUBEC, you can count on all services provided by a post office, buying stamps, mailing letters, sending first class mail, telegrams, money orders, parcels and even purchase a mailbox. Phone: 3371-4556.

For your ease, the City Campus administers the security, with guards and centers round, plus a computerized service in Central Phone that records the number of origin of all calls received. In the event of traffic accidents, theft, parking in fire lane, look for the nearest lookout, he will take appropriate action. Phone: 3371-4200.

Service Wellness Community - Sebec

The aims Sebec planning, coordination, implementation, supervision and control of services that promote the welfare of the university staff and students at UEL is located in the campus (próximoà Library) and HU (attached to the Clinic). Sebec The following services are provided to the student community:

University Restaurant - UK
Currently the UK has the capacity to supply 3,000 meals daily to staff and university students enrolled at UEL. The opening hours are from 10h50 to 14h00 and from 17h30 to 19h30, Monday to Friday. To have access to meals, students must apply to the boxes with the "student ID" for the purchase of credits in time from 10h00 to 14h00 and from 16h00 to 19h30.

School Pass
Introducing the "pass driver's education", a student at UEL gets a 50% discount on the fare city bus. He shall complete the appropriate form, attach a recent 3x4 photo, photocopy of ID, photocopy of proof of residence registration and updated and delivered at Sebec. At the beginning of the school year, the portfolio of school pass should be withdrawn in the Secretariat of the Centre which is linked to the undergraduate program.

Agreements with the Area Health Professionals and Laboratories
The Sebec has agreements with physicians, psychologists, dentists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, clinical laboratories and diagnostic tests, through which students and their dependents get discount up to 50% for insured services.

Ambulatory Care at University Community
Provides medical care, with pre and post nursing consultation in the areas of general medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, and previously scheduled or on an emergency, on campus and in the UH (next to the clinic). Queries may be marked in person or following phones: 3371-4452 and 3371-4482 (campus) and 3371-2372 (HU). The hours of operation on campus is from 8h00 to 12h00, from 13h00 to 18h00 and from 18h30 to 22h30 and from 8h00 to 12h00 HU and from 13h00 to 17h00. The basic dental care clinic is offered only on an emergency basis (not being performed treatments), from 8h00 to 12h00 and from 13h00 to 17h30. Currently outpatient services to the university community are being transferred to the Sebec HU / AHC.

Student Housing / Student House - CEUEL
At the beginning of the school year the Student House of UEL information through newsletters and posters, the registration period for new residents. The Sebec makes the selection process together with the board of the Student House. Find out by phone on 3371-4654 or the necessary documentation directly to the Student House, located at Av JK, 2006.

Selection and Screening Socio-Economic
Desenvolvidom Program Division of Social Services Sebec. Currently intended to selection for vacancies: Student Housing, Center for Clinical Psychology, Center for Physical Activities, University Entrance Preparatory course and exemption from the registration fee to the SAT.

Support Social and Family
The Sebec offers specialized care in areas of social work, psychology and psychiatry in order to support the needs of the student, in the period they remain regularly enrolled at UEL, by prior appointment through the headphones 3371-4452 and 3371-4222.

Attention, Health Education and Prevention
Develops integrated actions in multidisciplinary teams, in partnership with teaching projects, research and extension aimed at health promotion directed at hypertension, osteoporosis, sexulamente transmitted, blood donation, intervention in epidemiological outbreaks, among others.

Program Prenvenção Risks of Drug Use
It lies in the implementation phase and aims to prevent risks caused by alcohol and other psychoactive substances among students who are interested to meet you, work with your building, let alone from under his doubts on the subject or volunteering. Sebec The Program has developed the Care Alcohol Education and Reintegration directed to the treatment of alcohol abuse.

Xerox copies of 11 plants are scattered across UEL. The centrocópias ate, CCA / CTU meet during business hours.
The core of the Central Library, CEC, CESA, ECSC, CEF, ClCH, HU, DCE, DCE Center, CA Psychology at the CCB, Office of Enforcement and Dental Clinic attend morning, afternoon and evening. Note: The system of exchanges of copies is being redesigned. Once approved the new system, will be released to users.

Currently there are five on campus food points, and the University Restaurant. There are two canteens, one in the CESA and the other in the square next to the BAC, and two trailers, one in the EFC and the other at CTU.

Ecumenical Chapel at UEL
The Ecumenical Chapel at UEL is a replica of the first chapel erected in London in 1934, where now stands the city's Cathedral. The Chapel of the UEL, and is a historical and architectural importance has to be a space for meditation and spiritual recollection. The chapel is located between the CEC and the CESA.

Political Representation of Students

Central Directory of Students - DCE
The DCE is the highest organ of student representation, is coordinating with all the Academic Centers of undergraduate courses. It consists of a board elected by the students. It is the students themselves to organize the election. By representing all the students of the University, DCE, and indicates the student representation of conhselhos above, is constantly countrywoman to participate in important instances of political discussion at UEL and even the external community.

Academic Center - CA
It is for the CA exercise the political role of representing the students of the course in various fora such as department, collegiate and departmental advice. It also represents students at the board of academic centers of DCE. The CA is rich in living space and discussions. Some centers offer academic and organize aitividades leisure.

Student representation at the Higher Council
The executive bodies of the University are the Higher Council:
CEPE - Board of Education and Research, in which all the coordinators of the University College students and representatives chosen by the Board of DCE;
CA-Board of Directors, where students also have a representative chosen by the Board of DCE;
CU - University Council which is the highest organ of deliberation institution responsible for the establishment of the institutional policy of the University and for their supervision.
Join the CU all members of CEPE, CA, and some representatives of professors, technical, administrative and external community. Querying the new Statute and the UEL, it appears that increased student representation in the Departments, Collegiates, Advice Centre, ECE, the Board and the University Council. The student representation is responsible for 15 to 30% of the composition of these bodies and councils.

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