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Faculdade de Administração e Negócios de Sergipe
Sergipe, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


The Faculty of Business Administration and Sergipe (Fanes) was established in 1998 in Aracaju, with authorization from the Ministry of Education (MEC) to work by Ordinance No. 2246 of 12.12.1997. Its main objective is to contribute, through education, research and extension, development of the State of Sergipe and the country. To do so, is committed to offering high quality courses.

The first undergraduate course offered was the Administration in 1998, and incorporated into the Production Engineering in 2000, Accounting in 2001 and Colleges of Technology Marketing, Process Management (Entrepreneurial Management) with Information Technology Development Web and Application Management and Information Systems in 2005. In the area of post-graduate students since 1998, the college has an agreement with the exclusive Sergipe Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, through which offer post-graduation courses.

In 2000 an agreement was made with the Universidad de Valadollid, Spain, to offer the doctorate in "New Trends on Business Administration" and in 2002 with the University Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro, through the which was offered the graduate course, strictly speaking, on "Law, State and Citizenship.

Other important agreements have also been signed in recent years: Candido Mendes University Veiga de Almeida University and Institute of Legal Education Professor. Luiz Flavio Gomes. In addition, the college has partnered with Banco do Brazil and Banco do Nordeste.

Physical Structure

The Fanes has its headquarters on the second floor of the Shopping Riomar located on Gouveia Delmiro Avenue, s / n, a neighborhood of Crown Media in Aracaju, where Work degree courses in Administration, Accounting, Production Engineering, CST Marketing , CST Proceedings Management (Entrepreneurial Management), CST in Computer Science with Web Development and Application for CST and Management Information Systems.

The physical structure was built with the very latest in technology for education with comfort and safety. The technology was cutting edge, with thermal and acoustic insulation. There are two floors with central air conditioning and 55 rooms distributed among labs, chemistry and physics classrooms, mini-auditorium and administration area.

The libraries are on the first floor of the mall. Already the Center for Postgraduate Fanes is located in avenida Delmiro Gouveia, 800, neighborhood of Crown Media, offering spacious and comfortable facilities.

Administrative Structure

The Fanes is a private higher education institution, maintained by the Association for Teaching and Research "Gracchi Cardoso," juridical person of private law in the form of company shares for profit. According to its Charter, the institution has the following organizational structure: Senior Management, Chair of the Maintainer, Higher Council of Administration (CAS) and the Teaching, Research and Extension (ECE), Basic Administration, Academic Coordination, Administrative Coordination, Coordination Course with their colleges.

The Board Superior (CAS) is the highest organ of the institution. It has an advisory, legislative and deliberative in administrative and academic matters. It consists of nine members: Director General, Chairman, Administrative Coordinator, Vice-President, 05 representatives from faculty, elected by their peers, 01 representative Maintainer, 01 representative of the student body. Its main function is ensuring that the achievement of institutional goals of the faculty of approving the guidelines and administrative policies of the institution, such as establishment of its human resource policy, deliberations on its development plan and expansion, approving the creation or extinction of organs, annual work plans, contracts and agreements with public and / or private, domestic or foreign, to approve the Internal Rules of the institution and, ultimately, act as a higher court in appeals of decisions of the other organs of the institution.

The Board of Education, Research and Extension (ECE) is also a deliberative, consultative and technical nature of the normative college. Its assignment to carry out actions of an academic nature, related to the establishment of guidelines and policies for education, research and extension. It comprises the following members:

a) Chief Executive Officer, its President
b) Academic Coordinator, Vice-President
c) 05 representatives of the faculty
d) 01 Course Coordinator
e) 01 representative of the student body, with a term of one year.

The General Board, an agency of oversight, administration, coordination and supervision businesswoman is pursued by a Director General and consists of the Academic and Administrative coordination. The two Coordinators act as the executive bodies within the College, coordinating the activities of academic administration and general administration. Basic Administration The office is comprised of the Academic Coordinators, Administrative and Course. Coordination of course is the smallest fraction of the academic structure of the institution, for all purposes of administrative, pedagogical, didactic and scientific.


Director General
Prof. Msc. Ionaldo Vieira Carvalho

Chief Financial Officer
Prof. André Monteiro Freitas

Chairman of the Board
Barbara Monteiro Freitas

Academic Coordinator
José Gonçalves Ferreira Alberich

Office of Communications and Marketing
Cristina Moreira Rochadel Aragão Dantas

Institutional Pedagogical Political Project (IPPP)

Teaching design is, because it discusses the teaching and learning in the process of formation, construction of citizenship, not only for technical preparation for an occupation time. And, so, too [Project's] Political, because it addresses the aims and values regarding the role of universities and institutions of higher education in critical analysis and social transformation in relations between knowledge and power structure, Moreover, it is collective enabling and requiring their constituents participate in the process of analysis, discussion and decision regarding the path that consciously and critically, define as necessary and possible to the university college (Pimenta and Anastasio, 2002, p.171).

Institutional Development Plan (IDP)

Institutional Development Plan (IDP) prepared for a certain period, is the document that identifies the institution of higher education with regard to his work philosophy, the mission that aims at teaching guidelines that guide their actions, its organizational structure and academic activities that develop or being developed.

Educational Project Course (PPC)

The Educational Project of course explains the theoretical and methodological foundations, objectives, type of organization and forms of implementation and evaluation of the course. In summary, it is an instrument clearinghouse for educational activities of the course in its entirety.
Information and / or documents, such as curricular structure, programs and disciplines bibliographies, regulations of complementary activities, infrastructure, integrate the Pedagogical Project (PPP) of its course.
Information and / or documents that comprise the Course Pedagogical Project (PPP) and are subject to periodic changes in function of the dynamic process of implementation.


Being an Educational Center of Reference, especially in business.
Promote effective action for higher education, especially in business, in order to stimulate the formation of professionals with entrepreneurial vision, in tune with the globalized world.


- Provision of quality educational services;
- Respect for human beings and the environment;
- Commitment to the students;
- Search ongoing update and refinement;
- Commitment to your actions and achievements.

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