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Faculdade de Ciências Aplicadas e Sociais de Petrolina
Petrolina, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

In its 34 year history the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Social Petrolina - FACAPE, former Graduate School of Petrolina, active in the San Francisco Valley offering professional development and teaching quality. Values that give the securities institution and recognition nationally. But the true potential of Facape is that our students.
Hundreds of students have graduated from the institution in several areas of knowledge and are now successful men and women, upholding the motto of Facape "Great Talent pass through here." Check out some stories of "Great Talent" that are part of 34 years of success story.

Vicente Carlos Oliveira Campos

Ex-student, Bachelor of Business Administration and the segment of Foodstuffs.

Petrolinense, Vicente Carlos Oliveira Campos studied at EMAF, a pioneer in the classroom, he majored in Accounting Technician, now called the second scientific degree.
In 1978 the university entry exams in FACAPE and entered the first class of the then Faculty Board of Directors of Petrolina, today FACAPE - Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences of Petrolina. In 1982, Carlos Vicente graduated, when he attained leadership positions in industries Coelho. Employee long ago, the graduate helped her join the select group of 'positions of trust'. It was the Auditor, audit manager and former manager of Petrovel (VW car dealership) and Copervel (consortium created by the team car at the time).
Vincent was also President of the Academic Board of FACAPE which reportedly contributed to significant actions to benefit the student. Acquired with a mimeograph the organs 'oil' to reproduce and pass out handouts to the needy pupils. Created a game room to entertain the students when there was 'vague class', electric water fountains, but after Vincent, the most important contribution was to recognize the work of the Faculty. "We were behind parliamentarians, politicians and getting 777 titles for the course to be recognized. At the time needed for 600 students and went beyond the numbers," he said. The same management Directory businessmen and politicians sought to cover the monthly fee in varying percentages, even 100% for students who could not afford to keep tuition.
Vincent is proof that a solid basis for studies bring significant results. "When we finished the course, I had already achieved professional recognition and ranking within the group enabled me to seek new experiences. Once Industries started to be administered by another group, I and a partner opened our company," he said.
About the structure of the IES he recalls, "The FACAPE was very small. Six classrooms, the hall director, hall was starting, but there was a lot of promise. Many businessmen, students, politicians from the region came together in the same institution with the dream to get a degree, "he said. "The FACAPE is an educational institution with more credibility in the state. The proof is the entrepreneurs who were students here and have career success. The very Managers is an example of this," he said.
Carlos Vicente still resides in Petrolina and owns a company in the sector of foodstuff.

Mizael Felix da Silva Neto

Alumnus, Graduate in Business Administration and a Professor of Facape Analyst and Embrapa.

Born in the interior of Pernambuco, in 1953 the city of Sierra Carved in 1960 Mizael Félix da Silva came with his family to Petrolina in search of better opportunities. Studied the first two years of high school, in the State College Rui Barbosa in Juazeiro and then moved to the School Marshal Antonio Alves Filho - EMAAF Petrolina where he completed high school.
Prof. Mizael FACAPE mind that in 1980 belonged to a Petrolina who began the quest for quality education. "The FACAPE that time was a 'flag' raised by politicians in the region, then-Mayor Geraldo Coelho with Prof.. Ana Amelia, and Prof. Valdenor Ramos. In November 1976 it held the first buccal FACAPE and I was one of competitors and made part of the group's pioneering FACAPE which concluded in December 1980. Today I am a teacher at 'home', and this time to the present day there were many struggles, "he recalled.
Prof. account that began in two rooms of the former FFPP - School of Teacher Education Petrolina today UPE - Universidade de Pernambuco, provided by Prof.. Ana Amelia. We had two classes, which began in March and another in July 1977. "One of the fights, according to Prof. Mizael was the question of the faculty, there was a lack of qualified people in the first half." They had to bring some people from Recife to teach. There was a faculty in the region, professionals in law and other areas to compensate. It was a moment of great doubt.
Mizael reveals that the student body was experienced professionals recognized in their fields and who sought a specific training. "We glue degree on December 20, 1980 at the Auditorium of the Colegio Maria Auxiliadora. At the end of 80 we launched the 'keystone' of the building FACAPE. Today a Centre for Higher Education organized and recognized."
Making an analysis of the 34 years of IES, Professor; Mizael FACAPE explains that today represents the consolidation of knowledge. Education and health are the two main economic externalities that are usually sought in a particular region or territory. Petrolina-PE/Juazeiro-BA pole In these two conditions are well resolved in the case of education, due to the presence of various institutions education, at all levels, especially the presence of pla FACAPE during those 34 years, it provided a lot of people coming to Petrolina-PE, "he said.
The Prof. added, "Last year the classification of FACAPE was in 9th place at the state level, between the Schools. The concept attributed to FACAPE by MEC in 2009 was 3 (three) on a scale of 1 to 5, surpassing even schools Recife. We have a good faculty, but that is always, "he said.
Mizael Félix da Silva Neto resides in Petrolina, is Professor of FACAPE, Master in Rural Development and the Admisnitração UFRPE, analyst at Embrapa, Embrapa Semi-Arid and represents the Steering Committee in the implementation of IncubaVale.

Augusto Paulo (Paulinho BNB)

Known as the BNB Paulinho, Paulo Augusto was part of one of the first classes in the course of administration. Then graduate in mathematics, joined the Faculty of Administration of Petrolina, old nomenclature of the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences of Petrolina, in the year 1980 to enhance knowledge in the administrative area at the time by acting as a banker.
After graduation, he remained in Facape serving as professor of Economic Theory discipline. In 1989 he was honored by the graduating class of the course of Directors. The class was titled Prof. Augusto Souza Brandão Paulo Ventura.
Paul talks about Facape and their perception of the institution today:
"Before joining the faculty Facape knew was renowned, first class, good teachers that encouraged me to do the Vestibular. There I built a story, I made great friendships, improved my knowledge and I could put into practice in my activity as banking. Soon after graduation I became a teacher and contact with students, some who are now professors Facape, gave me great joy, "said excited.
Paulo Augusto also commented on the structure of FACAPE the time and made a comparison with the present day. "When I walked into a structure Facape was still small, now we see the evolution in the physical infrastructure with modern facilities and is increasingly improved," found.
The former student confirmed the importance of the institution for the region. "Over time Facape was introduced into the Valley community, meeting the needs of the region, has expanded the range of opportunities for people living in the cities of Petrolina and Juazeiro and want to attend a university. He had a very large expansion and is being well managed. Facape I think today is one of the strengths of the region, "he acknowledged.
Paulo Augusto currently is retired and lives in the city of Petrolina.

> Vinicius Santana

Vinicius was graduated from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences Petrolina - FACAPE today Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences of Petrolina, in 1982, is a member of the first class of the course of Directors.
Joined Facape when the institution still operating in the building of the Faculty of Teacher Education - FFPP. Accompanied the early history of the College, a pioneer in the Sao Francisco Valley. By paying course for the course of administration, was aimed at assimilating administrative concepts, since at the time ran a radio station in the city of Petrolina.
Vinicius Santana has served as business administrator in management and direction. And it's about your professional experience and track record in Facape spoken:
"The course of Directors was all a dream result, everyone dreamed of. Even today we find colleagues and friends who say how important it was this training that got in Facape. When I entered College I was director of a radio station and it got me allowed to practice a modern administration, a new perspective of administration, both in public and in private.
Of course we had difficulties throughout the course, after all, were the first group, but all were overcome in accordance with the will, with the leadership we had and the direction of FACAPE the time.
When we have completed the course, four other new groups were entering and felt the same enthusiasm in making the course progressed.
Today's good to see Facape in size since she arrived, with several courses that give the greatness that deserves Petrolina and with resource persons coming out of college. After this time everyone knows how important was the arrival of Facape Petrolina.

Vinicius Santana is now a spokesman for the City Council of Petrolina, has a radio program, coordinates two political campaigns in the city and is completing post graduate studies in people management.

:: History
The Faculty of Applied Sciences and Social Petrolina - FACAPE was established in the form of municipal Authority under the name Educational Authority of the São Francisco - AEVSF by municipal law No. 25/76 of 19 July 1976. Subsequently, the Authority became a national maintainer of FACAPE.
Initially occupied the premises of the School of Teacher Education Petrolina - FFPP with the course of Business; its own building was only opened in 1981, whose implementation project was coordinated by Professor Engineer Valdenor Daizie Ramos Clementino, the administration of Mayor Diniz Sá Cavalcanti.

The authorization was given to its operation principle, by Resolution No. 01/77 of 13 January 1977 the State Board of Education. By Decree No. 82475 of October 23, 1978, published in the official newspaper of the Union of 24 October 1978 the then President Ernesto Geisel Republic authorizes the operation of FACAPE nationwide. Today, the houses FACAPE degrees in Business Administration course is recognized by decree 247/84 of 31 May 1984 the Ministry of Education, Accountancy, accredited course through Act No. 624 of March 4, 2002, DOE published in May in March 2002, the Executive Secretary, accredited course through Act No. 2840 of August 4, 2003, published in the DOE on August 5, 2003, Computer Science course recognized by Act No. 3275 of September 23, 2003, DOE published in the September 24, 2003, Economics, approved by the Plenary of the State Board of Education on August 18, 2003, approved by Ordinance No. 5490 of SEDUC September 11, 2003 and published in DOE / EP on September 18 2003; Tourism, approved by the Plenary of the State Board of Education on November 3, 2003, approved by Ordinance No. 7848 SEDUC of 19 November 2003 and published in DOE / EP on November 20, 2003; law, approved by Plenum of the State Board of Education on August 17, 2004, authorized by Ordinance No. 4523 SEDUC of August 30, 2004 and published in DOE / EP on August 31, 2004, and Foreign Trade, approved by the Plenary of the State Council Education on September 14, 2004, authorized by Ordinance No. 5041 SEDUC of September 27, 2004 and published in DOE / EP September 28, 2004.

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