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Centro Universitário de Maringá
Maringá, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


"To promote quality education in different areas of knowledge, forming professional citizens who contribute to the development of a fair and caring society"

The University Center of Maringá in fulfilling its mission to "promote quality education in different areas of knowledge, forming professional citizens who contribute to the development of a fair and caring society" , seeks to integrate the teaching-research-extension with institutional and social demands, the achievement of academic practice that contributes to the development of social and political consciousness and democratization of academic knowledge through the articulation and integration
with society.

Given this mission, has a vision to be recognized as a university institution of regional and national reference for quality and commitment of the faculty; skills for the institutional development of research lines, consolidation of university extension; offer quality education and classroom distance, well-being and satisfaction of the international community, quality of academic management and administrative, social commitment to inclusion, co-operation and partnership with the world of work and commitment and ongoing relationship with the graduates, encouraging continuing education.

In search of consistent achievement of its mission, the University Center of Maringá, considering the reality in which it is inserted, the problem locally, regionally and country, as have general guidelines:

Prioritize in its activities, the diagnosis, a regional character, problems and needs, establishing a relationship with society to propose alternative solutions through projects and programs in order to provide an effective participation of the student community and solving problems;
Provide an administrative structure and organizational form that the proposals policymakers have democratic participation;

To encourage the academic community a stake in the definitions of dialogic education policies, research and extension, promoting an inclusive relationship;
Facilitate the conditions necessary for the promotion of the qualification and continuing education of faculty and administrative staff;

Improve and intensify the integration between agencies, sectors and related activities, promoting cultural activities that involve the entire academic community;
Keep the courses in different areas, continuous and growing process of evaluation, seeking excellence in quality standards, to offer a high quality education and equity;
Intensify the search for new partnerships and projects, contributing to the training of our students and integrated regional development;

Promote awareness of the academic community, as the need for care and maintenance of physical facilities and equipment necessary for the proper performance of teaching, research and extension;

Articulate Education and Research, providing comprehensive training to academic to contribute to the formation of a critical consciousness that allows him to reflect on social issues, their role as subject and actor in the process of social change and building society more just and equitable;
Articulate and promote interdisciplinary and use of alternative methodologies and comprehensive, to form professionals with knowledge of the whole and able to practice responsible, ethical and socially responsible;
Emphasize and participate, as has already done systematically, the preservation of the environment through environmental education and the development of projects aiming at participation of academia and society in the preservation of our ecosystem and sustainable use of the riches of the region;

Search the production of knowledge in all its forms, questioning theories and research processes, making the educational work for a conscientious and professional practice focused on solving the problems posed to society as a whole.

The University Center of Maringá invests in improving the quality of teaching, always attentive to the needs and aspirations of the region. Through ethical-political, epistemological and educational, it offers the people of our city and region, offering courses that meet the social demand and in accordance with curriculum guidelines and standards of quality specified by relevant agencies.


The challenge of those who have the commitment to education, no doubt, is to convey information and knowledge, seeing them as a tool for transforming society, intellectual development of a people and a nation.

The CESUMAR consolidated to ensure a differentiated training, committed to citizenship and to develop skills in several areas of professional activity of students.

In CESUMAR, activity occurs in a broad context in which teaching, research and extension are complementary so harmonious and integrated, always allow the student to learn. From that beginning, the works CESUMAR integrating academia with the community service projects effecting the less favored population.

Their clinical dentistry, nutrition, physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychology serve more than 8,000 patients per month. In addition, the project has CESUMAR free legal assistance, the Business Cesumar to support micro and small enterprises and the Veterinary Hospital, the largest in the entire region.

So is the CESUMAR, a real work of contribution to improving the quality of life, integrating school and society, as well as the development of Maringa and Region.


In order to fulfill the mission of the institution and to be training professionals for the job market and college graduates, was established in 1996, the Board of Graduate CESUMAR - University Center of Maringá. Since then, several courses were offered in all areas of knowledge, Cesumar qualifying as a center of excellence in professional training.

In 1999, was conducted accord with the Federal University of Santa Catarina that resulted in an interinstitutional program of Master in Production Engineering program which resulted in the titration of 29 (twenty nine) masters.

In 2001 it launched the program with graduate courses Masters, Masters in Jurisprudence, which was authorized by CAPES, through Ordinance No. 3116 of 09/09/2005, published in the Official Gazette of 12/09/2005.

The Board of Graduate CESUMAR, has solidified its actions by creating new programs broad-sense which aims to provide professionals from various fields of knowledge, offering courses with innovative teaching proposals but always guided by regulations of the Ministry of Education MEC. Shares extend to the master's program, encouraging the production of scientific papers by academics which culminated in the creation of the magazine's Legal Masters that was developed in partnership with the Research Board. These and other actions are based on guidelines provided by CAPES.


Councillor Paranaense Research and Graduate Studies - CPPG and the State Forums, Regional Research and Graduate Studies - FOPROP, and National Forum for Research and Graduate Studies - ENPROP, meeting the demands of the Brazilian educational legislation recommended by the organs normative, establishing policies for post-graduate:

creation, maintenance of post-graduate and strict sense;
creation of partnerships and agreements with other educational institutes and to amplify the proposed programs of specialization;
articulation of the research lines of the master with the institution.
meet different demands, the Board of Graduate school is headed by a director and has the following structure:

Postgraduate Secretary broad and strict sense;
course coordinator for programs in the broad sense;
collegiate course for the graduate studies program.
To fulfill its goals, the Board of Post-graduate:

plan, coordinate and evaluate the policies of the Graduate Cesumar;
analyze and give an opinion on the designs of courses;
convene and chair meetings with educational coordinators;
delegate authority for specific tasks;
prepare and supervise the institutional assessment and, thereafter, send the results to the Pedagogical Coordinator;
decide together with the Educational Center of the course guidance system and oral presentations of course completion

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