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Faculdade Pio Décimo
Aracaju, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Pius Tenth School, Higher Education Institution, is facing new demands and challenges of educational reforms in the universe seeking to meet these demands, the vocational training through the consolidation of a quality standard, interacting with social reality by educational practice. Based on the Strategic Action Plan, the School Pius Tenth down its expansion institutional offering Courses of Education, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology and Bachelor of Law, where teaching and learning occurs and integrated research the extension, providing the student a general education in all areas of professional performance.

Imbued with this intent, has the Academic Community and the Society this portal, providing a universe of possibilities at Graduation and Post Graduation.


The Pius Tenth School has the mission to produce and disseminate knowledge in various fields of knowledge, promoting human and professional education guided by criteria of quality and relevance through teaching, research and extension in order to contribute to the social and economic development of the country and the state of Sergipe.

In fulfilling its institutional mission, the School Pius Tenth has guiding principles:

• Being a modern academic institution in the knowledge that it produced follow and understand, with a critical vision, advances in science, arts and technology;

• Be an institution and committed citizen, sharing and caring grooming, especially for citizens who are able to translate the knowledge generated in it in favor of reversing the social framework;

• Enhance and promote the development of people;

• Commitment to democracy and social justice.

The Association of Education and Culture Pius Tenth S / C Ltda., Which maintains the
Pius Tenth School, founded in May 29, 1954, is a civil purposes
profitable, with headquarters in the city of Aracaju, capital of Sergipe State Street
Office, 382, CEP 49015-000, still covering the Campus II, Av Rio de Janeiro, 2685 and
Campus III, Av Tancredo Neves, 5655, located in the city of Aracaju-SE. Your
Status is duly registered in the Registry Office of the 10th Justice of the County
Aracaju - Registry of Deeds, and of Legal Documents - in book No. A-16,
fls. 334-337, under No. 2750, recording was made on August 5, 1975. The Association
Education and Culture Pius Tenth S / C Ltda. initially maintained the Gym Pius Tenth.
Later, it changed its name Pius Tenth School, with which denomination
continues working in kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and Professional.
By Decree No. 77232 of 25 February 1976, the Association obtained the
authorization to operate its first college graduate - to
Pedagogy, graduate of a degree, qualification in School Administration and Supervision
School, and Full Degree, majors in School Administration, Guidance
Education, School Supervision and Teaching of Courses Pedagogical 2nd degree - the
be administered by the Faculty of Applied Social Studies, which she kept. This course
was recognized by Decree No. 83064 of January 22, 1979.
On December 9, 1993 (Para No. 768/93 CFE) Faculty of Social Studies
Applied had approved changing its name to Pius Tenth School. The
Association of Education and Culture Pius Tenth demonstrates tradition in higher education. There
twenty-eight years maintains Pius Tenth School (since 1976), when it was authorized
operation of the Faculty of Education. All of its courses and faculty are in full
Regular operations have rendered distinguished service in the educational area of the state,
ministering good quality education, according to current legislation, conceived by
serious way of delivering its courses and the quality of the professional who brings to market
work, always acting with emphasis on their respective areas.
Starting in 2002, were released in the labor market, new professionals in the area
Childhood Education, one of the qualifications of Pedagogy. In the areas of Technology and
Social Sciences and Agricultural Sciences have enabled students in Engineering Education
Civil, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Veterinary Medicine and Psychology. In
2007 the Ministry of Education authorizes the operation and the Law Course
later in the year following the Kurdish Degree in Chemistry expanding the range know
opportunities for society Sergipe. The graduates from this Faculty occupy
functions related to their professional qualifications. In the teaching of network state,
municipal and private functions throughout the state executive, leadership and advice on
agencies and services in the educational administration as well as companies and / or
public and private institutions in technological fields and health.

The Pius Tenth School, through its academic community, through the
participatory process with teachers, technical administrative personnel and their Leaders
established the construction of an expansion plan of its activities, in teaching
undergraduate and post graduate students in research and extension.
The expansion plan, after approval by top collegiate faculty,
was submitted to the approval of the Maintainer - the Association of Education and Culture Pio
Tenth - that the approved budget in determining reserves for investment
The plan required the strengthening of graduation, with the implementation of new
courses in various areas of human knowledge, expansion of programs
graduate broadly and implementation of strict-sense and consolidation of programs
research and extension through the exchange with public or private,
Sergipe, in other states and even abroad, to carry out these activities,
through partnerships.
The tradition of Pius the Tenth, however, before the commencement of the activities of the Faculty,
in 1976. The Pius Tenth part of the history of education in the state of Sergipe since 1954
where, as Pius Tenth Gym, started his career in educational achievements
Sergipe land in the city and state, under the direction of its founder and current President,
Prof. José Sebastião dos Santos. Over 50 years devoted entirely to education.

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