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Faculdade Anísio Teixeira
Feira de Santana, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Because we feel the need to give an innovative education, with increasingly advanced parameters on which our future students to arouse awareness of the importance of critical-analytical strengthening them for the power of analysis and reflection, we founded the College in Teixeira November 1977. You settle in initially in two rented rooms by the School Castro Alves throughout the year 1978. In 1979 transferimo us to a building located at Avenida Getúlio Vargas, where today stands the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr. Sergio. In 1981, in a residential house located at Avenida Getulio Vargas, classrooms were built to our provisional operation. However, the desire to dream dreams increasingly innovative in order to educate youth and prepare them for life led us to acquire land at Avenida Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes. Because the education we were giving our young students to be one of the most modern and dynamic, we needed a building with advanced facilities to ensure that concretizássemos another step of success. We did so with great vigor in the certainty that they were holding constant dreams, which prove the statistical data disseminated by the media.

They began to be fast and accurate our decisions. By hiring the best professionals in Feira de Santana and the Salvador Colleges, the College Teixeira stood out as soon as one of the best schools in Bahia. The constants in the University entrance approvals came just ratify what the mainstream media already reported, putting ourselves in first place in the preference of the students feirense and surrounding cities.

Without losing the perspective that we live in a globalized world, therefore incommensurable with competitiveness, besides having so many experiences accumulated during these years of CAT, everything leads us to believe that the reality of so many discoveries and scientific and technological advances we have only left room for daring and exceptional flights with regard to pedagogical proposals. Thus arrayed, we have a commitment to follow: the quality of education we offer should also be an example to be followed by all those who are really interested in modifying is qualified through education, preparing young people who undoubtedly do very successfully and will be at the forefront of these advances, confirming thus a major goal of Teixeira.


SOCCAT operates in an educational market in full expansion. This fact requires that institutions of higher education are diverse, flexible, rapid and increasingly specialized to meet the demands repressed and promote the development of their areas of regional integration.

His kept - Faculty Teixeira - born with the mission to train competent professionals, able to stand before the society as citizens, technically prepared to perform well, by providing educational solutions and innovative quality.
Is based primarily on the qualifications of its faculty, working conditions and physical infrastructure, material and economic offered to the academic community, in close harmony with the labor market, contributing to the development of the region in which inserts - the state of Bahia.

In this sense, the Faculty Teixeira will play a role, not only to train specialists, but also ethical citizens, holders of a comprehensive vision that enables them to understand their professional role in the world. People critical of their own actions, capable of investigating the reality, and interact with other sectors of society aware of the social responsibility of professional practice.


FAT as an institution of teaching, research and extension, at all levels and branches, a member of the Federal Education, facing the reality of the country and in particular the City of Feira de Santana and the region of its influence, regimental has the following objectives:
global education of students, based on the pillars of learning to learn, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be aiming at preservation and dissemination of moral values, cultural and scientific achievement;
solidarity as a basic principle of socio-cultural organization;
the formation of high level professionals aware of the importance of intellectual autonomy, critical thinking, living the ethical, aesthetic and political development and socio-cultural;
conducting research and encouraging creative activity, building the generation, communion and knowledge transfer;
the extension of education and research community through courses and special services provided to civil society organizations and citizens to promote the preservation and development of culture, art, science and technology;
exchanges with similar institutions, domestic and foreign, with a view to exchanging scientific and cultural experiences;
promotion and dissemination of cultural, scientific and technical make up the patrimony of humanity, communicating knowledge through teaching, publishing or other forms of communication;
training in undergraduate classroom or distance from professionals and specialists with higher education, committed to the reality and the solution of national problems and the region of its influence;
promoting programs and postgraduate courses, upgrade, extension and sequences, and distance learning modalities, and
participation in the socioeconomic development of the country and in particular the Northeast, as a body for consultation, advice and services in matters relating to the various fields.
To achieve these objectives, and compliance of its principles, the FAT is in an academic community comprised of administrators, teachers, students, technical personnel and administrative support, and additional organs or agencies of the community in which it occurs whose priority is education through the construction and transfer of knowledge, promoting citizenship, generation and transfer of technology, the stimulus for research, programs and extension projects and the provision of special services to the community.


A school as an institution responsible for higher education, need constantly to evaluate their educational practice to establish and / or correct directions and purposes of their areas. The purpose of this reflex action is to identify the strengths of the institution to keep them and, if necessary, adjust them to the new coming-to-be of scientific and technological development in line with its institutional mission. The same assessment is designed to investigate also the difficulties inherent in the existence of academic and administrative organization in order to resize them, give it new direction or the direction appropriate to their philosophy.

The Faculty Teixeira has the following objectives:

deliver higher education in all fields of human knowledge;
promote the formation of the student, according to the principles of freedom and responsibility;
conduct post-graduate and continuing education for the improvement of professional individuals;
promote the transfer and assimilation of cultural values;
develop critical and reflective thinking;
contribute to the full development of individuals, using methods that lead to achieving a decent standard of living and high, with their enhanced self-awareness, self-awareness and self-esteem, promoting means to the identification, recognition and control their emotions and feelings, and the exercise of empathy;
keep in constant process of internal and external evaluation.

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