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Faculdades Adventista da Bahia
Cachoeira, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


This is really the first year in the history of our institution. After a long time dream finally in July, the EU east-Brazilian SDA decided to implement a more school-level boarding. This time, the State of Bahia would be covered!

After this determination, a team of leaders of the then Mission Bahia (Bahia day Adventist Church Association) began inspecting farms for the construction of a school. Over 20 properties were inspected. Finally, in October, the Farm Capoeiruçú in the locality of the same name, municipality of Cachoeira, owned by Mr. Clovis Vasconcelos was acquired, after a visit of the leaders.

The charter was signed on February 23 in Room City Hall Waterfall, Old City Hall, where D. Pedro I signed their decrees, when there was transferring the administration and by seasons. The settlement of the purchase was effected by the Golden Cross in the person of Dr. Milton Afonso, importing, then, in the amount of 3 million cruise.

This year, the Bahia Mission envious employees, pioneers of this school: José Pereira da Silva and wife, and soon, then, Arnaldo Ferreira.

On April 2 the first official caravan with board members, pastors and office staff conducted the first worship in the old farmhouse, located where now stands the building Shalom, whose spokesman Alfredo Pastor Holtz, president of the Mission.

The initial works were led by Prof. Joseph M. Bertolucci, coming from the Northeast Adventist Educandário agronomist and later by Dr. Earl W. Witzel, coming also from ENA. The first job was building the school's Main Building. It was located opposite to what is now the Administration Building. That would be the central house, where virtually all work!

The Pilot Plan was designed by architect Edward and Lula administration was the responsibility of the Construction of Pastor W. walcy Saints who, besides the Director General, was also the manager-treasurer and director of internal School.


The Year of the Foundation of Our School! This year starts a course with 25 students GDE pioneers, all grantees.

At that time, worked in the same house, located in front of the Administration Building, the Administration, the dormitories, the Refectory and Kitchen. In this same area was performed Sabbath worship services and also the classes additionally, during the week. Factory Pre-Cast Blocks and was located where today is the production area of our school.

Now is the Big Day! The Historic 14th October 1979! This was the launch date of the Cornerstone of Adventist Education Institute of the Northeast. Over 600 people attended the grand celebration of the inauguration. In the house there was a cult of consecration and dedication of the school. Were present in this service several personalities of the time as Pastor George Babcok (the SDA General Conference); Pastor Nevil Gorski (South American Division); Pastor Carlos Borda (Treasurer UEB), Pr Corino Pires (Education-UEB ); Alfredo Pastor hollz Mission (Bahia); Afran Feitosa (Education-MBA), government representatives and municipal officials of the institution. In the pulpit were two among the first bricks made in the "Factory of the Pre-Molded IAENE. There was a ceremony of the first brick, between Dr. Milton Afonso and Pr Zilton Krüger (Treasurer of the MBA). The second brick was placed inside the base of the foundation stone (IAENE Both wore the initials and the date 14-10-79).

Soon after the Worship, was held the ceremony of laying of the cornerstone of IAENE, current Adventist School of Bahia. The monument, erected which continues until today, has a pyramidal shape formed by three modules embedded on top of one another. He was conceived by Earl Witzel, who prepared the tins and filled them with cement. In carpentry was a lacquered box where they were placed a Bible, a book Education (Ellen G. White) and the list of gifts on parchment. Witzel Keyt, son of "Uncle" Earl Witzel led the Cornerstone modules to the site of the inauguration and also rode.

Being an institution of Higher Education Primary and recognized through interaction with the community and the environment, understanding that this is a major teaching resource for the training of entrepreneurs and citizens prepared to serve with quality and high ethical standards-Christians.

Provide Christian education that develops the potential physical, mental and spiritual needs of learners through high teaching standards, which can provide self-realization, commitment and citizenship based on context of the biblical-Christian values.

The Adventist Church on the 7th day was founded in the mid 19th century by a group of Christians studying the Bible led by the conviction of the soon return of Jesus Christ on earth - THE ADVENT. Group members also accepted the sanctity of the Sabbath (the seventh day) and, consequently, became known as the 7th day Adventists. The formal organization of the Church was in 1863.

Today, the Adventist Church on the 7th day has more than 8 million members around the world, and is especially known for his work related to health and education. The church operates one of the largest educational systems in the world, covering more than 6,500 educational institutions (including 90 colleges and universities) in approximately 145 countries where they study more than 1,200,000 students.

As an Adventist institution, convictions, and practices observed in the mission of Adventist Colleges Bahia reflect the biblical principles of Christian worship to God.

The Observance of the Sabbath as the special day of worship is a distinctive practice on campus and the differential key aspect of the Adventist Church on the 7th day. Sunset sunset Friday to sunset Saturday to sunset, no classes, and are closed the library and all offices to enable the campus community to observe the Sabbath as a holy day for God.

Health and welfare represent important aspects of our lifestyle. Promoting a healthy diet, are served only vegetarian meals on campus (besides being forbidden to use alcohol, tobacco and other harmful drugs). Aiming at the well-being, entertainment options are offered to students and the community.

These practices are some of the most visible coming from an Adventist lifestyle. Also visible symbols of the true essence of Christianity - love for God and neighbor.

The Adventist Church has recently launched the book "Adventist Education", a document prepared for leadership in education, which organizes more clearly the philosophy, assumptions, goals and methodology of Adventist Education. You can buy it in Brazil Publishing House website (

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