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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

History and Mission

The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro is a privately funded nonprofit organization that excels in the production and transmission of knowledge, based on respect for human values and Christian ethics, aimed above all the benefit of society.
PUC-RIO strives for excellence in research, teaching and extension for the training of competent professionals, able to fully perform its functions.

Learn about the history of the PUC-Rio
"Time Travel"
These professionals are inserted in the Brazilian reality and trained to put science and technology is always in the service of man, working through lessons learned in University to build a better world, according to the demands of justice and Christian love.

A Framework

Purpose and Commitment

Based on etatutos the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, A Framework sets out the goals that mark the course of our University and also explains the commitments that should govern the behavior of each comprise the university community.
The Governing Board of the Authority Maintainer Uniniversidade presents it as a document that defines the parameters of being and act not only of PUC-Rio, as an institution, but also of each and every one of those responsible for Entity Maintainer, and each of its teachers, students and staff.

Fr Laertius Dias de Moura, SJ

1. The Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro is a private institution that is governed by its Statute and Rules and the legislation in force. This framework is aimed at the clarification of its rationale, objectives and aimed to achieve the commitments that must be assumed by those who are part of the University.

2. The Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro is an institution dedicated to teaching, research and extension. It is a private university and confessional, which moreover has a communal character, while connected to a social group that accepts the inspiration of humanistic-Christian tradition of the Catholic Church and, furthermore, while his performance is conceived as an institution providing a service public interest.
Its legitimacy as an institution, religious and community is based on the following principles established by the Constitution of the Republic of Brazil: 1) "freedom to learn, teach, research, and thought, art and knowledge" (art. 206, II, 2 ), "pluralism of ideas and of pedagogical concepts and coexistence of public and private education" (art. 206, III). Inserted in a pluralistic society, PUC-Rio has its own identity, based on design crstã man and the universe.

3. The University assigns all its resources to achieve the objectives defined in its Statute, namely:

The promotion of culture, the intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual, in light of its commitment to Christian values and as a tool to perform the vocation of the human person;
The development of education and further investigation and research, to create and disseminate a vision of the universe and human being aware of the necessary unity that should govern the multiplicity of knowledge;
The training of competent professionals, able to fully perform their duties with sense of responsibility and participation;
The inclusion in the Brazilian reality, putting science to serve the community and directing its activities to building a better world, according to the requirements of justice and love;
The exchanges and cooperation with educational institutions, scientific and cultural, national and foreign, in order to lend meaning to the universality of his mission.
4. Together with the values common to the entire University, PUC-Rio endeavors, especially in the cultivation of human values and Christian ethics and asserts the primacy of person over things, of spirit over matter, of ethics on technique, so that science and technology are at the service of man. Moreover, it is recognized as a space where dialogue can be conducted between the knowledge of human reason and Christian faith.

5. In all its activities, PUC-Rio, assuming that the acquisition of knowledge and its transmission justified as ends in themselves, valued for their commitment to truth, essential for the good of the people, aims to:

Embody the option for the individual that characterized since its inception, and that it implies a commitment to collaborate in building a society based on respect and promotion of all, especially the poor and marginalized;
Form themselves into space for interdisciplinary dialogue and privileged place for the question about the meaning of science and human life. Hence the enhancement of dialogue in philosophy and theology with other forms of knowledge, which enables discussion of the unity and sense of intellectual and scientific knowledge, and meaning of human existence;
Set your university project taking into account the challenges they are released by the socio-political and cultural development of Brazil and the world.
6. By the cultivation within the university community values expressed in this letter, the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro aims to promote culture and the integral development of people that show:

- Leadership, committed to the evangelization of culture;
- Availability to serve as the evangelical spirit;
- Integrity and professional competence constantly updated through continuing education;
- Ability to perceive reality and sensitivity to the needs of others and the common good;
- Commitment to creating a more just and fraternal society;

7. The University admits in its faculty, students and administrative staff, people from different choices scientific, philosophical, political and religious. To live her character of Catholic University, PUC-Rio also promoted, the presence in diverse areas of Christians aware of their faith, and willing to live it and witness it in his academic, administrative and community .
Entry and stay in different frames of the university is a free personal choice, which implies, as an attitude of consistency, the commitment to respect the guiding principles of the institution and strive for achieving their goals.

8. The PUC-Rio will strive to ensure, in the pursuit of knowledge and expression of personal values and judgments, a climate of academic freedom, which implies profound responsibility and full respect for the rights of others and the requirements of common good.

9. At PUC-Rio decisions on university life and the assessment of community members will be taken only in accordance with statutory criteria, academic and ethical professionals.

10. The University strives to provide a physical environment conducive to academic activities and has the cooperation of all to the preservation and improvement. Above all, aspires to create an environment that is the result of the warmth of human relations among members of the university community and will promote the welfare and growth of people.

11. Conscious of its educational mission and consistent with itself, PUC-Rio to structure themselves effectively to their own administrative methods that contain an educational dimension, and the effectiveness is achieved in meeting their goals.

12. The various participatory forms in the university community to intensify and deepen the dialogue at all levels and presuppose the harmony of activity with each other, so that joint action to benefit the community.

13. Any exercise of duties or functions is a service to be presented with dedication to the university community.

14. The Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro offers all members a threefold commitment:

commitment to truth by study and attitude of the constant search for identity through scientific research, developing creativity and critical analysis of reality in the light of Christian principles.
deep commitment to the fraternity experience manifested in interpersonal relationships, the dialogue as an instrument of mutual understanding and overcoming difficulties; in sincerity and simplicity in the act, the primacy of the common good over individual interests, the development of a spirit of solidarity and cooperation rather than competition, in sensitivity to other's needs and his willingness to serve.
Commitment to the ideals of those who are open to the transcendent, although they acknowledge the realities involved with land are aware, however, that this world have no permanent home and must live as pilgrims of faith a transitional stage of human fulfillment, illuminated by the vision of hope in the afterlife.
15. By educating, as agent and subject of his own training, it is an irreplaceable participation and responsibility in learning and developing their full potential. The commitment and personal efforts are the main guarantee of success. Their students, PUC-Rio aims to provide an education characterized by the pursuit of excellence and the desire to ensure the complete formation of the person, based on a Christian worldview marked by a sense of responsibility and the common good.

16. The University interacts with society, as an open, attentive to the wishes and needs of the region and the world today. Assume, therefore, as one of its essential tasks, his constant commitment to its effect on students, faculty and staff in their teaching, research and extension, contributes effectively to the transformation of Brazilian society, towards building a more just and free nation, eradicating illiteracy, poverty and social injustice. The University is aware, however, that social responsibility must be exercised primarily through his teaching and research, putting their academic potential in community services.

17. The University considers political participation a right and duty of each member of your community, to which imposes, however, that do not involve the university as an institution in their actions and always try to avoid divisions in communal living. It is not for the University to take as little as an institution, political party positions. The announcement by the University about political problems could be justified only in exceptional circumstances where the human and Christian values he professes the university community to see themselves threatened.

18. As a Catholic University, PUC-Rio clearly takes its mission of evangelization and a privileged instrument of the Church in ministry to the culture, seeking to be faithful to the doctrine of Christ, sent by the Catholic Church.

19. The fact that the University receives funding from different agencies, whether state or private, does not mean subjection to political and economic interests outside the university.

20. Consistent with herself and with those goals and commitments PUC-Rio seeks to achieve a process of constant self-evaluation of their performance in order to improve its institutional and the more perfect fulfillment of their goals.

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