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Universidade do Grande ABC
Santo André, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The Union for Training, Education and Culture ABC - UNIFEC, Entity Maintainer started its activities in the field of higher education in 1969, with authorization from the Ministry of Education through the opinion of the Federal Education Council No. 766/69, filed on 10/10/69 and Decree No. 65672 of 29/10/69, which authorized the opening of courses in mathematics, literature and pedagogy, then offered by the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature of Sao Caetano do Sul .

In 1971, we authorized the operation of the School of Physical Education by the Opinion of the Federal Council of Education no. And Decree No. 240/71. 68994 / 7. Expanded their area of operation with the granting of the Psychology course, the opinion paragraph. 700 of the Federal Council of Education, handed down on 11/05/73 and Decree no. 72490/73.

On 05/11/73, opinion was approved by the Federal Council of Education no. 2153/73 and Decree no. 73675 of 18/02/74, the authorization for the operation of other new courses: Science (short term), Biological Sciences (full length), Social Studies (short term) and Social Studies (major in full length and Moral Education Civic).

Later, the opinion of the Federal Council of Education no. 355 of 06.05.1986, approved the course of physiotherapy, to be administered by the School of Physiotherapy in Sao Caetano do Sul, effected by Decree no. 93177,, 26/08/1986. Later, with the publication of the opinion of the Federal Council of Education no. 605/91 and Ministerial Decree No. 1155 of 29.07.1992, approved the change of course in Social Studies courses in history and geography, both full length. In the opinion of No 766/91 and Council Resolutions University - CONSUN - ns. º 08/98 and 09/98 have been allowed to run the courses of Biological Sciences and Mathematics.

At December 21, 1989, the National Supporter of the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature of Sao Caetano do Sul, School of Physiotherapy and the School of Physical Education in Sao Caetano do Sul sent to the then Federal Council of Education - CFE - query letter to create the University for Training, Education and Culture - UNIFEC - through the recognition, based on Article 7 of Law No. 5540/68, duly approved by the Opinion of the Federal Council of Education - CFE - No 652 of 02.12.1992 and the Ordinance of the Ministry of Education and Culture - MEC - No. 1868/92 of 22.12.1992.

After the creation of the University, who had her operation at the beginning of school year 1993, were approved by University Council - CONSUN - courses: Law, Accounting, Management, Architecture and Urban Planning, Nutrition, Nursing, Production Engineering, Tourism and Mechanical Engineering, the latter created in 1994. In 1996, the Council then approved the operation of other new courses: Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy with specialization in Pharmaceutical Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Social Communication in Advertising and Letters course with specialization in Translation and Interpretation.

In 1995, the University of Training, Education and Culture - UNIFEC - now renamed as Universidade do Grande ABC - UniABC authorized by the Ministerial Decree No. 1401 of 14.11.1995. This change occurred due to the growth potential of the Greater ABC region, which facilitated the growth of the university, as well as their integration and regional representation.

In 1999, UniABC, upon approval of its University Council - CONSUN - put in place the course in Computer Science and qualifications of the new Faculty of Education (Teaching of 1st to 4th grades of elementary school and kindergarten).

Also in 1999, the University Council - CONSUN - approved the operation of courses in Management Information Systems, International Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering (Automation and Control mode), Hospitality Marketing and Advertising. Later in 2001, approved the operation of the courses of Bachelor Degree in Computing and Information Systems and Chemistry. It also approved the sequential courses of Web Sites and Real Estate Management.

The University with characteristic confined to the city of Sao Caetano do Sul and its surroundings have long since ceased to exist, because the number of students from all cities in the Greater ABC and even the East Side of Sao Paulo. This growing demand and need for adequate physical facilities for the operation of the various courses, especially the health area, resulted in the need for a new campus, which was built in about two years (1998 - 2000). As a result, the seat of the Universidade do Grande ABC - UniABC - was transferred from the city of Sao Caetano do Sul in the St. Andrew in 2000, authorized by the Ministry of Education, the Ordinance No. 268, published in the Official Gazette Union on 09/03/2000.
This campus occupies an area of thirty-three thousand square meters, with seventy-seven thousand square meters of built area, with capacity for three hundred classrooms, sixteen computer labs, and laboratories for courses in Health, Humanities and Exact Sciences, four auditoriums, offices, parking for almost two thousand jobs, and various other spaces for learning.

In 2002, Universidade do Grande ABC - UniABC - acquired, also in Santo Andre, a sports center with thirteen thousand square meters of area with courts, gymnasiums, football field and sports halls for classes for the Physical Education course. Other acquisitions were made: an area of forty-three thousand square meters to build a new campus and another ten thousand square meters to the Central Polyclinic, which brings together the clinical courses of Psychology, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Nursing, which carry out activities curricular practices and social and community service, currently housed in the Sports Center above.


Universidade do Grande ABC - UniABC - believes that his greatest contribution to the development and progress of the country lies in its proposal for regional action. In this sense, and train good professionals with excellent technical knowledge base and scientific contribution to the solution of social problems in that region in that it produces, applies and disseminates the work that is the fruit of the teaching and learning of students and teachers. Thus, its mission is: to produce, organize and disseminate technical and scientific knowledge that contributes to regional development of the Greater ABC.

Vision for the Future

The UniABC aims to become a reference center in the region of the Great Consolidated ABC Radiator and cohesive educational-cultural issues, establishing itself as an institution capable of contributing to the solution of their problems as well as for the development of citizenship.

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