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Faculdade Nossa Senhora Aparecida
Selden, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)


The sponsor, the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Educational Association, was established with the objective of delivering primary education, secondary education and pre-university courses.

Consolidated, acquired status of a serious and responsible institution, which led the community attended to ask you a commitment to meet the existing shortfall in the city of Aparecida de Goiania, for young people wishing to enter higher education, expanding its operations through the accreditation of the School Our Lady of Aparecida - FANAP.
The creation of FANAP is based on 03 (three) requirements: a) conform to the demands of the cognitive society in the city of Aparecida de Goiania region and b) offer a significant opportunity for scientific knowledge of the universe to the community, c) create a community Academic able to respond to the needs of the employment market, with a high level of professionalism.

In 1996, this was the first step in a bold initiative: to establish a higher education institution in the city of Aparecida de Goiania, State of Goiás For many such a move was a utopia for the directors an achievable goal, provided there was full dedication and commitment to achieve it.
Maintainer's directors were imbued with tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and based on sound principles of socio-cultural in order to cooperate actively with the transformation of the educational profile of Aparecida de Goiania.

Thus, the Educational Association Nossa Senhora Aparecida took it upon himself to be conductive, par excellence, destinations cognitive and ethical aspects of society in which it operates and began work for this: the directors engaged every second, minute and hour of its days, always aiming for such an achievement.
The legal process of implementing a higher education institution presented numerous obstacles that have been
overcome, one by one.

Finally, on March 15, 1999, the FANAP starts its activities with the inaugural class of the course Bachelor of Accounting Science (MEC authorized by Ordinance No. 243, 11/02/1999, published in the Gazette on 17.02.1999) that provided the entrance to the upper level of one hundred students in two classes of fifty students in the city of Aparecida de Goiania.

So the dream became reality: Aparecida de Goiania had its first institution of higher education: the School Our Lady of Aparecida - FANAP.
Such was the enthusiasm of the community to receive the institution soon after the inauguration, crystallized in the leadership initiative to enable the implementation of new degree courses.

Currently, besides the minister FANAP course of Accounting, undergraduate courses in Business Administration (BA), Education (BA), Technology in the Secretariat, Technology Marketing, Technology and Logistics Technology Analysis and Systems Development.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the School Our Lady of Aparecida is to promote higher education, contributing to the full development of the student, his preparation for the exercise of citizenship and vocational training. The FANAP aims to train professionals creative, critical and reflective, ready for insertion into the market at work and for participation in the development of society. Its mission highlights the investment in the teaching-learning process that enables its graduates to meet the needs and expectations labor market and society, with power to formulate, organize and socialize knowledge in their fields.

The School Our Lady of Aparecida develops its activities in order to ensure a higher education focused on quality education, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, legislation, labor market and society. The School Our Lady of Aparecida aims to meet the needs of the labor market, enabling competent and ethical professionals in the development of the region, rescuing the understanding of inter-human relations, the systematic pursuit of educational excellence. For this, it becomes necessary commitment to achieve its objective by shared perceptions of regional problems.

The philosophy of the pedagogical projects, which set targets and goals to be achieved during the training of students, the guiding criteria for defining the profile of graduates take a humanistic view based on the internalization of values of social responsibility, justice and professional ethics. Comprise it, the knowledge, skills, abilities and talents in the training of future professionals.

A dedicated link between education, research and extension is essential for sustaining College Our Lady Aparecida. The quality of education depends on competence in research. Extension activities are linked with the experiences of research and teaching. In many cases, student participation in outreach activities can build on essential training situation. The students' participation in projects and research and extension provides comprehensive training to the student.

The institution took the mission to produce knowledge and experiences designed to endow the human being to build your life plan, which gives you access according to their needs, goods and services that civilization offers. And also assure you to participate in building a more human, fairer, more cooperative and more pluralistic.

The School Our Lady of Aparecida has the conviction that form is currently more important than imparting knowledge because today's society requires comprehensive and professional with a clear conscience that will have to adapt to any circumstances and different activities. Believes that the key is to strengthen the student's personality, in a harmonic and balanced within a context of freedom and profound responsibility and social awareness, participating in building a more just society, solidarity and humanity.

Assumes that the professional should consider the future needs of the population thought in its entirety and not just in terms of privileged or dominant groups.

The School Our Lady of Aparecida is the main purposes:

* Encourage the creation and development of cultural and scientific spirit of reflective thinking;

* Training graduates in different fields of knowledge, qualified for inclusion in the professional sectors and to participate in the development of society, and assist in training;

* Encourage the research work and scientific research aimed at developing science and technology and the creation and dissemination of culture, and thereby develop an understanding of man and the environment they live in;

* Promote the spread of cultural, scientific and technical make up the patrimony of humanity and to communicate knowledge through teaching, publishing or other forms of communication;

* Raise the desire for constant improvement of cultural and professional achievement and enable the corresponding integrating the knowledge that is being acquired in systematizing the intellectual structure of knowledge of each generation;

* Foster the knowledge of this world's problems, particularly national and regional authorities, providing specialized services to this community and establish a relationship of reciprocity, and

* Promote the extension, open to participation of the population in order to disseminate the achievements and benefits of cultural creation and scientific and technological research in the institution generated.


The FANAP takes a constructive attitude in a democratic society, acting as an instrument for promoting social transformation. In this sense, its objectives seek to respond to the desires and needs of the community where it is located. The FANAP must have the commitment to put the product of their teaching, research and extension, outreach and service to this community, to earn her respect and recognition.
It aims also to ensure that product quality through an effective policy for training of teachers and technical-administrative, and broad participation of academics in various aspects of university life.

The FANAP, as an educational institution, stands out as objectives, as its regimental structure:

Providing comprehensive education of citizens aware of the need to continue learning in order to be able to adapt flexibly to new conditions of occupation, improvement, preservation and dissemination of cultural values and scientific achievements in harmony with the spiritual needs of man;

Conduct training of professionals and specialists with higher education, including ethics, the development of intellectual autonomy and critical thinking, committed to its inclusion in the process of political development, culture and socio-economic environment and, in particular, the municipality and the region;

Conduct scientific research and stimulate the activities of cultural creation;

Encourage the extension of education and research community, through courses and special services provided to government, civil society and citizens in order to promote the preservation and development of culture, arts, sciences and technology;

Promote exchanges with similar institutions, domestic and foreign.

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