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Faculdades Integradas FACVEST
Lages, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


"Educate, produce and disseminate the universal knowledge, contributing to human development, committing themselves to democracy and citizenship, and training the student for life."

"Being an institution of higher education recognized by the government, society and citizens, as a reference in terms of quality and service excellence in education, training professionals committed to improving the quality of life and preservation of the cultural-political and socioeconomic ".

Brief History
The Company Lageano Education - SLE, which maintains the Facvest was established as a legal entity under private law, non-profit, on December 03, 1999, filed on December 06, 1999, Paper A6, under No. 1476, docketed in the book A7, 266 pgs under No. 48196 of Corporations, the Civil Registry, Titles, Documents and other papers and Registration of Legal Entities, Lages, Santa Catarina State, Bylaws and Articles of Association attached CNPJ No. 01.209.348/0001 -56, situated on Avenida Marechal Floriano, 947, Centro, Lages, Santa Catarina.

The Facvest follows a process of education development in the region of Lages, which was the beginning UNIVEST College, established in 1993. After five years, is implanted in 1998, the first private institution of higher education in Lages, the Integrated Schools FACVEST, which started with the course of Computer Science, incorporating the following courses and who have moved into the Facvest.

Integrated College FACVEST

BACHELOR IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, accredited under the CNE Opinion No. 641/98 and Ministerial Decree No. 835/98, published in the Gazette of 6/8/1998, and recognized under Opinion No. CNE 193 of 20 February 2001 and Ministerial Decree No. 619 of 29 March 2001, Published in the Official Gazette of April 2, 2001;
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ADMINISTRATION, accredited under the CNE Opinion No. 743/99 and Ministerial Decree No. 1.176/99, published in the Gazette of 29/7/1999, with the approval of RURAL TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY Enablement and Empowerment MARKETING and also with the approval of the Enabling FOREIGN TRADE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and under the NEC Opinion No. 1.200/99 and Ministerial Decree No. 1.916/99, published in the Gazette of 12.30.1999, all recognized on 26.07.2003;
BACHELOR IN SOCIAL COMMUNICATION, with the authorization and operation of Proof in Advertising under the CNE Opinion No. 483/00 and Ministerial Decree No. 874/00, published in the Gazette of 27.6.2000, recognized Order of 02/04/2004, and the qualifications in journalism and public relations, according to the order of SESu No. 378/2001 and Ministerial Decree No. 2746/01, published in the Gazette of 14.12.2001;
Pedagogy (INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION), with the authorization and operation of the Education Course (Normal Superior), Qualification TEACHING OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, TEACHING THE EARLY YEARS of Elementary Education and MASTERY OF YOUTH AND ADULT EDUCATION, according to opinion CNE No. 391/00 and Ministerial Decree No. 708/00 published in the Gazette of 5/30/2000, all recognized in 26/08/2004;
BACHELOR OF MATHEMATICS, Empowered with 160 students per year, by Ordinance 644/2005, of 02/03/2005;
BACHELOR OF NURSING, with 200 students per year authorized by Ordinance 347/2006, of 01/02/2006;
BACHELOR IN PHYSIOTHERAPY, with 120 students per year authorized by Ordinance 348/2006, of 01/02/2006;
BACHELOR OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, with 160 students per year authorized by Ordinance 346/2006, of 01/02/2006;
BACHELOR IN PHARMACY, with 120 students per year authorized by Ordinance 345/2006, of 01/02/2006.
FACULTY OF SCIENCES ACCOUNTING, with authorization to operate the course of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING, according to the order of SESU No. 377/2001 and Ministerial Decree No. 2745/01 published in the Official Gazette, 14/12/2001;
SCHOOL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND HEALTH, by permission of running courses BACHELOR DEGREE IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND in Educational Activities and Physical Training and Physical Education and School Sports in terms of the order of SESU No. 503/2001 and Ministerial Decree No. 2830/2001 published in the Gazette of 17/12/2001;
COLLEGE OF ECONOMICS with the permission of operation of the Course of Bachelor in Economics, emphasis in Information Technology and Agribusiness, under order No. 505/2001 of SESU and Decree No. 2832/2001 published in the Gazette of 17 / 12/2001;
FACULTY OF HUMANITIES operating permit with the Course of Bachelors Degree in History, under order No. 637/2001 and Decree No. 3061/2001 published in the Official Gazette, 28/12/2001;
SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY with the permission of operation of Psychology Course - BACHELOR, BACHELOR AND PSYCHOLOGIST under Opinion No. 024/2002 and Decree No. 510/2002 published in the Official Gazette, 28/02/2002;
FACULTY OF LAW OF LAGES, with authorization to operate the course of Bachelor of Laws under the CNE / CES No. 246/2002 and Ministerial Decree No. 2370/2002 published in the Gazette of 26/08/2002.

During 2005, the SLE has received several visits from the Ministry of Education Committees of Experts that verification of the Organization didactic-pedagogic, Faculty and Facilities, has decided to recognize, with the highest concepts, the courses of Physical Education, History, Psychology, Law, Accounting, Economics, Public Relations and Journalism, having renewed recognition of the Course of Computer Science.

The Facvest is conceived as a social institution with a vocation to form a community of teachers, students and administrative personnel based on the pursuit of truth through the cultivation of knowledge and seeking the knowledge already developed for undergraduate courses, postgraduate, research and extension .

It is considered that the Facvest develops its activities in continuos interaction with their environment. This interaction with other organizations and all of its variables involved are the setting in which you must operate in continuous adaptation.

The Facvest is keen to better prepare the local population to absorb all the job opportunities arising in the area. This position requires a closer cooperation with business and industry, to meet, more and better the requirements of the job market.

The essentiality Facvest is to be closely identified with the present state of Santa Catarina, in the Amur region in the city of Lages, where it fits and works, with their chances of developing this region, making his mark by regionality re- consciously to the economic, social, cultural and spiritual needs that, once met, will lead the region to its full development.
This regional integration is accomplished by the formation of human resources through education and extension, priority, so you can become a stepping-stone cultural, scientific and technological state population and regional levels.

From this design, Facvest aspires to provide specific conditions to improve the quality of life of the regional community by directing its policies and action plans in the direction of contextualization of the institution of higher education, political and social role they play and contribution to the sciences that underpin their courses will bring the institutions into the productive system and the social substratum where he planted his roots.
The Facvest seeks to consolidate itself as a social and educational and instructional training, creating spaces of freedom and responsibility for the reflection of its social commitments, based on the assumption of its academic community.

For who can embody this notion is, look for the FACVEST bear in mind the following principles and purposes: Application of scientific method;
Drafting and re-elaboration of knowledge led to the academic community to increase their competence;
Creation and recreation, with a balance of new knowledge and technologies, the research process;
Regulation of vital alternation between synthesis and analysis;

Formulation of standards, principles and standards;
Promotion of civil-society leaders moral and intellectual training and quality education;
Control of the interdependence between teaching and research through personal contact between teachers and students;
Structuring integral as a biological being;
Technical and economic administration through a coordination of services that integrates all sectors;
A service of the individual and the community where the Facvest emerges and which receives the inputs to the process of living.

The Facvest is an educational institution dedicated to preserving, organizing, developing and re-elaboration of knowledge. Through education, through the re-elaboration of knowledge, concepts and theories already cemented as the development of freedom and human solidarity, the cultivation of the values that dignify the man, as he learns to be free, learn to choose, to choose how to act with himself and in relation to his fellow man, as a citizen helping to build a more just and equitable.

The analysis can not miss is the environment of competing institutions, which should be designed with a possible invasion of major national universities in the regional market, in contrast with the possible expansion of local institutions to university status. In this environment, Facvest believes will be vital to position and financial strength and institutional, which will allow the survival and evolution, and preservation of identity and compromise with the region and its development.

The Facvest is today the center of this debate, having designed all of these needs in the deployment of its courses. Students who stepped into the courses, since 1998, are fully tailored to the needs of the labor market and the new challenges posed to companies and society as a whole.
Sensible, therefore, demonstrated the need to offer the region of the Campos de Lages undergraduate and graduate quality, the institution has contributed through the university extension programs with the community it serves.

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