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Faculdade São Luis
São Luis, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Teaching and research quality are allies of the Faculty of Humanities and Applied Social - Saint Louis University - a benchmark in the production of knowledge. Academic excellence provides enhancement of the student, making future professionals engaged with the new changes in society and the globalized world.

Degree courses in the Humanities Faculty of St. Louis have been evaluated and recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) and in Area of Health, all courses were authorized with great concepts.

With three years to St. Louis offers a course for Tourism (BA) with three and a half years, the IES offers courses in Bachelor of Mass Media (Journalism and Advertising) with four-year courses of Directors , Accounting and Law course lasting five years. In the area of Health Physical Education Degree course lasts three years, the Bachelor of Nursing course lasts five years and the courses of Bachelor of Nutrition and Biomedicine lasts four years.

Essential for the St. Louis School is the formation of an ethical professional and competent, supervised by a team of specialist teachers, masters and doctors who associate theory with practice through the various laboratories available to the academic community.

On being released the results of the National Performance Review (ENADE 2006) by INEP the Ministry of Education (MEC), Maranhão, by St. Louis University (Faculty of Applied Social and Human Sciences), was highlighted for having achieved best country performance in law school by IDD Index and also through the IDD concept, having reached the maximum scores (+ 3:05). The indices assess how much knowledge the students to add courses.

Courses in Media of St. Louis, major in Journalism and Advertising, the concept was reached in April. What put journalism as the second best course of communication of the state. In Advertising, the course of St. Louis, with grade 4, had the best performance of Maranhao, with double the score of the competitor.

The course in Accounting from St. Louis by IDD, was considered the best in the state ahead of all other competitors. The result of the evaluation led to the concept in April, when the maximum score was 5. Administration, the IDD Index College St. Louis was also the highest. The course in St. Louis School of Tourism, the admission of students not in the first half of 2006, received no evaluation.


The St. Louis School is part of a holding company that works exclusively with education. As majority owner of St. Louis, UB Holdings and services that brings together UniBrasil in Curitiba (PR), UCP, in Pitanga (PR), Cesusc, in Florianopolis (Brazil) and São José (SC), UNICAMP, in Guarapuava (PR) and Uniguaçu in Uniao da Vitoria (PR). The UB is currently managed by Prof. Dr. Ramos Filho and Prof. Wilson. Dr. Merlin Clèmerson Cleve.

In Maranhao, the company is represented by lawyer Agostinho Neto Marques Ramalho, Jose Vasquez economist by Vallen View-Junior, and the advertising Haroldo Silva e Souza Filho and Thiago Silva and Belfort Joseph Souza. More than 20 thousand students studying in the country.

In early 2001, the Saint Louis University, authorized by the MEC, graduation activities began at the headquarters unit Renaissance. Ahead of the work, teachers Clèmerson Merlin Cleve, Agostinho Neto Marques Ramalho, Dimas S. da Silva and the teachers and educators, the traditional and unforgettable College Sunflower, Belfort and Ana Maria Souza and Dea Barreiro Vasquez, who also belonged to the time the corporate structure of the institution.

Soon, the St. Louis School has consolidated its mark: "Education Seriously." In 2003, through a sleek design, the School opened its St. Louis headquarters another: the Unity Center. A space that brought together the courses: Administration, Accounting and Tourism. Courses in Law, Social Communication and the Graduate Center (NUPOS), were still with the activities at Renaissance Unity.

In 2005, the St. Louis School team is now headed by Professor Me Demosthenes Gerard Smith, an experienced professional and indicated by UB Holdings (Group UniBrasil), with the unanimous approval of the entire corporate structure and represents the Faculty including Maintainer St. Louis, then known under the name of the Higher Education Unit of São Luís do Maranhão Ltda. - UNISÃOLUIS. Having thus change in corporate structure, UB Holdings (Group UniBrasil), from August 2005, he was directly manage the St. Louis School

Professor Gerald Smith, with the support of all its valuable work team, coupled with the academic community (faculty and students), leads the direction of Saint Louis University with dynamism, professionalism and efficiency. Thus, the St. Louis differentiates itself by offering a higher education based on teaching quality, academic excellence, high qualification of its faculty and social responsibility to the community ludovicense and Maranhao, and today all of its undergraduate and graduate gathered in a single, wide seat (Unity Center) in São Luís - MA.

In 2008, Saint Louis University received new evaluative committees of the Ministry of Education and in 2009 obtained permission from the MEC for courses in the area of Health and running are the courses of Biomedicine, Physical Education (BA), Nursing and Nutrition.

Already in 2010, the sponsor changed the Company name and was named UB UNISÃOLUÍS EDUCATIONAL AND SA, Saint Louis University recently received recognition for its professionalism and quality in providing its services in education. He is currently the only institution of higher education in Maranhão to possess PROCEM Quality Certification.


Consolidated Graduate, College St. Louis, through the Center for Graduate Studies (NUPOS) has launched several specialized courses Sensu Lato in the areas of Administration, Accounting, Media, Law, Tourism and Education, in addition to offering an MBA in Project Management.

Currently, six teams of graduate are underway, they are: People Management in Environmental Change, Culture Management, Financial Management, Auditing and Controlling, Accounting and Public Management, Office of Communications and Teaching in Higher Education and Research. Still occur in 2010 to open new classes for the courses of Communications Department: Politics, and Public Sector Organizations, Public Safety, Financial Management, Auditing and Controlling, Human Resources Management in Changing Environment and Teaching and Research in Higher Education.

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