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Faculdade Paranaense
Rolândia, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Back in 1972, a group of willful people gathered for the purpose of creating Rolândia an institution of higher education . After a few meetings, on March 31, 1974, AREC-born Rolandense Association of Education and Culture, whose main objective was to provide the regional public entrance into the teaching third grade.

On June 20 the same year the MEC-Ministry of Education and Culture - has released the functioning of the School of Accounting and Administrative Roland, FACC , while the AREC-Rolandense Association of Education and Culture, the maintenance of the institution at that time created . He was president of AREC Mr. Dutra and Dr. Ivan said institution at the time, with the invaluable work of Professor Algacyr Munhoz Maeder, a member of the Federal Council of Education.

Dr. Irenaeus Lovato, currently exercising the profession of lawyer in Rolândia worked as Assistant Director of Education (deputy director) at the Faculty Paranaense for fifteen years, from June 1974 to June 1989.

Development activities of the institution as contacts with the ECM, purchase of equipment among others, according to Irenaeus Lovato, were treated solely by Maintainer AREC - Association Rolandense Education and Culture, formed at the time by Candido Garcia, Flavio de Mello, Joaquim Camargo Ivan Dutra and their wives. Thus, the Board was left to take care of the academic function of estabelecimento.Na time, students were mostly above the age of 30 years. There were students from throughout the region: Porecatu, Apucarana, Daybreak South Florestópolis among others, highlighting the large number of students from London.

The Administration of the City of Rolândia at that time tried to find someone to bring a school to the city. This occurred between the end of the mandate of the Mayor Peter Scomparim and early management Orlandino de Almeida. Thus, the city donated the land and built the first wing of the educational establishment. Later Orlandino de Almeida, by Law 1.008/75 donated Faccas 13176.80 meters square in area, sufficient for the expansion of the institution at that time.

The first graduation occurred in 1978 at the Country Club and the second at Cine Rolândia Rolândia. The following year the theater was closed and the graduation had to be held at the Mother Church. Today they are held in clubs and fitness due to the large number of guests who attend to honor the graduates.

The major difficulty encountered by the Faculty Paranaense - FACC at the time, was the creation of new courses. Although the library has good structure and a building in excellent condition with graduate teachers from across the region (London, Rolândia and Arapongas) the institution was able to open the courses in Business Administration and Accounting, which ended up harming the development of the FACC . However, during this period, all vacancies were preenchidas.Inicialmente with only two courses, Accounting and Administration, the FACC has grown over the years, and also increased the physical structure. Due to the high demand of stakeholders with the MEC CNM managed the installation of another course on Technology in Data Processing in 1994 and then by two other courses, Law and Letters in 2000, have all recognized by the MEC.

The Ministry of Education, with the seal of the Minister Paulo Renato Souza, granted in Ordinance n º 417, dated March 9, 2001, the new title for the FACC in view of the functioning of new three courses and that did not fit most with the old acronym. From this date the FACC has become known as so-FACULTY PARANAENSE CNM.

Today the Faculty Paranaense has five undergraduate programs in operation: Administration, Accounting, Law, Literature and Technology Analysis and Systems Development, formerly Data Processing Technology.

The School also has Paranaense 65 teachers, most with titles of masters and / or doctors.

Altogether there are over 800 students enrolled, plus the many others who pass by the institution to attend one of the courses Postgraduate launched by DPGE - Department of Graduate and Outreach of the institution annually.

Nearly 200 computers are distributed in four computer labs available to students at the institution. Besides 43 classrooms comfortable and spacious, with sound system and ventilation meet the demands of courses in progress, as well as graduate courses.

Another highlight is the Paranaense College Library "Algacyr Munhoz Maeder, with large reading room, four group study booths and 12 individual cabins, maintains a collection of over 20,000 titles and 40,000 volumes. For this reason, the FACC received daily visits from students from other institutions and regional community. The institution also has a large auditorium with central air conditioning and a capacity of 350 seats.

The total area of the institution, which is maintained by AREC, represents more than 23 thousand square meters with a building area of over 8 million square feet.

The Faculty Paranaense demand growth, but not waive the quality and technology in the teaching, aims to become a great university.

The Faculty of Parana, in all these years of history, had important partnerships that have added immeasurable value to your performance as a serious institution and competent in the area of Private Higher Education.

Among them is the agreement signed in 1999 with the UFRGS - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul which offered the entire northern region of Parana Masters in Computer Science, and also the inter-institutional partnership with the PUC - SP Catholic University who has signed a Masters in Business Administration in 2000.

Also in 2000, the Faculty Paranaense striking facts show the great success of this institution that is part of world history. More than 860 candidates participated in the first entrance exam conducted for the new courses in Law and Literature approved by MEC.

Since then, the past Paranaense School was being built with remarkable achievements of the new courses and also made a lot of courses that have reinforced the concept of institution concerned with the future.

In 2001, the Faculty initiated the extension project of Legal Oratory who got a great reputation throughout the community.

A remarkable story of the institution would not fail to highlight the honors acquired with such dedication and effort of students and teachers who become real possibilities for presentations of legal work in the X International Meeting of Law, South America, Florianópolis - SC.

The year was 2001, the School celebrated the launch of the Paranaense first short animated film created by the project "Core Animation" in the course of Technology in Data Processing. In the same year, the college has undergone a significant and promising change. Change the goals of the institution to the demands of the global context and with them the logo of the institution after 27 years of existence.

This important change has brought positive renovations that led to more dynamic and efficient modernization of the Paranaense University as an institution of higher education quality.

The homepage of the college received full update featuring modern technological features following what the new mission determined and Technology course in Systems Analysis and Development has been completely restructured to meet market trends and technological developments.

In 2003, more precisely in the month of March, opened the EAJ - Office of Legal Aid, which put the final course of law among the best prepared region.

In 2004 formed the first law graduates and with them comes the Bus Project Legal, a partnership with the Roads Garcia, taking legal advice and assistance to the neediest communities. And today, early 2009, one can count more than 100 lawyers working in the region, not to mention many other public office for having lived in competitions because of what they learned during the course of law.

In 2005 comes the Civic Light Project, which provides students from public elementary schools to incorporate into a more globalized world, with citizenship lessons, video shows and children's films at the amphitheater, and extensive distribution of toys collected among academics.

The Faccas then arrives in 2009 to complete 35 years of service to the community. This is the Faculty of Parana, bringing with it a story of persistence and work to transform the day-to-day lives of future citizens of Parana.

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