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Universidade Metodista de São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

A Methodist guide their actions by an educational philosophy based on Christian principles and commitment to building citizenship.


Effectively participate in training people, exerting influence and helping to improve the quality of life, based on knowledge and ethical values.

Being educational reference in building a learning community, nationally and internationally recognized for quality services and social relevance, with practical flexible, creative and innovative.

Core Values
Development of critical awareness of reality;
Developing a sense of justice and solidarity, and its practice, including labor relations;
Reflective practice-oriented context of Christian spirituality;
Development of awareness that social and individual interests are equally important for the balance of social relations;
Innovation and creativity subordinate to ethics, construction and socialization of knowledge.

Learn a little about the history of the Methodist Institute.

The commitment to education has marked the work of the Methodist Church since the founding of the first Methodist educational institution, the Kingswood School in England in 1748. Over the past 255 years, this vocation education has also manifested itself in Brazil, where several Methodist institutions of education incorporate more than a century of continuous activity.

The history of the Methodist University of São Paulo has been traced for over 70 years since the establishment of the Faculty of Theology of the Methodist Church in Sao Bernardo do Campo, in 1938. At the time, the Methodist Church just merge the two centers of theological education, located in Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul was of interest to the newly created college - the first installed in the municipality of Sao Bernardo do Campo - was present in a region that was configured as a major center of social, political and economic of the country.

By strengthening the commitment to education, signed in the 40s, the institution went into a more daring design, in keeping with its educational vocation. The presence of qualified educators and professionals and adequate infrastructure has enabled the strengthening of its insertion into the national academic. Thus, in 1970, created the IMS - Institute of Methodist Higher Education.

With the consolidation of the education and excellence achieved over the years, IMS has to be among the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country. This allowed, in 1997, earned the status of University, expanding the number of colleges and courses offered.

Today, Methodist has three campuses in Sao Bernardo do Campo (Rudge Ramos, Vergueiro Plateau) and a Campus in São Paulo, Ipiranga. There are over 117 thousand square meters of total area, which includes a large green area. The Methodist offers about 70 spaces, including laboratories, experimental and modern clinical agencies so that students can put into practice the knowledge acquired in classrooms, and libraries and classrooms spread across four campuses of the University.


The Methodist University of São Paulo offers undergraduate courses (and distance), technological graduation (and distance), the post-graduate studies (masters and doctorate) and specialization Sensu Lato (and distance). There are more than 22 000 students, from kindergarten to the doctorate, in a community that is growing every day and is ready to respond to new challenges faced by investing heavily in technology, innovative teaching methods, and especially the commitment to transformation of society.

Graduation - and distance
The undergraduate programs include whether the quality of the faculty, the pedagogical practices that enable students to get in touch with reality and the practice of citizenship. The physical infrastructure such as clinics, agencies and laboratories with the latest technology and what is most modern and current allow students to develop new skills and a solid background in their fields, combining a commitment to this development the community.

Concerned with the development of education, the university seeks in its Institutional Educational Project (IPP), to promote differentiated educational actions. At Methodist, it happens from the beginning of course with the integration of various aspects of a course in design of a modular organization. This allows the exploration of themes, problem-solving and content integrators, seminars, projects and professional learning programs, activities, additional courses, undergraduate research or other forms defined in the pedagogical projects. With this interdisciplinary students attain the skills necessary for their professional futures.

In 2007, Methodist had 17 courses awarded as highlighted by the Student's Guide - Editora Abril, a leading publication dedicated to guide the candidates on the courses offered by institutions of higher education in Brazil.

For the third consecutive year, the Public Relations course and earned five stars for the fourth consecutive four-star course in Journalism. The current Administration has received three stars in all their areas. The other "stars" are: Advertising, Radio and TV, Education, Bilingual Executive Secretary, Biomedical, Life Sciences, Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Speech, Literature, Psychology and Tourism.

The Methodist was the first private higher education institutions in Brazil to join the ProUni (University for All Program), Federal Government initiative. The participation began since the implementation of the Programme in 2004, where he was introduced as an interim measure.

In the first year of the program, Methodist has offered over 400 scholarships for undergraduate courses. For Distance Education, the Prouni began to be offered from February 2 nd semester of 2006.

Lato Sensu - and distance
With the aim of training professionals already working in the labor market as well as recent graduates, Methodist offers courses Specialisation Lato Sensu in the following areas: Biological and Health Communication, Humanities, Business and Management, and Management Services and Technology.

The faculty is composed of professionals of the highest level of technical expertise and practical. As in Graduation, Methodist also offers postgraduate courses Sensu Lato in the distance, in which students attend the Pole Support Face every fifteen days.

The courses of the Methodist Postgraduate Sensu Lato - Specialization are geared to professionals looking to develop new skills and a solid background in their fields, combining the vision of developing a responsibility towards the community.

Sensu stricto
For over 30 years, the Masters programs with graduate courses at the Methodist University of São Paulo become professional teachers and doctors, accounting for 1547 titles in various areas of knowledge. Being one of the largest community colleges in the country, Methodist adds to research a character of citizenship, expanding its commitment to the academic contribution to society.

All programs are recognized by the Ministry of Education and regularly evaluated by CAPES:

Administration - Masters (note 3)
Religious Science - MSc and PhD (note 6)
Media - MA and Ph.D. (note 4)
Education - Masters (note 4)
Dentistry - MSc (note 3)
Health Psychology - Masters (note 4)
The programs have a high-level faculty with training in institutions of reference in Europe, USA and Brazil, and have broad participation in major events in education, research and extension.

Continuing Education
The Methodist also offers courses for the most different audiences, with special projects that value the knowledge and skills specific to different areas of teaching.

The Free University of the Third Age, for example, offers cultural and artistic activities, social, language and computer classes for students over 50 years who learn to live a more human and citizen, and have the opportunity to grow within a globalized world. These students are also encouraged to work in projects with associations, NGOs and other social movements.

The Methodist offers also courses in Art and Culture; of Languages, with teachers qualified to teach Spanish, Italian, French, English and Portuguese for Foreigners, and technology courses, besides being the first university in the State of Sao Paulo possess a certification center in digital technology from Apple - Apple ATC.

Aiming to offer quick professional development, the University also conducts free courses for Short Duration, aimed at professionals who need a quick refresher or who want to return to the labor market.

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