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Faculdade de Ciências e Educação de Rubiataba
Rubiataba, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

CESUR - Centre for Higher Education Rubiataba

**** Entity responsible for the HEI (Higher Education Institution) before public authorities and the general community as well as being responsible for taking necessary measures for the proper functioning of the Facer, within the limits of the law and the bylaws of the college. It also puts at the disposal of the IES movable and immovable property necessary assuring you of sufficient financial resources.

**** HIGH COUNCIL: It is the supreme organ of the administrative structure, decisions about matters educational, scientific, administrative and disciplinary, consisting of the director of the College, its president, by all course coordinators, a representative of the teachers of each course by a representative of each student regularly enrolled course by a community representative and a representative of the sponsor.

**** BOARD OF ACADEMIC SUPPORT: It is the national technical advisory and consultancy on scientific, didactic and pedagogic and administrative issues. It comprises the Director of Facer, its president, the course coordinators, the coordinator of Research and Extension and one student representative.

**** BOARD: top executive body for coordination, monitoring and controlling the activities of Facer, exercised by the Director, appointed by the sponsor.

**** COURSE COORDINATOR: Unit Structure Facer, for all purposes of administrative, scientific and educational administration staff after the meeting of professionals and related disciplines of the course.

**** INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION: Responsible for articulating the formation, implementation and evaluation of institutional design of teacher training.

**** STANDING COMMITTEE ASSESSMENT (CPA): Governing Body of the institutional assessment of a permanent nature, composed of the Director of Facer, of Course Coordinators, a student representative from each course and two community representatives.

**** SECRETARIAT: The Secretariat General is the national support of the Board which is responsible for all charges related to the administrative department of Facer, especially those that are exercised under the supervision of the Director by the Secretary.

The department consists of the following sections:
I - Section of legislation;
II - Financial affairs;
III - Section of academic records;
IV - Control Section of Laboratories;
V - section of material;
VI - Sub-section for storage, cleaning and hygiene:


**** The Collection of the Library consists of books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, maps, videotapes, CD-ROMs, monographs and Newspaper Library (selected articles).


**** The access to the shelves is allowed to all students who also have computer terminals for consultation. The Library serves the community in general only for searches from 13h to 17h.



* Maintain silence in the room of the Library

* The use of the premises of the Mobile Library;

* Do not leave books on tables after the consultation, delivered them on the counter.

* You will be responsible for loss or damage to any material removed for loan or consultation, with mandatory replacement or compensation of the material by its adjusted value;

* The books borrowed must be returned at the Loan Desk, and the user must return the publications by the deadline established, thus avoiding fines and penalties;

* You are indebted to the library can not take books or other materials;

* Smoking is prohibited in the Library.

**** LEARNING TOGETHER - COMPUTER = Computer Course for underprivileged children from 10 to 14 years who are attending any school system Rubiataba; the Facer offers five free scholarships for each school, the selection is made by the directors, coordinators of each institution. In total there are 50 places, divided into two classes of 25 to the turn I and II. The differential of this course is that in addition to offering conventional computing classes, each meeting also offers an educational lecture, because the ultimate goal of course is to contribute to the growth of a national developer, conscious of his role in building a better world.

**** LEARNING TOGETHER - DATA FOR ADULTS = Computer Course offered to parents of students who participate in some project Facer, this happens every Saturday and has a gap in the teaching / learning process because it takes into account the particular difficulty of each. Vacancies are limited to 20 and the goal is not to train professionals, but to collaborate and self-esteem of parents who often feel excluded from the life of their own children for not knowing to speak the same language.

**** TOGETHER LEARNING - SCHOOL SUPPORT = The Facer concerned with quality education, offers tutoring in Rubiataba two sectors: Sector Serrinha (the project headquarters in Mountain Creek, 2nd and 4th Shift I and II) and Bela Vista ( room catechesis in the Church of Bella Vista 3 and 5th Shift I and II). The strengthening as well as all other projects are led by instructors, college students who earn a percentage of discount, in return serve on projects. These students also work to teach specific subjects, make visits to the families of a monitoring body to body, living problems closely. The goal is this, to add value to the building, making it an approach channel with families who are managing the whole issue of learning experienced in our schools. In this follow-up and then comes the friendship ties between parents and children engaged in some area of knowledge.

**** LEARNING TOGETHER - AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES FUN = In an initiative to give its counterpart received the scholarship, a student volunteered to give guitar lessons, it was the only thing he thought he could do very well. The idea came in handy, if not all know, the poorer class, have a very happy life and you can not miss in their homes is a television, sound and mostly a guitar that has encouraged many in the early a path, perhaps for future artists. The project proposal was successful and today we have 25 students. Classes are held Saturdays at the project headquarters in Mountain Creek rounds I and II. Power oportunizar these students a knowledge of music in the purest she has is a goal, but the ultimate goal is to get through her prostitution, drug, gang, boys who have no money but lots of talent and willingness to learn, often what is lacking is the opportunity and space.
**** ENCANTARTE - THEATER - DANCE-EXPRESSION BODY = is a project that covers various areas of art, is composed of students of the institution they want to do something else in the IES. The opportunity is for all who intend to join this group, just to register and participate in workshops and rehearsals that happen in the 3rd week in itself is derived. The aim is to provide moments of entertainment, knowledge, relaxation and joy to both those who participate, and for those who watch parts, these will be presented in schools and other places that fit the culture as an instrument of knowledge.
**** SUPPORT CENTER FOR WOMEN = Project working women in various aspects, self-esteem, inclusion in the labor market, courses for income generation, lectures, legal referral. To perform the job meetings are held weekly (Saturdays from 13:30 to 17h) at the tutor. In these meetings there are courses for handicrafts such as crochet, cross stitch embroidery, manufacture of handbags artesanais.Em will soon be displaying this work, wait.
**** CHRISTMAS AND SOLIDARITY SOLIDARITY TROT = A Facer always been concerned with this tradition of hazing HEI, thinking it, adopted the idea of doing something that solidarity does not harm anyone would be helping many people. With this assumption, adopted the collection of food made by freshmen. To get best result, we have competition between the rooms, this year was a great result, 1,724 items, the room was a winner of Business Administration, Congratulations! They followed the delivery to Shammai, and noted that the organization really needs, beyond this, the entities of the Vincentians and APAE also received foodstuffs. Solidarity is something we need to cultivate in us, because if we have is because God has allowed us, the campaign of Solidarity Christmas is coming around, I can help in, who gives with his right hand with his left hand receives from others . The Facer appreciates the cooperation of everyone and especially the contribution of the community who's who always opens his hands to share.
**** PU = = UNIVERSITY PASTORAL Moments of ecumenical prayer will soon be resumed their activities, stay tuned!

**** PARTICIPATE! If you have an artistic gift, musical, wants to be a volunteer in a project, have ideas and proposals for other projects, we look, talk, expose their ideas. You can make a difference.

**** By FIES - Funding Program Student of the Caixa Economica Federal, students can obtain, according to their socioeconomic status, partial financing of their studies.
For further information please contact the Secretariat or the website:
**** Through Agreement signed with the Government of the State of Goiás, students have their education subsidized Facer with partial scholarships granted by OVG - Voluntary Organization of Goiás For further information, contact the Secretariat for their municipality.
For more information, please visit:
**** PROUNI - University Program for all - is a federal program intended to grant full scholarships and partial in private institutions of higher education.
For more information, please visit:
**** The Facer admits monitors (volunteers and / or paid) according to the demand among students enrolled, with the aim of collaborating in activities auxiliary to teaching, research and extension.
**** The Scholarship Program, established by CESUR - Centre for Higher Education Rubiataba, which maintains the Facer - Faculty of Science and Education Rubiataba allows the students regularly enrolled the opportunity to obtain financial support to complete their undergraduate course .
**** To be benefited from the scholarship, students must complete at enrollment, form itself, so it's important to act ethically, filling it only with correct data, and to expose any awards of stock and / or gratuities to persons who had allegedly been using the insertion of false information on the registration form, which will be duly discharged and sent to the competent authorities.
**** The selection of students enrolled will be made, considering the data provided by applicants and the criteria of the aforementioned Terms of Adjustment of Conduct.
The Committee on the Partial Scholarship Program of Study is comprised of representatives of Facer, and CESUR.
How to Proceed
1. Carefully read the criteria for inclusion, and the general rules regarding the necessary documentation before making your application;
2. Entries will be made upon registration.
3. Fill out the information requested on the registration form, trying to do it now with the supporting documents in hand and delivered to the secretary.
4. The result of pre-selected students will be announced on the notice boards of the institution.
5. Provide documentation in advance to avoid losing the time of interview;
6. Students approved at the interview will have a guaranteed benefit during the semester.

1. The return for (the) students (as) Fellows will be provided in social projects developed by the Extension Department of Facer.
2. The hiring of Grant does not imply automatic renewal in the next period, depending on the academic performance of (a) student (a) and the approval of the commission's partial Scholarship Program Study.

Scholarships section: Scholarships website section
Scholarships email:



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