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Faculdade Salesiana do Nordeste
Recife, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)




FSH receives authorization from the ECM to run the courses in Accounting, Business Administration and Tourism.


1st Class
The first lesson is issued on 6 November 2000.


Own Headquarters
The St. Helena School now operates in its own office, inaugurating a great work, with a structure different from the other university in Recife.


Expanding in the region, the College has established several partnerships Santa Helena to offer postgraduate courses also outside Recife. The courses were offered in the counties of Paudalho and São Lourenço da Mata, Pernambuco and Bahia in the city of Feira de Santana, in partnership with the Institute for Educational Research and Support (Iape).
In partnership with Edutec (Salvador-BA) and with Portuguese universities, the St. Helena School launched a program of graduate students by providing facilities for the Masters in Portugal

Partnering with IQE
In partnership with the Institute for Teaching Quality (EQI), which placed great institutions as keepers of poor schools, the School has adopted the St. Helena Public School Donnino Father, Strong at Home. On Children, launched a campaign to collect new toys and used cars, as well as books and CDs for children.


ENEC - National Meeting on Knowledge and Employability
The first edition of ENEC was held in November 2007 and featured lectures and tutorials with various names, such as Silvio Meira, Chief Scientist of CESAR, Francisco Savoy, president of Porto Digital, Marcos Magalhaes, director of Philips, among others. There was also a dedicated Business Fair to help raise the professionalism and entrepreneurship of the visitors. The purpose of the meeting was approaching the public companies' HR and show the market requirements for the professional.


FSH students are awarded the project "The fossorial"
A team of students of FSH was in second place in the contest "The fossorial," the Secretary of Tourism of Recife. The student project Ana Paula, Jeanne Bezerra, Niedja Carvalho and Rafael Augusto, called "From the sea to the sculptures," Alba was coordinated by Professor Marino. The project proposal was an integrated roadmap of the hem and the historical monuments of the capital of Pernambuco, mainly targeting Ground Zero and Sculpture Park, Francisco Brennad. Shortly thereafter, the action was implemented by the city of Recife.

FSH gets new classrooms
FSH expanded its physical structure and built four new classrooms for students to receive the first period. The novelty has benefited over 250 students.

FSH Careers
In May 2008, with demand for training student entrepreneurs, the College created the St. Helena FSH Careers, a department of the institution that makes the bridge between education and jobs. That same month, was promoted a meeting with agencies and companies to present the new HR initiative.

ECOA - National Meeting of the Environmental Awareness
Celebrating Week of the Environment, the first edition of the ECOA, conducted by St. Helena School, was the highlight of the NGO bazaar ragpickers of Emmaus, who marketed recycled products, and various lectures on the subject. With the same proposal, the event was repeated in the years 2009 and 2010.

FSH Business
Beginning the work of FSH Business, the St. Helena School promoted the lecture, "Motivation and Career Success," delivered by psychologist Helen Diu. The action aims to strengthen relations between the FSH and business cooperation agreements, conducting monthly meetings with staff and managers.

I Week Opportunities FSH
FSH Beberibe held in the Theatre, the Convention Center, the First Week Opportunities FSH. The event had the opportunities I Fair with the Human Resources Consultancy. Then-Secretary of Planning of the Government of Pernambuco, Julio Geraldo de Melo Filho, lectured on the prospects for investment, growth and employment generation in the state. Already a finance professor at UFPE Pierre Lucena, who is also editor of the blog Settlement of Accounts, spoke on "the global financial crisis." Students contributed to 1kg of food for the NGO Pro Recife.


Vestibular Citizen
First edition of the special entrance examination directed toward public school students. The first edition of the Citizen Vestibular FSH included with full scholarships, 19 students would be unable to attend a private college. There were over 1200 entries. The candidates took the tests in Portuguese, mathematics and writing. The 40 respondents were classified in the next phase. And in the end, the visit to the house of the students identified the names of the winners.

The virtual learning environment Moodle in FSH was launched in 2009 as a test in two undergraduate classes. In 2010.1 was the turn of Graduate Studies and in the following semester, the use was extended to all classes. Aiming to better use the tool, the St. Helena School also held a course on Moodle with the teachers.

Assessment of quality of MEC recognizes FSH
The School was featured in the St. Helena General Index of Courses Institution (PMI), conducted by MEC. From interviews with students, the indicator has analyzed both the physical structure, and learning. FSH reached ongoing IGC 219 and was in the range 3. In the Preliminary Course Concept (CPC), FSH stood out even more in IDD item (indicator of the performance difference between observed and expected). The Course of Directors was in the range of 4 and Accounting, on track 3.

Feast of Frei Damião
About 90 students from St. Helena School worked as volunteers in the 12 th Festival of Brother Damian. Students broke into groups leading the pilgrims to the monastery of St. Cantalice of Happy in the neighborhood of Pina, and making a photographic record of the event. In addition, a group of students stood in front of Romeirinhos space, a recreation area where children participated in the attic with multiple balloon sculpture, face painting, weaving in Bolivia and other entertainments. In 2010 the FSH again attended the party, taking 120 students as volunteers.

Project with boxes of type Long-Life
St. Helena School sent more than 6000 cases of type long life for the Community Cultural Centre Right To Be, located in the city of Itacuruba. The material was collected through donations from students and staff of FSH over two months, and even through a partnership with the NGO Pro Recife.
The boxes carried in a truck were reused in the construction of new headquarters downtown. The recycled material was used as lining in the roof of the house where the seat was installed.


Vestibular Citizen
The second edition of Vestibular Citizen initiative consolidated the Faculty of St. Helena. After three rounds of selection, over 20 young people were awarded full scholarships. There were about 1200 entries.

Afternoon of Prayer FSH
Promoting a moment of reflection and communion, the School is to promote St. Helena on the last Wednesday of each month, the Evening Prayer of FSH, with the participation of officials, teachers and students.

Cultural FSH
With the recording of the first FSH Radio program, where teachers Jorge Troper, July Caesar and Rodolfo Guimarães discussed on the elections in 2010, it launched the Cultural FSH, a project that includes cultural activities in the academic Faculty of St. Helena. The Book Club and Video Club, which promotes discussion of literary works and films are also cultural actions of FSH.

An Institution Dedicated to the Future. Under the general direction of Prof. Marcelo Pimentel, FSH plays an important educational work, not forgetting the formation of man as citizen, contributing to a fairer world and with quality of life.

An institution of higher education, due to the St Helena Education Group, with 37 years experience in educational services in the state of Pernambuco.
Our proposal is based on the most modern psycho theories, focusing on student development as a professional and human being, with a focus on autonomy and intellectual life, to make you feel motivated and able to play its role as a citizen.
Therefore, in addition to technical knowledge, we develop in our students the skills of analysis, interpretation and critical reflection on problems and opportunities, the expression of these skills through oral and written communication, ability to act and interact in multidisciplinary teams and the sense environmental responsibility.
The goal is to provide high quality higher education at an affordable cost for a large number of students.


Educating our students in order to become competent professionals to meet the challenges of a changing world, and ethical human beings, conscious and critical citizenship and dignity, active and dynamic in the process of improving quality of life and society.


Being an institution of higher education recognized for excellence in education.


"In ethics in all dealings;
"In respect for diversity;
"Respecting the rights and dignity of human beings;
"In social inclusion;
"In the knowledge as equal opportunities for all;
"In higher education as a means to understand and positively transform our reality;
"In recognition of merit;
"In consumer awareness and conservation of natural resources;
"In a sustainable attitude;
'On the conquest of Brazil a more just and united, through Education;
"In our culture and appreciation of its manifestations;
"In human relationships;
"In family relations;
'As a driving force of creativity in personal and professional accomplishments;
"In life, in love and in God, in all circumstances, which are the essence of existence to perfection.
If you think like us, come join the St. Helena Family. Believing and putting into practice our ideas can change the world.

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