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Faculdade de Ciências Humanas ESUDA
Recife, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

ESUDA College defines the social and educational quality as a priority perspective of contribution to science and citizenship. It offers society professional development courses that guarantee the competence and abilities required by the contemporary professionals, and simultaneously promotes learning towards the development of a responsible citizen. According to this reference, ESUDA combines values and techniques to an academic proposal, and is ruled by ethical and excellence principals to develop the scientific posture, presenting the basis of its academic programs is several habilitations. The future is one of its action focus.

In 1966, ESUDA opened its doors, when the two engineers Wilson José Macedo Barreto and Pedro Emanual Barreto Muniz, graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco, got together to open ESUDA preparatory courses for the university entrance examinations. ESUDA stands for Espírito Santo Uniu Dois Amigos (The Holy Spirit United Two Friends). These preparatory courses had a pioneer approach: experimental classes, audio-visual classes and the first TV closed circuit in the State of Pernambuco. The studio provided practical classes, scientific movies, labs and advanced textbooks, with exclusive books and handouts using a differentiated and accessible language elaborated by the faculty.

This way, it hit the education market with great repercussion and, in 1969, ESUDA High School is founded. This was the beginning of a series of new investments.

In 1974 they settled on creating a great college, and opened Human Sciences ESUDA College (FCHE).

In 1976, the founders were invited by the headmasters of Laberty Institute to assume the administration of this traditional primary and middle school, later installed at ESUDA (1977).

In 2003, ESUDA goes one more step ahead. It cooperates with UNOPAR-North Paraná University. They establish a partnership to offer online courses, implementing as expansion program, today reaching the number of 7 campuses in the Northeast Region.

As shown above, FCH-ESUDA has a historical walk in the education field of Recife-PE, over more than 40 years of education for the development of professionals with high technical and humanistic competence for the work market. They are able to apply knowledge and abilities to their jobs, also presenting entrepreneurism and emancipation to their professional action.

ESUDA college has 5 undergraduate courses, many Post-Graduation lato sensu courses, Online courses with face-to-face classes (partnership with UNOPAR), having a total number of 4,000 students today.

ESUDA College has more than 5,000 students registered for the regular and online programs, 250 faculty members and 100 staff members, 13 long-distance major courses and 5 major academic divisions in regular courses.

ESUDA’s main campus occupies 10.000m2 in a privileged area of Recife. You can take advantage of ESUDA educational, research and service facilities at other locations throughout the state, including Camaragibe, Olinda, Palmares and Caruaru.
The facilities and resources include:

50 classrooms;
Scientific Production Room – with audiovisual equipment, like suite and sound effect board for the production of videos, video cameras, video text editor, slide and tape recorders, scanners, CD recorders, printers, audio equipment including several kinds of recorders, VCR, audio media players, multi-channel recorders and analytical balances. It is a helpful tool to the learning process.
Individual and Group Study Rooms, with computers for internet research and software;
Multimedia Rooms;
ESUDA Library occupies an area of 600m2. The library collections contain more than 20 thousand books, essays, magazines, DVDs, reports, a numerous material that helps scholars not only from ESUDA, but also from other educational institutions;
Faculty Room with computers;
12 Research Rooms, with computers and IT materials;
Theater with 120 seats, data show, OHP, slides projector, sound system, video and retractable screen;
Movie Theater occupying 86m2, providing well-equipped and spacious work areas, excellent for presentations and events;
Video Room, with teaching material;
Lab for expository and special classes. It is equipped with an expository board with transparencies reproducer, digitalizing board, two VCRs, two notebooks, multimedia projector, suite board, retractable screen, signals from any video media, including commercial channels and cable TV. It also has a lab for professional practice for pedagogical use in the different majors, providing practical interventions.
04 computer labs, assisted by professionals in the field, aiming at the teaching of IT programs for the needs of each course. Besides the IT equipment, the labs offer a video projector with screen at the entire disposal for all the courses.

MDTC lab (materials and technical details for construction);
DP lab (project details);
Lab of thermo comfort;
Lab of lightening comfort (natural and artificial);
Lab of architecture acoustic ( the only one in the state of Pernambuco);
Lab for plastics and mockups;
Four rooms for the elaboration of project on boards;
2 special rooms - research center.

01 Lab of NeuroPsychology;
01 school-clinic, attending the external public;
03 special research centers.

The psychology clinic has 17 rooms, 9 of them serving as offices to the appointments with patients (adults and kids), 2 offices for appointments with children, 1 room for tests, 2 classrooms, 1 meeting room, 1 office for the coordination, 1 waiting room.
All the labs have a direct access and there is always a teacher aide to help students with their doubts and guarantee the proper us of the equipment. In the pedagogical project of each one of the courses given by ESUDA, there is a description of each of them with its use according to their curricular guidelines.


The reprography makes use of duplicating machines of last generation, plotter, machines for bookbinding and plasting, besides paper cutters.
The press agency and marketing are made by companies registered in ESUDA College with the objective to collect and promote the news and internal events of the institution.

ESUDA College has 2 elevators which offer access to the classrooms and offices, allowing handicapped individuals to have access to any part of the campus and benefiting all users.


They are two cafeterias situated on the campus. They offer excellent attendance and food quality, and their working hours follow the college schedule.


It consists of an outdoor area of more than 1.300m2 for multi-purpose, such as recreational activities or solemnities.


There is a paved lot with valet, where the cars of the students, faculty, staff and visitors can be safely parked.


This is the department responsible for all calls, internal or external communication. It uses high technology with digital operator, central office and extensions.


With the capacity of 230kVA, it surpasses the power of the new sub station in 5kVA. Thus, the generator provides the total power consumption in a blackout situation, providing a safe and proper physical condition for all individuals on the campus.


It is the sector in charge of the supply, elaboration of purchase orders, receipts, control and distribution of the materials for the diverse departments of the institution.


It is responsible for the college maintenance; objects, furniture, machines, among others. It keeps them in good conditions, making the necessary repairs.

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