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Faculdade Juvêncio Terra
Vitória da Conquista, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Institutional Mission
Participate in the socioeconomic and cultural development of South-West region of Bahia as the locus of production and dissemination of scientific knowledge as an agency trainer and professionals with essential skills and specific credence to act critically and ethically committed to social justice and citizenship.

Vision institutionally
Training professionals and top-level experts in the fields he teaches.
Promote and develop scientific, technological and cultural development through education, research and extension, facilitating the diffusion of knowledge and linking these activities with the needs of economic and social development of their region of influence.
Extend to society in the form of courses and special services teaching activities and results of studies that are inherent.
Contribute to improving quality of life of the regional community to which it belongs.

History of Institution

Mr. Juvêncio Earth
The Association Juvêncio Earth Pro Higher Education, Institute of Higher Education today Juvêncio Terra Ltda. is a civilian organization, founded in July 24, 1991, with headquarters in the city of Vitoria da Conquista, composed of seven founding partners, with equal participation with respect to rights and duties: Rosalia Mendes Figueira Campos, Maria Lucia Cajazeira Mendes, Virginia Maria Brito Fagundes, Heleusa House Figueira, Anamaria Silva Figueira, Christiane Oliveira Bittencourt Adeny Mendes and Santos Mendes.

The Institute draws upon and is closely linked with the Earth Educandário Juvêncio Ltda. Entities which belong essentially to the same people, although they operate as independent companies, and maintains respectively, Higher Education and Basic Education, through the following institutions :

Community College Juvêncio Earth
Accredited by the Ministerial Decree no. 898/99, published in the Official Gazette of 23 June 1999, offers undergraduate courses: Bachelor of General Administration and Bachelor of trilingual Executive Secretariat, and the postgraduate courses, in the broadest sense: Comptroller, IRS-Audit Accounting, Marketing, Law of the State and the Fiscal Responsibility and Management, and Human Development, in partnership with the Viscount of Cairo and, with PUC Minas Gerais, the Course of Educational Psychology: an emphasis on preventive psychology.

Educandário Juvêncio Earth
Conquistense legitimate educational institution, started its activities with Professor Rosalia Silva Figueira, 59 years ago, offering the first four grades, and little by little, it was expanding its educational offerings so that, today, maintains the Education Basic to more than one thousand students, from Pre-school through third grade of high school, with Recognition Act granted by the State Board of Education.

Professor Rosalia Silva Figueira
Speaking of the history of this institution means to speak of the central character in the history of Educandário Juvêncio Earth, its founder, Professor Rosalia Figueira Silveira. A life dedicated to the construction of educational equity. Continuous and arduous work marked by its principles, for his belief and his vision of education.
Let her tell it:
I started with a kindergarten Spinola Fernando Street, where today is the Restaurant Dalva, with only 14 students who were my nephews. The school had boarding. My sisters left the children in my care. The College grew and I had to switch to another space, Rua Ascendino Melo, a house bought by my boyfriend, then my husband, Auto Silveira (...) The College was growing and needed a name. I remembered Juvêncio Earth. A gentleman in Belo Horizonte that was propping up many poor girls and boys to study. He would visit their wards on Thursdays at boarding school, and liked to talk to me. I told him: When I have a small school in Bahia, I'll put your name.

Juvêncio Earth
Born July 24, 1890 in Formiga, in the western state of Minas Gerais. His parents, lack of resources, could only give him a primary education. Very young still, and driven to work, soon shows his personal virtues: honesty, punctuality, discipline, work and fulfillment of duties.
After his first job in Santa Luzia, Juvêncio Earth moved to Belo Horizonte and there begins to live a new ideal.
Juvêncio Earth was a very learned man, his books are bedside Hygiene of the Soul of Feuchtersleben, Sorrows of the World, Schopenhauer. I read with great interest also in the works Haechelo - The Origin of Life, The Riddle of the Universe.
Pays for the studies of a brother who has a degree in Engineering and hence do not know if it is born the idea of expressing love to humans and encourage their education.
So that educates 126 young people between the Teachers 1 and 2 Degrees, Universities, Nurses, Secretaries, Accountants, Business, Musicians and dietitians.

His ideal, however, is not limited to the education of youth. Helps everyone equally, without discrimination of race, sex, religion, age or country. Your support is not restricted to purely material assistance, but also and perhaps more, to moral support to the teachings, advice, which is always full of wisdom. Not infrequently competes with his presence to alleviate suffering, to pacify a misunderstanding.

His moral standing, his prudence, acting in the environment where campaigning, making it easy to concord and harmony.
In living in Belo Horizonte, became interested in the Bible, and thus often visits the Methodist Church.
Among the honors received in life, even one that moved him was given by Professor Rosalia Silva Figueira, giving his name to the College Educandário Juvêncio Earth. This undoubtedly would be a way to honor his friend and collaborator who had supported during the years of study in Belo Horizonte.

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