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Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Petrolina
Petrolina, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Federal Center for Technological Education of Petrolina - Petrolina CEFET was created from the Federal School Agrotechnical Dom Avelar Vilela - EAFDABV by Presidential Decree (Official Gazette no. 227-A), 26 November 1999. This Centre has received, pursuant to Decree no. 4019, to November 19, 2001, the Education Unit Decentralized Petrolina, at the time belonging to the Federal Center for Technological Education of Pernambuco to encompass two separate campuses: one located in a rural area (Unit Fund) and the other in Urban Area (Industrial Plant).

Mission CEFET Petrolina
Currently, assuming CEFET Petrolina Social Function of strive for academic excellence through teaching, research and extension, providing multiple forms of assimilation and production of scientific and technological knowledge with a view to sustainable development and social inclusion, improving training of citizens able to act in the various sectors of society and productive arrangement, offering courses of initial and continuing training of workers, technicians courses (Integrated modalities, and Subsequent PROEJA) and College Courses - Technology and Teaching, aims to promote job creation and stable income and improve the quality of human life and other positive impacts.
Executed in its recognized ability to offer courses Technicians, CEFET Petrolina has been offering courses Superior Food Technology of Plant Origin (since 1998), Technology in Irrigated Fruit (since 2003) and Technology in Viticulture and Enology (since 2005).

From the recognition of CEFET as an Institution of Higher Education and to meet the characteristics and objectives established legal, Decree no. And No. 5225. 5224, 1st October 2004, CEFET Petrolina revamped its Statute and established its Institutional Development Plan, which highlights the Training and Qualification of servers, the Institutionalization of Research, to expand the number of undergraduate courses, creating in 2005 two undergraduate courses, one in Physics and Chemistry and one in Postgraduate Sensu Lato, scheduled offering three specialization courses by 2008.

By Law no. 11352 of 11 October 2006, which provides for the creation of effective positions, management positions and rewarded functions under the Ministry of Education to build up the payroll of the new institutions of federal vocational and technological education and new federal institutions of higher education, was created on Teaching Unit Decentralized Forest, subject to CEFET Petrolina, with a quantity of teachers in 1st and 2nd grade - 40 seats; Technical Administration of Higher Education - 18 vacancies and Technical Level Intermediate - 31 vacancies. Is under implementation.

Through the Public Call MEC / SETEC No. 001/2007, are also created two more units of CEFET Petrolina: Ouricuri and Willow.
Thus the courses offered are distributed by CEFET Petrolina:
Manufacturing Unit:
Integrated Technical Courses - Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Buildings;
Subsequent Technical Courses - Tourism, Building, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science;
Courses PROEJA - Buildings and Electrical Engineering;
Advanced Course Technology - Food Technology of Plant Origin;
Undergraduate - Chemistry and Physics.

Agricultural Unit:
Subsequent courses Technician - Agriculture, Agribusiness and Animal Science;
Course PROEJA - Agribusiness;
Technology-College Courses - Viticulture and Enology and Irrigated Fruit.

Forecast of new units CEFET Petrolina:
a) Unit Decentralized Forest (260 km from the seat);
b) Decentralized Units Ouricuri (232 km from the seat);
c) Decentralized Unit Willow (250 km from the headquarters).
Because it is education units with different characteristics (a Industrial, Agricultural another), the opening hours of both is also different. The Unit works in the agricultural zone of 08:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00, with lunch break, running until the evening hours, only the cafeteria and library. In the industrial unit, for the three work shifts, working hours are from 07:00 until 22:00, without interruption, since the class schedule are also differentiated. The courses are superior class from 07:00 to 12:00 (morning) 13:00 to 18:00 (afternoon) and 17:00 to 22:00 (night). Other opening hours are 07:30 to 12:50 h (morning) 13:30 to 18:15 h (evening) and 18:40 to 22:00 (night).

CEFET Petrolina has a total of 273 servers (Technical Faculty and Administrative), being distributed as follows:
Agricultural Unit - 38 effective teachers, 06 teachers and 51 substitutes Technical-Administrative;
Industrial Plant - 84 of effective teachers, substitute teachers and 11 technical and administrative servers 83, 04 of which servers are assigned to other organs and / or institutions.
Total Area: 199.4 ha area Built (Indoor and Open);
Cover: 16,457.31 m2
Open: 16,800.00 m2
Total: 33257.31 m2
Number of Classroom: 39;
Room Internet Access: 02;
No Lab: 18;
Number of Library: 02;
Teleclassroom (with TV, Video and Computer): 04;
Set Poliesportivo: 02;
Collection: 4,790 specimens and
Approximately 1890 bonds;

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