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Universidade do Oeste Paulista
São Paulo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

University recognized by the MEC

After years of hard work and seriousness in the field of higher education, physical infrastructure, scientific, technological and faculty fully consistent with the standards required by the MEC, was the transformation of the faculties of Prudentina Association of Education and Culture (APEC) at the University of West Paulista. This achievement was realized even in the 80s.

The Ministerial Decree No. 83 of February 12, 1987 recognized the University of Oeste Paulista (Unoeste) maintained by the APEC. A key milestone: since 1987 Unoeste then went on to have accreditation and autonomy to create, organize and maintain graduate and postgraduate.

In May 2009, MEC, through the National System of Higher Education Assessment (Sinaes, Law 10,861, 14/04/2004), after careful institutional assessment, kept the status of University to Unoeste.

While celebrating 38 years of inception, APEC / Unoeste Higher Education continues to offer quality at an excellent university complex that currently has:

• Graduation: 51 classroom courses (BA, undergraduate and graduate technology) in different areas of knowledge;
• Postgraduate: more than 60 classroom courses at the level of expertise in the broad sense;
• Masters level in the strict sense (face) areas: Education, Agronomy and Animal Science - all recommended by Capes;
• Hundreds of extension courses (face);
• The Unoeste retained the Coordinator of Distance Education with dozens of courses (distance), dozens of extension courses (distance) and expertise (the distance) in different areas.

The Dean of Unoeste, along with the Dean, develops actions that demonstrate the support the University provides to society in general, providing the scientific knowledge production, prepared by the academic community Unoeste in favor of the expansion of global knowledge.
Academic Dean

The Academic Dean is the executive body that supervises, coordinates and oversees the academic activities because of the undergraduate courses offered by the University. Its defining features educational programs, approve course curricula, decide on the appropriate system for the verification of educational achievements, decide on issues relating to faculty and students, among other related activities.
Administrative Dean

The Dean Administration is in charge, among others, advising the Dean on routine care to the public, in dealing with processes and applications and carrying out activities to coordinate, guide and control the disclosure of documents concerning administrative acts, as well as those in framework of people management, Supply and Heritage, Information Technology and Support, in addition to other activities of the job.
Dean of Extension and Community Action

Through the institutionalization of activities, projects and programs of Extension, aims to meet the needs of the region, emphasizing the socio-economic, educational, environmental, historical, cultural and political, always bearing in mind a background state, national and international Unoeste.
Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

APEC / Unoeste always promoted education integrated with Research and Extension. After its recognition as a University of Oeste Paulista, The Center for Research and Graduate Studies has been transformed into Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, where he runs the Central Coordination of Research (CCPq), together with all post- undergraduate and graduate.

In Unoeste in all areas you can identify the following types of research: basic (with intention to seek independent knowledge of practical application), applied research (when work is directed at achieving practical solutions to specific problems) and experimental development (focused on the introduction of new products or processes).

The CCPq relies on the assistance of the Advisory Committee for Institutional Research (Capi), Committee on Research Ethics (CEP), approved and supervised by the National Research Ethics (Conep) and Scientific-Technical Committee (CTC).

Make the download of our bylaws and read about the following topics:

• The institution and its Purposes
• University Structure
• From the Administration
• From Teaching, Research and Extension
• The University Community
• Transitional and Final Provisions
Representatives of the Rector and Pro-rectories

Dean: Ana Cardoso de Oliveira Maia Lee
Vice Dean: Ana Cristina de Oliveira Lima
Academic Dean: José Eduardo Creste
Pro-Rector Administration: Maria Regina de Oliveira Lima
Pro-Rector for Postgraduate and Research: Dr. Maria de Lourdes Perez Zizi Trevizan


The University of Oeste Paulista aims to develop education in an innovative and critical-reflective, the practice of the Teaching and Research in various areas of scientific, humanistic and technological, as the training of professionals committed to the citizens social and environmental responsibility.

The drafting of the Mission of Unoeste was the result of extensive internal discussion and reflects the role of the university as an institution of higher education, jeopardizing the academic community in the establishment and implementation of goals and actions of transformations and changes in quality level.
Visual Identity

Brief History:
APEC - Association Prudentina of Education and Culture, founded in 1972 and maintains the University of Oeste Paulista, maintains its original logo is still used for administrative purposes only. His symbolic representation graphically refers to the image of the owl, a bird symbol of wisdom.

The recognition of the University of Oeste Paulista, effected by the MEC in 1987, required the creation of new graphic identity. Since then, this representation has undergone some changes. See the logos used by Unoeste since its creation, as well as commemorative logos on the occasion of the 30 and 35 years later.

In 2008, through its Department of Communication, Unoeste redefined some graphics for the formation of its new Identity Plate.

In her source was added tone gradient, aiming to revitalize and add contemporary features to the brand. To fully represent the University's commitment to the tripod Education and Research, has changed its logo in the letter of the word U Unoeste. That letter went on to present three stripes that symbolize the three pillars that guide the main lines of the University of Oeste Paulista, in short, the promotion of Education, Research and Extension in various areas of human knowledge.

On some occasions, the University only uses the letter U separate logo, aiming to raise awareness and strengthen this concept to his audience.

With this proposal, the Unoeste, through its name and graphic representation communicates the intent of their "product": higher quality, always linked to research and extension in different fields of scientific, humanistic and technological.

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