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Faculdade Metropolitana de Curitiba
Curitiba, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The School of Curitiba-Famecos - is an institution of higher education maintained by the Center for Higher Education Pinhais - CEUSAJOPI.

The Famecos was built on a proposal to be a school of higher education differently, modern, art, supported by leading universities in Brazil, the United States and Europe, with the mission of preparing people that make a difference in companies and other organizations modern.

The creation of CEUSAJOPI dated 22 September 1998; of Famecos, date of 04 October 1999, through the acts of authorization and accreditation Opinion CES 824/99 and Ministerial Decree 1.437/99.

The first activities of Famecos happened on 28 February 2000 (inaugural class) Famecos The model embodies a new vision of work and preparation of people.

Being a center for advanced studies and systematic disciplinary actions, based on the production, storage and transmission of knowledge by training professionals from the improvement of talent, human beings with comprehensive and critical view of society and the world, the conscious exercise of citizenship and professions, striving for excellence in any performance that are to perform, combining where necessary and possible, the theoretical and practical skills through scientific, philosophical and technological developments in their areas of expertise elected.

The Famecos, to declare this mission, necessarily assumes the commitment to implement and promote higher education systems that perform essentially:

vocational training for students, respecting and obeying each of the predefined profiles Profissiográfico scientific, technical and legally, and so adopted, calling them, empowering them and enabling them to meet the requirements of each specific labor market in their peculiarities and contemporary trends;
educating students about the general capability of learning to learn, describing himself as the subject of education itself, able to tackle all-new fields of knowledge, humility, efficiency, self-criticism, self-worth and self-taught;
collaboration constant, permanent and critical to achieving the overall goals of education, ie, training global, broad and constant of the human spirit, from developing their full potential and encouraging all forms of growth.

The campus occupies a total area of 76.116m2, and the building area is divided into:
(The measurements are per unit)
Academic Block I: 1 hall (240m2), 5 classrooms (63m2), 5 classrooms (54m2), 2 classrooms (109m2), 4 air-conditioned computer labs (2 with 82m2 and 54m2 with 1) laboratory Desk (54m2), air-conditioned language laboratory (48m2), teaching-learning laboratory temperature (49m2), Center for Professional Practice (81m2); laboratory agency and trip planning (54m2); laboratory food and beverages (152m2) ; Central Library (330m2), a general secretariat and file (72m2), staff room (25 seats; 58m2), kitchen (10 m2), 2 toilets for teachers (masc. and fem., 6m2 each), 4 toilets ( 2 masc. and 2 fem., 23m2 each), four public telephones.

Academic Block II: (upper deck) 9 classrooms (49m2), 2 classrooms (55m2), a class room (66m2), 2 toilets (male and fem., 24m2 each), (downstairs) 1 hall (234m2), 6 classrooms (62m2), toilet (masc. and fem., 24m2 each), four public telephones.

Academic Block III: (upper deck) 4 classrooms (77m2), 4 classrooms (55m2), lower floor) 4 classrooms (77m2), 2 classrooms (55m2), orientation and residence hall (55m2 ); room coordination of graduation (55m2), 2 toilets (male and fem., 25m2 each); outpatient psychology and educational psychology (40m2).

Administrative Block I: reception (8m2); general direction (20m2), hall of advice (20m2), two advisory offices (16m2), toilet (masc. and fem., 5m2 each).

Administrative Block II: reception (24m2), treasury (52m2) rooms coordination of graduation (85m2), academic director room (14m2), reproduction (33m2), toilet (masc. and fem., 14m2 each), receiving ( 8 m2); room telephone (7m2); 6 offices (12m2), warehouse (16m2), toilet (masc. and fem., 8m2 each).

Food court: lounge (70 seats, 236m2); room for presentations (16m2), toilet (masc. and fem., 13m2 each).

Technology infrastructure: a Famecos have the computer labs and computers in various sectors. All are interconnected through the internal network and all have internet access. Are available to teachers and students projectors, slide projectors, portable music players and TV sets of 29''and VCRs or DVD players. In the four computer labs, other labs and the Library are available for students and 80 computers connected with Internet access.

Parking: 4.000m2, with capacity for approximately 500 cars and 50 motorcycles.

Access to campus:

electronic, address;
physical address in Avenida Rui Barbosa, Rua Carlos Hambrush (both for pedestrians and cars);

bus stops in front of the access and served by bus routes:
Integration: Boqueirão / Afonso Pena
Uranus and Apollo: Terminal Guadalupe in Curitiba;
Afonso Pena: Central Terminal Pinhais.

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