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Faculdade Internacional de Curitiba
Curitiba, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Reason of Being facint

Choose an institution of higher education is one of the most important decision in a person's life. Hers may depend on their future, their employability, their contribution to society.

In this era of transition, as we enter the twenty-first century, we find that we live in a rapidly changing society, seeking its equilibrium point without, however, has found a new code of values.

Ideologies have collapsed and our traditional references are being rethought. Our way of being and thinking and the rules that determine economic behavior, political and social undergo major transformation. The only thing certain today is that today's society calls for a new profile individuals. The world of business, administration, marketing, social and political areas, is looking for new leaders, ethical, transparent, capable of harmonizing the peculiarities inherent in the human character. Also in industry, commerce, arts or letters, a new approach is required.

This new profile of professionals can only be formed with integrity, social vision, strength of character and a broad worldview. The provider of this new century must have a global view without however losing sight of the peculiarities of the place where he lives. Above all, should be ready to take on new responsibilities to themselves, the community, his country and the world.

The facint assumed its responsibility in training professionals for the job market because they must be equipped with tools of scientific, technical, cultural and moral to act successfully prepared for the challenges that globalization presents the scenario. The facint goes further. Our institution dares to believe that with courage, determination and creativity, you can cast an altruistic society, founded on a sense of responsibility from their leaders. We reject the premise that man is the product of environment, we believe, instead, that the medium is the product of man.

Once we accept that the physical world is the projection of our thinking, then the education quality will be a reflection of our values and ideals. For it is only well-trained individuals who can transform and evolve our society so that soon the well-being is within reach of an increasing proportion of the population.

The educational system designed by facint puts the individual at the center of attention. He is driven around the creative effort of its faculty, endowed with a broad view of professional and academic experience, many with experience in many different countries, and solid human postulate. A team of technicians, graduate teachers, specialists, masters and doctors, whose mission is to guide the student body so that it achieves its goals.

The facint puts himself as a pragmatic institution, forming a solid bridge between the academic study and professional life. Within this vision, ongoing programs not only prepare the student only in the academic, but also give it a practical view of business life in a globalized environment, opening up access to companies and institutions both at home and in Pool.

Above all, the facint seeks to develop in its students the qualities essential for the acquisition of a solid success in personal and professional life: entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, intellectual acuity, ability to seek knowledge and assimilate it with its due reflection on your desktop, high moral standards, optimism, pragmatism, internationalism and sense of unity with all people, races, nations and creeds.

For these reasons, the facint is careful to maintain its status as a private institution, free, creative and independent of any commitment beyond those derived from the present and the future of their students.

The facint stands out beyond his philosophy and his educational project, the following characteristics:

Pedagogical structure
Body of teachers engaged in the philosophy of the institution, in relentless pursuit of the educational project that entails and justify the rationale for the facint.
In addition to the qualifications of the faculty, the experience is a factor considered crucial in the recruitment of teachers.
Faculty and Institutional Assessment through a systematic procedure for performance evaluation of teachers and the institution as a whole. Thus, the community facint seeks to identify its strengths and its weaknesses work in order to search relentlessly pursue excellence in its highest purpose.
Line courses with the needs and market opportunities.
Library with a vast collection and access to updated computer database and available on the web.
Center of foreign languages and cultures:
A - Courses for teachers, students and community.
B - Bibliography.
C - Agreements and exchanges.

WEB-SAP - Teaching Support System on the Web, developed by the programmers themselves facint.
Technological structure
Computer labs with Pentium III 450, interconnected high-speed network.
High performance laser printers.
High-speed Internet in every computers through your own server connected with fiber-optic link to the backbone.
Physical infrastructure
Furniture of high standard with high comfort factor and ergonomics.
Own physical facilities for teaching.
Central location with easy access, even by public transportation.
Availability of parking by insured.

Every organization has to have a social vision and a mission in the society in which it operates.

The vision and mission are two basic components that arise from the conception of the world and its leaders admit that life, which seeks an intimate line with the expectations from the environment in which it operates and which should guide the direction and animate the physical structures and ideological organization. This makes it an assumption that it acquires the status of enduring social institution in their midst.

Of course every proposition that ideological search engagements in order to legitimize itself as a social being. Therefore, it is necessary to sensitize people to see the proposed undertaking and the validity of social engage in it in order to achieve their goals cultural, personal and enterprise in achieving its purposes.

The facint was conceived by its creators to be an educational institution, modern and efficient. Aiming at people who are willing to do her part for her to be attracted by its vision and mission that involved the understanding of a modern world with its needs. Who thus place themselves at the forefront of transmitting knowledge to educate citizens / professionals required by and for the time we met. Fortunately, his proposal was well understood. Its teachers are among the best of our society and the students were satisfied with the institution.

For facint, it is perfectly clear that the world undergoes a tremendous transformation. A gigantic apparatus Technetronic was placed at the disposal of mankind. Both in macro and micro, the human being increasingly penetrate the secrets of nature, from the heights of outer space to the ocean floor. However, even with all this capacity has been a society with structural problems that threaten all the great feats achieved by putting into question the very survival of mankind on earth. Moreover, the radical change of values brings general relativity which produces an environment of uncertainty and indeterminacy.

Still, the staggering population growth is affecting the quality of life and products demanded by its large population. The need for ever increasing productivity has led humans to develop genetic engineering experiments that deal with the natural structure of animals and plants, which may even endanger life.

Environmental pollution, the devastation of forests, the breaking of the chain of biodiversity, global warming, the destruction of the ozone layer, excessive urbanization, violence, drugs, hunger, crime and many other problems, are all directly or indirectly arising population increase, based on the analysis of this context.

The framers of the facint conceived and set in motion its mission. It proposes to accomplish by assembling a group of men and women who, either as teachers or as coaches and officials, understand and engage with the key objective of the institution is to train skilled professionals and citizens aware of the above issues bandied about, to be willing to act boldly and build a society in which human beings can develop their potentials to the fullest.


Education of the size of Brazil, across borders and giving opportunity to inform all the Brazilians, transmitting values and working in the area of social responsibility.

This is the Group UNINTER Education: Higher Education Institution that strives for seriousness in their achievements, the quality of teaching, the perfect use of advanced technology and respect for their students.

Comprised of ten companies, all linked to education, the Group has UNINTER recognition of the Brazilians and the labor market, showing that principles and conviction are essential for success.

With four campuses plants in Curitiba, UNINTER offers students the comfort and modernity, following the educational standards of the Group.

Specialist teachers, masters and doctors, with extensive professional experience in their respective areas, are one of the biggest highlights of the UNINTER face teaching, which also offers students optional services offered with the aim of supporting the intellectual development of their students, making group to gateway to the labor market.

Distance Education
A pioneer in distance education system (Distance Education), the Educational Group UNINTER stands by digital technology, which makes the lessons come alive when performed via satellite in more than 600 Poles to Support Classroom, accredited by the MEC distributed throughout Brazil. The Group currently has the largest number of undergraduate distance education authorized and recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Pedagogical tools were created specifically to meet the needs of students in the distance, allowing interactivity between teachers and students who receive an average of 30 free books so they can deepen their knowledge in the classroom. The quality of teaching in the distance helped UNINTER Educational Group to take swift and strong growth, becoming one of the largest educational groups in the country.


1996 - Created the first company in UNINTER Educational Group, the IBPEX - Brazilian Institute of Graduate Studies and Outreach
2000 - Aiming to expand its operations in the area of education in the face modality, the Group UNINTER created the International University of Curitiba - facint - offering undergraduate degree courses - Bachelors Degree - in Curitiba.
2001 - Creation of UNINTER Languages , a foreign language center in order to assist with the preparation of their careers, meeting the expectations of a labor market increasingly demanding and selective.
2002 - The Group UNINTER was already highlighted in Curitiba in Brazil to quality when you created Fatec International - International University of Technology.
2004 - Aiming to facilitate the logistics of travel of teachers in the classroom teaching IBPEX throughout Brazil, was created in 2004 to UNINTER Tourism Agency.
2005 - In order to customize the courseware for students studying in the distance, in 2005 the Group created the Publisher IBPEX .
2006 - Establishment of INFOCO - School of Continuing Education - that aims to offer training to municipalities for public officials, and training courses for teachers of kindergarten and elementary school.
2007 - Launch of Comprehensive Solution UNINTER , which covers a set of teaching materials Teaching Children to the Pre-College.

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