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Ribeirão Preto, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Create and disseminate knowledge to promote and contribute to the development of the individual and society, based on ethical principles and Christians, freedom of research, innovation, education and extension, keeping the constant interaction with national and international contexts.

The University of Ribeirao Preto - UNAERP is recognized as an independent reference local, regional and a national and international visibility based on its tradition of innovation, challenging, interdisciplinary collaboration, quality of its courses and the provision of community services, going to meet social needs and market.
This vision recognizes that higher education in Brazil is always challenged by the needs of society, market and culture in the new century. The UNAERP should be positioned to meet these challenges and the responsibility to keep as a reference for the advancement of education, technological and scientific innovation, expressing your creativity in seeking to foster an atmosphere of intellectual motivation, innovation and entrepreneurship.


With 86 years of history, University of Ribeirão Preto is one of the important pillars supporting the education and development in the state.

In the year 1924, even at the height of coffee production, the region of Ribeirão Preto was one of the most prosperous of Sao Paulo. But the State has not had any higher education institution. That's when a group of educators, intellectuals and professionals Society founded the School of Pharmacy and Dentistry, responsible for deploying the first college in the interior of Sao Paulo, which in 1928 began to callthemselves AERP air-Teaching Association of Ribeirao Preto. Today, after 86 years, the Association is the sponsor of Unaerp - Campus Ribeirão Campus and Guaruja. The bold and pioneering original project, the Unaerp is now an institution with strong academic tradition and one of the most prestigious universities of Sao Paulo.

The trajectory of Unaerp begin to consolidate as early as the late '50s, when the teacher Electro Bonini assumes the administration of the Association of Teaching. In 1959, implement improvements and new courses that attract students to the city from different locations. The Law School "Report of Camargo, established in 1961 and courses of Social Services, Industrial Chemistry and Business Administration deployed shortly afterwards, are the first of a series of ranks established under his administration. In 70 years, the AERP also opens courses of Journalism, Physical Education, Chemical Engineering, Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Music degree, degree in Art Education and several other degrees.

In 1971, it inaugurated the new campus of Ribeirão Preto Unaerp in an area of 120 square meters and installed more courses, culminating in the transformation of the isolated schools in the federation system of education. Recognition as a university, in 1985, officially naming Unaerp University of Ribeirao Preto and the teacher Elmara Lucia O. Bonini takes the rector of the institution, a position he holds today. The Unaerp consolidated at that time, the mission to generate and disseminate knowledge with a view to development of the citizen and society, through research, innovation, education and extension, keeping constant interaction with the community and scientific advances.

From the year 1990, the Unaerp deploys new courses, while fostering research projects and services to the population. Born around the courses of Medicine, Nursing, Speech Therapy, Computer Engineering and Tourism.

In 1999, the tradition of Unaerp Ribeirao Preto as a center of education allows the installation of a campus in Guaruja, coast of São Paulo. In the city, the Unaerp is also the first university. The campus opened in June of that year and the first six courses start operating in 2000. In 2001, Guaruja Unaerp deploys other courses, including traditional Law School "Report of Campbell."

Today, Unaerp is one of the largest school in the state of Sao Paulo, with 37 undergraduate programs, technology and sequences, as well as doctoral and master's degrees recommended by CAPES and nearly 40 courses lato sensu. These courses have a qualified staff that works in research laboratories and practical activities, backed in undergraduate teaching projects in tune with the changes and new demands of Brazilian society and the contemporary world.

Dr. Electro Electro Bonini: The career of an educator
Creator of one of the largest campuses in the state of Sao Paulo, Electro Bonini always had his life turned to education and was responsible for the transformation of the Association of Education in University of Ribeirao Preto. The AERP - Association of Schools of Ribeirao Preto - was the cradle in which Electro Bonini graduated teacher, dentist and lawyer. It was also the source of his vocation as an educator and institution to which he devoted his life Bonini.
Born in December 1913, Electro Bonini traditional Lyceu studied at Our Lady Help of Campinas and later at St. Joseph College, City Batatais. Some years later, he graduated in Ribeirao Preto in the normal course of AERP, began his teaching career in the same St. Joseph College, while studying dentistry, also in Teaching Association. Alongside his career as a dentist, he continued working as a teacher and his passion for teaching was louder, causing him to assemble and direct the School of Commerce Batatais.
However, at the end of 1959, which Electro Bonini, beside his wife, Maria Aparecida de Oliveira Bonini, took the big leap toward what would be his most important work - has become one of the members of the Association of Schools of Ribeirao Preto , then the more traditional education center of the city. In AERP, Bonini administration would usher in a bold, through investments in infrastructure and qualified manpower and the creation of new courses.
At the time, the Association was responsible for training primary and secondary of the most prominent professionals in the city. With that backing, in 1961, occupying the post of president of the AERP, Bonini started the process of creating higher level courses in founding the Law School "Report of Campbell." The quality of the Law School would consolidate the vocation of the AERP for higher education and lead to the institution, from 1962, to deploy several bachelor's and graduate.
Ten years later, in 1972, the AERP started to structural changes that pushed for a new university degree. Electro Bonini continued to invest in changing the organizational and administrative system of the institution, improving the quality of teaching of existing courses and implementing new ranks, in order to cover all areas of knowledge.
At that stage, with her daughter Elmara Lucia Bonini and a committee formed by teachers and principals of Unaerp, Professor Electro began on the recognition process of the institution as a university. With a full academic infrastructure and backed by a bold design university in December 10, 1985 is recognized as the Unaerp University of Ribeirao Preto. With this recognition, the rectory is now occupied by the teacher and the teacher Elmara Bonini Electro takes over as chancellor.
In 2003, after completing 90 years, Electro Bonini has published a book telling its history. In closing the book, narrated: "Despite the weight of years, one of my greatest pleasures is still walking the alleys of the campus. Walking around here is this path of idealism, determination, faith and mainly work on our projects. Respected social and intellectual heritage accumulated so far only been possible thanks to this obstinacy in pursuit of our dreams. "

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