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Faculdade São Camilo
Bahia, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


Promoting human development through education and health, according to the values Camillians.


Being a regional referral institution in the segment of higher education and vocational courses, reaching levels of excellence in the quality of our services.


Continue to work Camillian health promotion, through the instrumentality and by the release of people know.

Contribute to the well-being presented in a way usually requires technicalities, from the standpoint of the family Camillian, a less common approach, linked to the notion of welfare, a concept in turn applied to the other no less vague, to be human integral.

Educating for health promotion in its scientific sense, technical and cultural people, but mainly to develop the capacity to serve the neighbor, causing him to comprehend the meaning of life, transcendence and solidarity.

Charter of Principles Camillians Entities

1 - Camillian Province of the Order of Ministers of the Sick - Fathers and Brothers Camillians - publicly declaring their pledge of loyalty to the ideals of the founder, St. Camillus de Lellis, updating its charism and spirituality to serve in evangelical love and professional competence, new generations in their multiple needs, giving preferential attention to the most deprived and excluded from society.

2 - The prophetic mission we inherited from our founder, and we are called to carry out, is "the world to witness the ever-present love of Christ for the sick, respect and unconditional defense of human values, Christians and Catholics . In accordance with this mission, the Camillians give special emphasis to valuing life and health of human beings, their professional and competent and faithful administration of his works.

3 - The value of life and health, the Camillians, its professionals and its entities will comply with all its dimensions - biological, psychological, social and spiritual. Have commitment to promote them and care for them until the limit of its possibilities, according to the ethical, Christian and ecclesial, within a holistic, ecumenical, rejecting anything that might harm or diminish its full expression.

4 - The recovery of the person, entities Camillians were characterized by the recognition and protection of the fundamental dignity of all human beings created in the image and likeness of God. Those working in institutions should strive for Camillians attention, respect, love and effective personalized care to all who use its services without discrimination.

5 - The appreciation of their professional bodies Camillians them recognize their true worth and principal, aware that it is through them and through their dedication, which are now preserved the values professed pro-life and health of human beings. Aware of their value, entities Camillians develop and implement a policy that enables human resources, integrated, development, professional training and spiritual formation of its professionals, providing an atmosphere of unity, brotherhood and co-responsibility among all members of their welfare institutions, educational, social and religious. To them is offered the opportunity and encouraged development in community health and volunteer engagement.

6 - The administration, entities will Camillians commitment to the relentless pursuit of human knowledge, ethical, scientific, technological and pastoral able to ensure the rational use of available resources for the benefit of humanization and quality of services in the community, according to the ideal of St. Camillus. Besides the administrative excellence, the entities will always present the Camillians fundamental commitment to respecting and protecting the values we profess, placing it effectively at the service of life and health of people, especially the most disadvantaged and excluded, and valuing its employees. Thus, the administration does not have an end in itself but is an excellent tool for enabling the vision of Christian values in the health world, and for the efficient and effective exercise of the charism Camillian, becoming agents of transformation.

7 - Organisations Camillians consider and design appropriate strategies to enable the evaluation of their resources and energies to develop them ever more respect for their respective areas of social work, care and education. They seek the integration, synergy of efforts and resources, mutual help and cooperation, partnerships in related fields, becoming stronger in unity and mission, for the promotion and building a healthier society, justice and solidarity.

In a labor market characterized by globalization, competition and diversification, the Camillians entities are pioneers in Brazil.

The St. Camillus School was established in Bahia in 1997, pioneered in the North and Northeast, providing a new path to professional advancement of graduates of secondary school offering the course Bachelor of Business Administration with specialization in Hospital Administration.

The team spirit and the quest for perfection have been his greatest asset. Imbued with a commitment to providing high quality education, the St. Camillus School seeks to form citizens governed by moral and ethical values, with a sense humanistic and integrated with the reality where they will act.

Allied to all this, the scientific depth technical constitutes striking feature of the methodology of teaching and professional practice in the institutions Camillians.

Currently, the Entities Camillians edit the largest collection of books in the field of Hospital Administration, results of researches and experiences in network Camillians Hospitals and Schools across the country, making it available to the community.

The installation of the St. Camillus School, Bahia, aims to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in the field of management, with focus directed towards better management of health establishments, whether public initiative, whether the particular.

In early August 2001 we were visited by MEC of experts who have evaluated the Course of Business with emphasis in Hospital Administration seeking recognition. The School received a "B" Conditions of Offer the course, and the same year received concept "C" in the National Course Examination - ENC / Provão.


The objectives of the Social Union Camillian:
Training professionals and experts in higher education;

Conduct research and stimulate creative activities;

Extend the teaching and research community through courses and special services;

Maintain relationships with peers establishments and research institutions, both public and private, domestic or foreign, to exchange ideas and standards that facilitate the improvement of education provided in them;

Instill in its students moral standards and professional conduct not only by action and example of their leaders and teachers but also by the firmness in the application of legal rules and bylaws;

Contribute to the improvement of health of society.


The purposes of the Social Union Camillian;

Maintain and develop education, teaching, research and extension in high-quality standards;

To train competent professionals in different fields of knowledge, conscious of the responsibility and obligation as citizens;

Promote scientific, technological, economic, social, artistic and cultural life of the human person, with reference to the Christian values;

Extend the community educational activities aiming at raising the socio-economic-cultural;

Promote research activities in various areas of education, particularly in health;

Promote the dissemination of research and publication of works, with reference to the Christian values;

Promoting education and health at all levels;

Promote exchanges with national and international educational institutions and the like;

Maintain and develop education, teaching, research and extension in high-quality standards;

Collaborate with agencies and public and private entities in the training activities of human, material and spiritual;

Providing services in education and health, assistance and consulting to those who seek;

Promote and ensure the constitutional principle of quality among citizens.

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