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Faculdade Mater Dei
Pato Branco, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The knowledge is still the best hope for building a more egalitarian, just and democratic. The consensus is the fact that development of this society is conditioned to the desired quality of their education. With inspiration from this principle that there arises the School Mater Dei, a result of the Group's dedication to education and Mater Dei in the belief that investing in education is to collaborate with the design of growth of our country.

Attentive to the demands of a changing world, the School Mater Dei offers courses in the Humanities, Exact Sciences and Technology, these courses with adequate infrastructure to promote the integration of teaching, research and extension, thus forming the leadership much needed to promote social revolution, cultural, technical and policy that our country desperately needs.

This change is unstoppable challenging because students are able to train professional in the competitive job market, but primarily educate citizens competent, qualified and prepared for this market, imbued with social responsibility and committed to the preservation of national culture, with the middle environment and, primarily, concerned with the human being is a task that deserves respect.

To this end, the School Mater Dei brings a happy combination of factors: the modernity of its proposed interdisciplinary education that emphasizes the humanistic education, critical and reflective engagement of their teaching staff, consisting of doctors, masters and experts, and advanced facilities , which include ample opportunities for learning, where they are combined with technology and functionality with the knowledge and tradition of an educational group that is dedicated almost forty years ago to Education, a permanent dialogue with local and regional society.
This ongoing dialogue that produces and disseminates knowledge, making it accessible to a growing number of people is what allows us to glimpse a much better story for the very near future.

In 1968 the Mater Dei group started its activities in education. With the assurance that quality in service delivery would be the security of this great enterprise, traced a path of success in the history of education in the Southwest of Paraná.

The higher education group has its realization Mater Dei College Mater Dei, whose accreditation has been through Ordinance No. 1142 of July 21, 1999. It is maintained by the College Mater Dei S / C Ltda, which serves students from kindergarten to secondary school, located in the city of Pato Branco, Paraná State.

Mater Dei College is located at Avenida Tupi, 3091 in a large and modern physical infrastructure, with the back office, classrooms, library, computer labs and hardware, cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasium. Its own infrastructure provides the means to offer quality training in the pursuit of entrepreneurial spirit of its academic and research promoting the initiative through its various programs.

Currently the institution offers:

Undergraduate courses

• Bachelor of Law

• Administration major in Business Management, Tourism Management, Management in Marketing and International Business Management

• Bachelor of Information Systems

Postgraduate courses

• Software Engineering and Project Management Software

• Public Law - Concentration in Constitutional and Administrative Law

• Business Law

The first course to be deployed was a Bachelor of Law, approved by Ministerial Decree 1142 of 21 July 1999. This is an ongoing avant-garde whose quality was recognized by the OAB - Order of Lawyers of Brazil. Aiming to fulfill the social vocation of the institution, was created NPJ - Center for Legal Practice, which, besides being a laboratory for future lawyers, serves as a forum for care and monitoring of court proceedings to the needy and unable to afford fees any legal proceedings.

On June 1, 2000, through Ministerial Decree 784, authorized the course of Bachelor of Business with emphasis in Business Management, Tourism Management, Management and International Business Administration in Marketing. The Course of Directors aims to train managers able to meet the needs and demands of modern organizations, creating and delivering business value. To achieve this goal have focused their orientation on "business" and has sought to create its differential by creating a "Center for Business Relationships" consolidated, thus the formation of its students through a partnership with the business community, to offer qualified professionals to market and in tune with local culture of enterprise management.

Also in 2000, on August 23, through Ministerial Decree 1301, authorized the B.Sc. in Information Systems. The course aims to prepare students with skills to evaluate and select appropriate hardware and software to business needs, industrial, administrative, teaching and research, analyze, design and develop software for scientific and commercial and assume a role as an agent of change in today's market, causing changes in the aggregation of new technologies in solving problems and providing new types of activity. For this, the Mater Dei School has agreements with companies and Technological Incubators that provide space and equipment for development projects. The proposal to consolidate Mercosur, the college also maintains partnerships with educational institutions in Argentina and Paraguay.

The School Mater Dei has been basing its operation, according to the desiderata of its original creation, why is emerging in the region it serves, with an expressive concept of quality, thanks to the dedication printed in their activities in general and especially those related to education higher.

The tradition of quality teaching renews itself every day with support from decades of refinement, Mater Dei School and the dream reflects the Group's Mater Dei to see more and more students with a new look, acquiring tools to help in the process of understanding the world and building a society more humane and just. In this sense, following the evolution of higher education in the country, the Mater Dei College is preparing to expand in order to contribute to social development in the Southwest Region of Paraná with the offering of new courses at tertiary level, as a corollary of its philosophical principles without sacrificing quality.

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