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Selden, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

Founded in 1944 with the initial aim of preparing qualified personnel for public and private administration of the country, the Getulio Vargas overstepped the boundaries of teaching and the advanced areas of research and information, to become synonymous with quality and center excellence. A pioneer in the field of education, the Getulio Vargas Foundation is a reference not only recognized for its undergraduate, master's, doctoral and applied work, but also by his quest for modernity and innovation.

The Getulio Vargas Foundation is an educational center for quality and excellence that dedicates its efforts to the intellectual development of the country. Its policy of promoting and encouraging the production and refinement of ideas, data and information is one of the FGV's most important institutions in the national and international level, besides enabling the formation of ethical citizens, aware of their responsibilities as agents of change in society.


First institution in Latin America to create a graduate program in Public and Business Administration, FGV formed in mid-1950 the first groups of administrators on the continent, then discharged from the Brazilian School of Public Administration (former EBAP, current EBAPE) and the School of Business Administration of Sao Paulo (EAESP). Currently, in addition to undergraduate courses in Business Administration, FGV offers courses in Economics, Law, Social Science and History. Also offered are postgraduate courses in the areas of Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Management and various specialized courses, all following the criteria of quality in education, which for more than half a century, characterizes the institution.
Their schools in various regions of the country, are also recognized abroad where's exchange with leading institutions, and centers for advanced education of the highest quality. The master's and doctoral programs continue to accredit the FGV students to join, as scholars or teachers, in the most demanding universities in the world. The schedule of courses broadly FGV, covering a wide area, has provided professionals looking to update a high level of academic improvement continually proven by the market.


Fundação Getulio Vargas, in addition to its traditional undergraduate, master's and doctorate, also offers courses in a series of Specialization. Periodically, many of their schools develop short courses aimed at a more dynamic and practical learning.
In addition, there are also important unit of FGV, FDI - Institute for Educational Development - which coordinates and manages a unique network of distribution of continuing education produced by the various schools of FGV.
They are part of the IDE FGV Management, Executive Education Program at FGV-face, the FGV Online Distance Education Program, and in company FGV, program customization of courses for companies from private and public sectors.
The FGV Management consists of three cores themselves (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia) and Convening a network present in over 90 cities in the country Among the programs offered by FGV Management are: the MBA and Post- Graduation; the CADEMP (short courses) and the Post-MBA FGV PEC (courses of short and medium term).
FGV Online offers over 160 courses, including MBAs, and graduate programs of short and medium term, and free courses offered through the Open Course Ware Consortium. The program uses tools such as webcasts and satellite broadcasts to deliver quality content where the student is.
The FGV-company offers customized courses for updating, improvement and specialization, with the knowledge produced at the Getulio Vargas Foundation Schools, the private and public companies, government agencies and associations in general.


The courses offered by FGV require their students more than commitment and competence to ensure the qualification of a professional prepared for the challenges of contemporary reality. The hope is that FGV keep reaching, with its activities, the formation of ethical citizens, aware of their responsibilities as agents of change in Brazilian society. More than training specialists, what is sought is the development of students able to understand critically the content of their courses, in which the exercise of leadership and citizenship is essential.
The connection to the labor market extends from the placement of students as interns, trainees or professionals, to monitor the career of his former students, for purposes of research or replacement. The social concerns of FGV also comprises, if requested, the granting of scholarships (Scholarship Fund) renewable every six months, according to criteria established for each school.


In the field of consultancy, FGV also excels in adding to the work performed its greatest asset: credibility established over time through experience, security and competence in everything it does. Its specialized services of professional advice and technical assistance and organizational help companies and executives in making decisions, identifying new opportunities and choice of new directions for the organizations.
Featuring paintings of scientific and technical excellence, the Getulio Vargas Foundation, through the activities of FGV Projects, developed projects for public sector clients and private, national and international knowledge in the areas of administration, finance and economics and public policy.


The advancement of globalization, the opening of the Brazilian economy and demand for new and differentiated services have led to FGV target their activities, deepened them according to degree requirements and expectations of society and turning them into special programs. Thus, the innovative partnership between FGV and the private sector - through the Business Cooperation Committee - has created the Center for World Economics at FGV, termed CCE-CEM, a precursor in the study and discussion of major international issues.
Schools FGV also develop, through its Centers of Excellence, works dedicated to the production of knowledge through studies, research and publications, and promote interaction between teachers and students dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of new knowledge and practices .


Created in October 1945, Editora FGV's mission is to disseminate throughout the academic Getulio Vargas Foundation and works of authors who contribute to the improvement of teaching and education in the country.
Editora FGV has a catalog of over 300 titles in various areas and, in addition to having their own editions, editorial projects running and publishes books on demand for companies and institutions.
Also an essential source of information and reflection on the Brazilian and international magazines are produced by schools and units of FGV, as the "Economic Environment" and "Journal of Economics (RBE)," released in 1947, two distinguished examples of publications directed to traditional economic approach, albeit with different processing and presentation. It also aims to publicize the academic research and critical analysis are the "Journal of Public Administration (RAP)," the "Journal of Business Administration (SAR)", Revista Historical Studies, the CPDOC, among others.

Advance the frontiers of knowledge in the area of Social Sciences and the like, producing and transmitting ideas, data and information, and save them, and systematize them, to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country, for the improvement of national ethical standards for a responsible and shared governance, and for the country's insertion in the international arena.

Fundação Getulio Vargas came on December 20, 1944. His initial goal was to prepare qualified personnel for public and private administration of the country at the time, Brazil had already begun to lay the foundations for growth that would be confirmed in subsequent decades. In anticipation of the arrival of a new time, FGV has decided to expand its focus and narrow the field of administration, went to the broader social and economic sciences. The institution went beyond the boundaries of teaching and the advanced areas of research and information, to become synonymous with quality and center of excellence.

Mark pioneering and daring, the Getulio Vargas inaugurated in Brazil, undergraduate and post-graduate studies in public administration and private as well as a graduate in economics, psychology, accounting and education. FGV also laid the foundations for economic well-founded, from elaboration of the balance of payments, national accounts and economic indicators. Initiatives like these have helped in search of professional training and even ordinary people to better understand the economic and social performance in Brazil.

The Getulio Vargas Foundation now offers a range of options for those seeking serious training and responsible, through its undergraduate, master's, doctoral, specialization, research and consulting, all highly qualified and recognized by the labor market.

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