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Faculdade Metodista de Santa Maria
Santa Maria, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Methodist Education Institutions are a set of approximately 700 units located in 64 countries in different continents of the world. In Brazil, the Methodist Church, from the General Conference of 1982 established guidelines for the General Education Methodist. Among the various institutions Methodist Education, the Institute Methodist Centenary, in Santa Maria, with more than 84 years dedicated to teaching the 1st and 2nd Grade through College Centenary expanded its operations to the upper level to create in 1998, Methodist College of Saint Mary - FAMES.

The official installation of the Methodist College of Saint Mary occurred on April 25, 1998. The FAMES is Confessional Methodist Private Institution of Higher Education that has been developing according to its proposal, which seeks to combine ethical values, innovation and quality of their teaching practice.

The school is able to organize and produce knowledge that meet the needs of the contemporary world, challenged to prepare professionals for the future that is involved in social development. From this perspective, FAMES, with the key commitments for the socialization and humanization of knowledge accompanied by a critical reflection, the students prepare to face the challenges of a career in constant evolution, part of a global society today.

Following its guidelines and principles of the Law of Directives and Bases of National Education, the FAMES built its Institutional Development Plan (IDP), containing proposals for pedagogical orientation of their activities and achievement of the social role of the Church. It is committed to technological advancement in the perspective of ethics, openness to a plurality of social differences and human solidarity and the training of citizens aware of their social responsibility.

The quality of teaching will be achieved through qualified faculty, physical infrastructure and appropriate technology and libraries to meet specific requirements of their courses and indicative of internal reviews conducted periodically by the Institutional Evaluation Committee of the Faculty.


Vision - To be regional and national academic reference.

Mission - To train skilled and ethical to build up a just and fraternal society, in the light of Christian principles.

Methodist College of Saint Mary-FAMES was accredited by the ordinance authorizing their first two courses: Course Management - Qualification in Foreign Trade, through Decree No. 210/98 of 6 March 1998, published in the Gazette of 10 March 1998, approved by Decree 1854/2003 of 14 July 2003, published in the Gazette of 15 December 2003, received from the Committee of Experts of the MEC concept A. Bachelor's - Full Degree with specialization in Spanish language and related literature, through Decree No. 213/98 of 6 March 1998, published in the Gazette of March 10, 1998, approved by Decree 1756/2003 of July 8 2003 published in Gazette of July 9, 2003, received from the Commission of Experts MEC concept A. The students of the Administration - Specialization in Foreign Trade, obtained Concept A, the National Course Examination - General Test - 2002 and 2003.

In December 2003, FAMES obtained permission for the operation of new courses: Business Administration with specialization in Hospital Administration, Physical Education major in Guidance for Physical Activity and Full Degree of Arts in Portuguese and Spanish Language and Related Literature. Both courses had beginning with the completion of the selection process held in January 2004. The FAMES had authorization from the Law course that has a favorable regional and federal levels of OAB in August 2004.

The course on Information Systems was approved in August 2005 and will start in 2006. Following the guidelines of the Law of Directives and Bases of National Education, the FAMES as an institution of the Federal Education, has his guidance through the following purposes: 1. Encourage the creation and development of cultural and scientific spirit of reflective thinking, 2. Train graduates in different fields of knowledge, qualified for inclusion in the professional sectors and participation in the development of Brazilian society, helping to further training, 3. To encourage research work and scientific research aimed at developing the science and technology, creation and dissemination of culture and thus to develop an understanding of man and the environment they live in 4. Promote dissemination of cultural, scientific and technical make up the patrimony of humanity and to communicate knowledge through teaching, publications and other forms of communication 5. Perquirir the desire to constantly improve cultural and professional, allowing its corresponding achievement through the integration of knowledge are acquired in an intellectual framework and systematizing the knowledge of each generation, 6. Stimulate awareness of global issues, particularly national and regional, through the provision of specialist services to this community, engaging a reciprocal relationship; 7. Promote the extension, open to the community, aiming to spread the achievements and benefits of cultural creation and scientific and technological research.

Institutional objectives:

a) As a Methodist Institution: develop an education sector that is conducive to future generations a humanist education and professional experience guided by a Christian co-responsibility, participation and fellowship, providing a scientific and Christian understanding of life and the world.

b) How Higher Education Institution:

1. develop higher education at undergraduate and graduate, according to the knowledge areas of the courses that were to offer;
2. increase the research as a means of deepening knowledge enabling students to develop their intelligence and their skills in science;
3. enable the students to meet the demands of the community through a positive role in outreach activities, coupled with respect for life and the environment;
4. develop continuing education programs for graduates of higher education professionals so they can update themselves and act more effectively in their respective areas;
5. prepare the students, in order to exercise their freedom, initiative, creativity, his critical sense, his capacity for cooperation and social responsibility;
6. promote intellectual education, physical and civic leading the academic to the practice of citizenship.


The Center for Scientific Research of Methodist College in Santa Maria aims to encourage teachers and students in developing projects, according to the research lines approved by the Board of Education, Research and Extension - CEPE.

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